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what is up and welcome to toys corner a channel for personal and spiritual growth my name is coy and this weekend in some facet I guess you could say I’m a god or a face of God or the divine whatever that may be to whatever religion you were part of whatever spiritual philosophical notion of understanding you come to see the universe through and encounter I had this weekend definitely definitely showed me that I only have a lot farther to go and a lot more to learn on my spiritual journey but that there are certain souls on this planet that are here physically but mentally and you know on a soul level they are in another place not lost not going crazy but in another state beyond what we are experiencing here and um yeah I experienced that for the first time this weekend and I thought I would explain to you how and why and who that was now I was lucky enough to be invited to a a Ron das retreat this past weekend in Ojai California and had the opportunity of sitting down and asking Brahm das a question for a couple of minutes and letting him respond for those of you who don’t know who Ron das is essentially he was a Harvard psychologist in the nineteen I’d say fifties and sixties was fermenting heavily with psychedelics with a man named Timothy Leary long story short got kicked out of Harvard travelled to India and met an indian saint or or Siddha named maharaj e or neem karoli baba who just opened the soul of this person on a level never before seen until rhonda studied with neem karoli baba for a number of years before writing the book you may have heard of called be here now and returning to the west and teaching ever since and you know i’ve had a lot of experiences with talking to different people with interacting with different souls but this was unlike any other so let me just cut real quick to showing you what I asked him what his response was and what my kind of interaction and feeling was in that direct moment and right after oh my name is koi from los votos so in my life I like to think of every day kind of as the first day of my life to help me recognize how sacred it is so I was wondering what steps you take every day to remind yourself of the sacredness of life well you can borrow in to the moment the moment and the moment is is not in time the moment is the moment oh boy I’m looking out at the trees and and the ocean and oh boy and I remind my I Drive I do II miss Merrow into the moment this moment good woman and the ego is the mode yeah Oh I have statues of on a month and I’m getting flowers around me and then I’ve got sold around me and this is the test I use I I know that when I’m in my soul I love everything and then the walls of this room all that Oh God ha ha ha well that wall is a manifestation of of God it’s come through many things Nathan ah it’d come down that wah wah wah yeah the question/answer themselves are or plain enough as you just seen they were very very it was a very simple question that I have for or for the book I’m currently working on that will be out this summer and I kind of just you know I wanted Ron Goss his feedback I really did before this weekend begin I didn’t think it’d be too big of a deal to get it if I didn’t or did whatever but his answer was just so simple so short and I really you know felt on a core level what he was saying but not just that you know I didn’t think talking to him over Skype or having a short conversation with Ram Dass what changed my perception on how I view humans and their connection with the divine and whatever facet that maybe or connection with this alternate reality beyond the physical plane deal miss Maya put that changed um the moment I saw him you know even even over over Skype even over a videoconference something I always tell people is that you can see the soul of a person in their eyes I noticed this everywhere I go I’ve been to temples I’ve met with the Hindu monks I’ve Saten had sought songs and talked to people who have a lot more experience a lot more wisdom than I currently do and almost every time before even speaking to these people you can see in their eyes where their soul is where their heart is where as they are whether they are still fully here in this illusory realm worth they’ve transcended it and traveled beyond it in some facet I not fast I don’t know how to explain or what that really would be but I’ve always been able to see it in the eyes of individuals I’m sure you have too it’s something I think all humans have a knack to notice if we really pay attention and as soon as that Skype conference came on he the purest eyes I’ve ever seen in a human being ever ever in my entire life you could just see this this sure radiating love and I just knew right in that moment you know I had to had asked him a question I had to do something to get up there and speak to him and so after a question or two I went up I finally got the chance to and what you saw was that interaction but more so than that what you didn’t see was was my facial expression in that moment I mean I was smiling like a little kid just the most dumbfounded smile I thought I ever had on my face I probably was ridiculous but you know I was actually making that one on one eye contact I could feel that the interaction between me and him and he didn’t speak at first for quite a while he contemplated as you saw he got lost in the integrand beauty of mother Kali and and Raman and nature but in that moment you know I was kind of I was shaking but it wasn’t wasn’t nerves it was it was more so shaking with excitement and love kind of you know the first time you see somebody you really care about a long time you’re just you’re so excited to be in their presence and that’s really how I felt with him I could have stayed there and I could have sat in that moment and I could have just listened to him speak or listen to him in complete silence for hours he could have not said anything for ten hours and I would have sat there was the same expression the same feeling in my heart because there was that pure it was like looking into the eyes of God I’ve never really had a religious experience or an experience I guess you would say beyond what we kind of understand as a spirituality here in the West but this interconnectedness I’ve had these ro these kind of small occurrences of how these kind of Kundalini experience but I’ve never had an experience of looking into another person’s eyes another human’s eyes and kind of seeing divinity pure love pure grace between in just someone’s eyes and that for me was recognition of just what the spiritual path is you know it’s not it’s not so much attaining something as much as it is sort of coming to rest in a place where this God realization right does this Krishna consciousness right this Christ consciousness kind of rest this place this kind of just area that’s intangible but exists between the ultimate reality the ultimate reality of being in some sense beyond matter beyond conception being with all of that unknown all that endless love and you know just allowing things to be as they are and then also at the same time still living and being in this plan of reality in this realm of consciousness as a human being as Ramdas what she so greatly at 85 years old still does yeah it was a life changing experience to sit down and talk to them and experience I’ve never had before in my entire life with another human and makes me want to translate to you how pivotal this spiritual path can be because these awakenings aren’t just things that happen to a few of us are just things that happen to me but are things that can very very easily if you stick to your practice continue grow and continue learning continue traveling and continue experiencing can happen to you you can see these possibilities in the eyes of others you can meet God you can meet souls like this who really get it and help you realize it look getting it isn’t something special getting it isn’t something rare getting it is something we can all do we can all translate this there’s God consciousness through us this this Krishna consciousness is this sure awakened reality of being through ourselves because it led me down a path where I can have these interactions I can be part of this interaction I am that interaction in that moment it wasn’t quite fresco and Rhonda speaking to each other it was just one soul merged with another soul and just getting it in that moment and being with it all and experiencing it all as souls on this plane of existence as Romulus always says we’re just Souls playing roles and I could I could really really feel that in his presence I really felt that Dyk dog presence in him and it was just the most beautiful most beautiful conversation of my life I could feel Maharaja’s presence in him I could feel so much love in that moment and I just wanted you guys to understand that and hopefully it be some inspiration for you moving forward and the third Chinese patriarch it says the great way is not hard for those who have no preference and this is true the great way the ultimate way towards the spiritual attainment is this state of realization is very simple if we have no preference but I also want to make clear that you can live with no preference in a state of love and I think that is the core of everything wrong dot stands for and will ever stand for is that we must live in a place of just bearing witness to all of it of being in a place of no preference of seeing it all doing is the mode as most and as much as we can but also doing so in pure pure love not just for ourselves but for all of existence all people all animals and all of life keep your heart open keep your mind open and as always I will see you guys next time thank you thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it want to help me treat more click right here to donate and feel free to check out all my other content your support means the world to me and it’s part of what keeps me doing what I do..


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  • Koi, thank you so much for all of your videos. Lately Im going thru very difficult times in my life. Everything changed, Im living in a new city all alone, my depression and anxiety levels are so high and I had a lot of suicidal thoughts but honestly your videos kept me alive. Please keep it up. Thank you for everything! All the love

  • I had the most enlightening experience on psychedelics two days ago. I experienced, for me, truth for real, my ego dissolved and I saw the source of all spirituality and religion, I saw the whole universe in that moment. I saw that every moment is divine, that all is one, all is love. And it also taught me that this can be achieved through other means, through meditation and spiritual practice, not to forget what truly matters in life. I also saw for the first time the true potentials I have, that I returning to being a person it is up to me to make the most of this life, learning, exploring, sharing and expressing myself, loving everything and everyone. Peace and blessings you are all magnificent.

  • everything is god, everyone has god at the center of their being. life becomes wonderful when this is truly realized it in the heart