Intro To Astral Projection Obe Guided Meditation With Safety Imagery, Aura And Protection

This astral projection guided meditation designed for anyone who is new to exploring the spiritual side of hypnosis. If you are new to this, this is designed to show you how to stay in control, to feel safe and also provides guidance to help you fully take in your experience to journal it the next morning.

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

When the mind slows down to theta, it is the point at which we can update our beliefs and habits to be helpful for us, but it is also the state in which many experience the spiritual realm. Some of you may have already had experiences just at that point of falling asleep, as I have: hearing, seeing, seeing with the mind’s eye and more.

This session has a gradual transition to sleep at the end with a reminder to recall your experiences on waking the next morning.

The most informative and reliable book I have read so far on OBEs,, generally due to near death experience (NDE) and the related debate as to whether the mind is more than the brain is: Brain Wars by Dr Mario Beauregard

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welcome to this guided meditation for astral projection designed for those of you just starting to experience this or wanting to experience this for the first time with repeated listening this will get easier and easier as you learn to strengthen those parts of the mind that reach into different realms different energetic planes and you may wish to put a notebook and pen by your bed or chair to record your experience as soon as you wake while your mind is still in the theta State for the first few waking minutes and always only listen to this when you can safely relax with no other task at hand as this is designed for sleep take time to get settled in and as you get into a comfortable position in bed you can ease deeper into this recording oftentimes we carry unconscious pockets of tension and the more you relax and open the body the more the mind opens and is receptive as the mind leads the body so the body can also direct the mind so let’s go through some nice calming progressive relaxation relaxing the forehead putting your attention there feeling it release space and feeling the front of your brain relax from tasks especially this part of the brain that plans analyzes and looks and put all of this thinking to one side now knowing your mind is still looking out for you but that day time concerns have no place here now during this time of rest and fill up that quiet space as you start to dip already into the subconscious space underneath conscious awareness allow all of the mind to listen and engage in this process as your full mind engages allow your eyes now to rest letting go of any strain is the best thing you can do right now is let go as your cheeks relax and now your chin in the jaw and even your tongue just rests now as you still have the power of control in your mind but there are no words to speak just yet you are in control and knowing this just scan all around your head in the back of your head checking that even your skull relaxes as your head sinks down in the back of your neck letting go straining forward just leaning back as your throat loosens now Airways open even wider and your shoulders now checking your right shoulder and that space between shoulder blade and neck maybe it can get a little heavier for this or looser and now the left shoulder also letting go feeling equally heavy to balance out left and right to balance out thinking and feeling connecting each part to your call again you as you feel your shoulders and connect back to your heart center breathing and levity breathing in space and light into your heart center as you send energy to your heart fill your heart strong and steady in your ribcage as you breathe space into each one and your back sinks further back down and as your ribs fan and contract they release more and more tension with every expansion and relaxation just expanding your awareness into space and relaxing down deeper down with every breath expanding your subconscious mind awareness allowing the body to dip down into relaxation with every breath in your body feeling lighter and down through your hips breathing space into your hips now and down through your thighs letting the energy roll around your knees and along your calves all the way down to feeling energy swirl around your ankles now and as you experience this perhaps you can imagine each part of you and see it in your mind’s eye as you follow my words both the observer and the experiencer and allow that energy to build with every breath as you feel or see the energy of relaxation swill around you slowly work your way back up your body from the base of your spine rooting and grounding your energy and from your base see the golden chord of energy that central nervous system that works its way higher through your spine and from here see the branches of the nervous system as it extends in fine threads branching out to every part of your body and from the base of your spine see the branches of networks of energy going down through your legs all the way down to your feet this golden fine thread and as you work your way up you see the thick cord that connects brain and body and all parts of you then take time to fully visualize this network see it expand as you scan your body to relax any other part a little more as you follow the filaments of nerve endings along your feet and legs up through your knees your upper legs and thighs around your seat into each hip for me can at times keep tension in the hips and the base so take a moment to energize this even more with golden light as you release tension and letting the golden network of soothing nerve endings and out through your spine feeling each bone and muscle each organ scenting intuitively trusting your own wisdom to relax and strengthen the connection to any part of you your solar plexus just in the center of your chest and your heart center with every moment that passes strengthening energy and gold and light filling up with light and up to the throat as the delicate threads give energy to your breath and voice freeing any blockage in the throat area or chakra if this resonates for you and your face so relaxed being the cords extending to the base of your neck and the fine network continue all around your face flushing out any tension filling up with gold and relaxation and up to your forehead and feel this energy overflow above your head you’re very crown just a few inches above the top of your head just allow this golden network to run through your body and beyond your body to the space that your awareness is taking over and I’m not sure how soon but perhaps you realize that you are already observing yourself maybe from above or from one side of your bed as you observe your glowing body as you see the soft expression on your face and allow your mind to expand into the space left by the quiet and it feels so calm as if the whole world is asleep everyone is safe in will secure safe in this place in this time and as you feel your perspective step away from your body become the observer of your physical self and notice how the golden cord extends from your physical body to this observer presence either from the top or the base you may wish to pick this cord up or run your hand through the fine threads and you may still be aware of physical sensations in your body feeling breath enter and leave as you feel the gentle tingling of this golden energy is it lifts even more extending to your astral self notice of your perspective shifts even in this space whether you are more feeling or observing or both notice how we can experience so many levels at once so many perspectives and as you see this glow you feel the levity in your body you become more aware now of your astral body the entity outside your physical body and look around and notice what you see as your body solid or transparent or pure energy is there a new texture maybe you have a certain glow maybe you are not aware of any solid matter sensation maybe you are more acutely aware of what is around you and just take a moment to scan this room this familiar room and notice what if anything you experience differently the angles of the room the energy the dimensions are they changed or the same the feeling the room gives any shift in how you feel in this space and look down at the golden cord or threads in your hand and as you hold it with both hands now see the pulsing of gold and energy and know that you will always return and will always return safely to your body no matter how far it may seem during this experience or how much time may seem to have passed at this level of reality and as your physical body continues to function perfectly well it carries on it’s nighttime process of rest of cellular renewal and repair so if you wish you can add a protective aura around your physical body before you decide to explore more to go higher further and deeper and as you look around the shadowy bedroom outside seems to get brighter as you look through the glass window parting the curtains or blinds as you look closer you notice your astral self leaves no vapor on the glass as you hold up one hand and touch the windowpane one finger easily passes through and you pull it back and look up and check if you wish to strengthen the cord or aura of protection and as your physical self sleeps easily in bed you feel that relaxation the physical self is asleep but still aware aware and trusting of your astral self notice the energy around you and set your positive intention for tonight’s experience as what you give out is what you get back with integrity set a positive mission exploration or intention and as you look up at the canvas of the night sky ready to write your experience to take your experience to another level let’s set off on this journey now and as the sky shimmers with stars it’s hard to know which way is up or down this is higher or deeper is this a sea of stars now no matter what you decide to go outside and as you test you see the physical matter of walls simply passes through you as you extend one hand and the other and your arms passing your face through and neck and the rest of you just follows you may notice a sensation or not at all around your body but you pass through matter effortlessly as it is just an illusion of the mind that any matter is permanently solid justise water can be as solid as led as ice but impossible to hold in the hands is liquid and sometimes not even seen as vapor and as light as vapor like silvery shimmering steam you feel your astral body rise up and set now the control of the direction and the speed the angle of elevation what is the journey you wish to take tonight what do you want to discover what experience to have as you look up is there a planet to see a time tunnel to travel through a land you feel from another time another life before to explore a fun journey around the Stars do you wish to find one of your guardian angels or guides set your intention as you start to flow higher get used to navigating this the angle the speed the height and time is slowing down as you leave the earthly realm as you may often have experience with dreams a full experience takes sometimes just a few minutes in earth time as your breathing slows still strong and steady everything seems to slow down as the moon cascades a gentle glowing waterfall providing light for your journey and decide where you are headed what is your intention and as you take on this journey if at any time you feel stuck or struggling or confused simply request clarity clarity now notice how you control your speed and experience notice if there are any direct or indirect messages notice where you feel your center of control in your astral body notice any change of awareness in your astral body any difference in energy you observe how you are traveling the position of your astral body and how does it feel on this journey what is the landscape like around you is there just sky or anything else is it relative light or shadows notice any colors you observe and what is the temperature if any notice how you feel different in this moment to your day primarily physical existence do you notice any new feelings at this level and is there anything absent from your daily existence what seems unimportant from your daily life now what seems more important now if anything what an intention priorities what in mindset and energy and as you look back you see the cord extending all the way back to your physical self you’re free to go as far as you wish knowing you will safely return feel the astral experience is energy at multiple levels at once and allow all the good to flow back to your physical self as it strengthens from living at the astral plane you and as I guide you back down to your physical self now remind yourself to commit to memory all experiences to strengthen the memories so that all will be recalled when you wake the next morning and every time that you listen to this as with anything that you practice you will improve your relaxation and you will gain greater mastery over your own mind you will be able to navigate and control this experience with greater and greater expertise so allow me to count you down as you descend and enter your physical body once again starting at ten noticing what you have learned felt and experience tonight turning back down to face the oh and nine as the stars light the way sinking further down an8 allowing the moon to cascade is gentle glow a waterfall that gently guides you down again and seven calming and slowing your descent feeling that you have gained even more strength in your subconscious mind and six knowing that you have so much more to learn can return to this at any time and five getting closer seeing the outline of your building feeling a little heavier a little slower just pausing and breathing in and out and for passing through the window and walls taking time to familiarize yourself with your room again and three starting to reintegrate with your physical self knowing you will awake feeling full of energy and vigor that you will remember or that you have experienced and to knowing that as you repeat this journey even more will be revealed and one allowing your eyes to rest as you settle into your physical self one small re engaging with the rhythm of your own breathing connected and home vibrance and healthy and as you engage with your breathing remind yourself to go to that deep dreamless sleep you you you..


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  • I was starting to leave my physical body, and then my cat came into my room and meowed really loudly. I woke up and couldn’t move for a few seconds. It was strange.

  • When I listen to this, 20 minutes later, I feel like I’m physically vanishing and all I felt was no matter but light and energy. I felt extreme astral energy flowing through my entire body. I felt the most force in my core and I felt vibrations above my eyebrows and below my centre of my forehead. I felt like as if a third eye was about to awaken. The only problem I have now is that as soon as I feel the vibrations and I feel pure astral light and energy, I don’t know how to detach my soul from my body. I know I can’t detach it physically because it’ll ruin the process. Could you please help me find a way to detach my soul from my body and fully astral project?

  • I’ve been trying to astral project for a long time now (almost a year…) going from method to method and I still can’t get out of my body. I get relaxed but no matter what I do, I can’t seem to escape my physical body. I’m not afraid, I’m not nervous, I just can’t get out of my body. Please help! I want to do this so badly!

  • Thanks! was intresting session, I feel it good the ceiling from mn bedroom begin to change it n i feel. that is so much ntts serounded me!;) but i dont care it only took awhile n i can feel with mn finger through d astral project! Thanks sooo much! i do appriciate it..Sure i wil try once again!.Thank you. with lot of Love Joy N gratitude!

  • set your timer to 3 am and after you wake up..go back to sleep. you will have an astral projection as long as you have had a meditation before you set the timer.

  • The astral projection took me a while. I had body shakes, I felt tingly all over, then I dropped the fear, instantaneously my body bcame numb. I kept repeating in my mind “THIS FEELS GOOD”. AFTER REPEATING THIS, I ASKED GOD TO KEEP ME SAFE. IT WORKED. I FELT A HERK SENSATION, THEN FELT MY FACIAL MUSCLES TWITCHING. SUDDENLY I WAS FREE. I SAW MY LIFELESS BODY, I JUST STARED AT IT THEN ANGEL GUIDES GRABBED ME TOOK ME TO COSMOS. I actually got to see stars. I was afraid at first, I had to let go, let go of everything. THIS IS SPIRITUAL. IT FELT TOO GOOD TO BE FREE FROM EVERYTHING. OK NOW I MEDITATE EVERY DAY.

  • i have one Problem doing these Guided Meditations, my Body starts itching everywhere and i have to swallow my spittle every few seconds or so, that really distracts me and i cant let go of my physical Body.. what should i do agai st that?

  • I feel like this worked. I went out the window of my room, walked back in through the front door, looked in my parents room and saw my cats, then headed to the kitchen, went through the roof window, and was on my roof. I looked at my tree, and then jumped down safely. Heading back through the solid door, I went back into my parents room, out their door, and saw where my cat was buried. Just as I was going to try and see my cat, the meditation guided me back to my body, and I was mildly frustrated, but went back to my body, before the countdown finished.

    The whole time, my eyes were twitching like crazy, and I saw the golden cord connecting my physical and astral body several times, and occasionally looked from my body, and back from my spirit. I felt my eyes twitch open open occasionally, and despite no light being above me, I saw light above my physical body, maybe the golden cord or something. It was really cool, and I enjoyed it. Thank you! I have also done hypnosis before, which helps with this spiritual hypnosis you had me do. My body is still tingling a little.

  • Sarah,
    I have been trying to astral project for over a year, and night before last, I was successful and did leave my body..Can I be honest and say I was somewhat frightened by the experience? Is that normal? i do love your meditations however! thank you so much

  • Astral projected after the video was over. I just imagined I was outside and when I looked up at the stars, they came alive. Next I was at my bed floating out of my body. Imagining the stars has worked for me very well. If your primed right they just come alive. It’s awesome.

  • I float in a circle around ceiling of my room, but then become frightened and awaken. This pattern repeats and I cannot move past this. I do try to remain relaxed and convince myself to let go, but I am very aware of being consciously afraid.

  • I think I just successfully astral projected listening to this but I’m having doubts now! Can you please help clarify wtf just happened?

    So I felt totally relaxed and heavy, and then the vibrations happened (this has happened a couple of times but didn’t go beyond that). Today however, I was no longer afraid of the vibrations and just went with it. Then the vibrations got stronger and I kind hear swooshing and then a loud ping noise for 20 secs or so. As the noise goes on, I hear some people whispering on my left ear in language I didn’t understand. I ignored and then felt my body getting lighter as if I’m floating up. When the noise stopped I opened my eyes and saw myself lying in bed.

    However I wasn’t wearing what I’m actually wearing to sleep. Anyway I didn’t stay long and tried to go through the door to my kids’ room. I couldn’t go past the door. I had to open the door which I did. I went into my kids’ room to the bookshelf as I wanted to see if I could read.

    I found three books in a shelf and tried to read but couldn’t. I can’t explain it because they are alphabets but kinda jumbled up. But one word “Gel” stood out so I made a mental note to remember so I could verify when I am awake later.

    Then I closed my eyes and willed myself to go to NZ (we lived there for many years but now live in Asia). When I opened my eyes I am in a city which FELT like NZ to me but looked nothing like that. In my heart I knew it’s NZ but for some reason it’s nothing like the NZ I knew. I needed confirmation so I looked at the shops doors. A lot of them says New Zealand with a phone number on the business doors but it’s only 6 digits instead of 7 digits that I know of.

    Long story short, in my travel I willed myself to meet with some old friends which happened, they look younger than they are now, and we even talked. But the places which we met at (for example I went back to my old house in NZ) in my heart and at that plane I knew it was my house but in reality, it looked nothing like the house I used to live it!

    I guess all this made me doubt if I actually had a dream or did I actually astral projected? The swooshing sound and loud screech/ping in my ear was very, very real!

  • first of all thanks so much for this . i have been trying for a while now but i always get a feeling of shaking or swinging inside my physical body and wheni feel i am almost getting out my heart beats fast my eyes twitching my breath get faster then i start getting aware of my physical body. hope you can explain this and help me out.

  • One more important thing, do stretch and release of all your muscles in order to loosen them up. tight body will have you hanging somewhere. I had experiences where only my legs were floating.

  • I haven’t projected yet, but a few times when I was trying to, I’d feel myself start spinning and moving around in kind of a roller coaster effect…it was so awesome and of course sad when the ride ended. Anyone else experience this, or am I just weird?

  • idk but i felt i was on the floor and i was hearing the souls of people coming from this old lantern that was next to me but it doesn’t exist.