This information is from a slightly more religious standpoint, so my awnser may or may not be a good one.

This information is from a slightly more religious standpoint, so my awnser may or may not be a good one.

Being able to see a dead person in the Astral realm totally depends on how far you can make it into the split in the trinity.

The thing about the Astral realm is that it’s infinite like our own universe, but unlike the universe, it exists in almost every aspect. In all honesty, the most a good number of people ever achieve is our reality; The part where everything we see in this physical realm is what we traverse in our Astral bodies. Just a simple escape to walk around invisibly so to speak.


The reason for this though, is actually pretty simple. Most people get to this point after months of practice and decide to say, “good enough”. To reach the actual split in the Trinity, or the Veil, they would have to not try for just good enough. Good enough isn’t enough what so ever.

I’ll give you the reality of it. It takes a very long time to be able to reach the Veil. Even longer to be able to pass through it.

It takes a very long time. Years at best. Don’t be discouraged, some people are lucky enough to pick up on Astral projection quickly. I, unfortunately, am not one of these people.

Now let’s talk about the Veil. The Veil is a doorway into the rest of the Trinity of Realities. If one would be able to travel through this, they would ultimately traverse to the next reality. It’s usually the very next one that the other Astral bodies reside. This is how you can :

Travel to the Astral reality of someone else

Travel to the Astral mind of another person (aka Dream Walking, though there are easier methods for this that can be achieved in weeks or so without the need to Astral project)

Commune with the Astral bodies that have been permanently severed from their physical bodies and world (the dead)

Be aware that if you do manage to find yourself in the next reality, attempting to communicate with the departed will probably not be as easy as walking up to a loved one and high fiving them. Chances are, they may or may not be able to see or hear you. They live in a some sort of limbo, but I have no information beyond that.

You may have to make your presence known. Once they’re aware you’re there, you may have a chance to Commune with them.

So yes, it is possible to talk to the dead with Astral projection. However, it takes serious dedication and there is a high chance for unforseen circumstances.

I would provide information as to how to come back from the next trinity, but as I have not managed to go there myself yet, I’m afraid that will have to come from another source.

I hope you found this useful. Don’t hesitate to ask anything else regarding Astral projection.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Astral Projection.


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