Is There An Easy Technique For Astral Projection? How To Find Yours

An easy or definitive technique to produce out-of-body experience does not seem to be universally applicable. What an easy technique is and what is involved in choosing the ideal technique for astral projection in our personal cases is discussed.

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are you looking for a technique that is easy indefinite ‘iv to leave the body is that even possible what sort of technique would that be for in you let’s talk about that in a moment hello and welcome to this channel that it’s about taking control of our personal evolution both spiritually and in this lifetime and what could be more of a spiritual experience than having a first hand out of body experience in which we see what is beyond this body beyond this world what happens during the process of death or after life when we can have an experience in which we do not even asleep we just put our body to rest and we feel the disconnection from the physical body we are lucid throughout the whole process we see ourselves outside of the bodies we decide what to do with the side when to come back and then who eventually we come back and we can remember about that this gives us a completely different perspective of life by the way I just a few weeks ago published a report or in account of one of my experiences in which I could feel going out and coming in in case you want just one example but I also said that when we hear examples from others it’s only valuable for us to see how possibilities but the case for each of us it’s always different because we are unique in how we sense and in how we develop this experience and there comes my point about the easy technique sometimes there are individuals who they claim that they have an easy technique to lift the body or a definitive one and I keep thinking huh that’s not so simple maybe it’s very easy for them when they use that technique so I completely trust they they are saying what they feel is correct but I also see that sometimes this may confuse people they may this may somehow put people down because you could try and say this doesn’t work for me so that is the easy one that is the one for beginners but it doesn’t work for me so from one hand some may have experience because they trust so much that that is easy and they will do but the majority perhaps would feel frustrated and consider that they cannot do because they are incapable of doing it so I would like to mention a few points of what is involved in producing an out of body experience so that we understand how techniques work and we are able to choose a technique for us but number one thing is if we were to leave the body completely lucid as I said from the beginning from the moment that we are still inside the physical bodies we need first to be able to control the physical body in a way that we allowed very very very deep relaxation deeper than anything you can imagine in a point to a point that we don’t even sense the physical body not even if we tried but on the other hand this control has to be in such a way that our brain activity we also control it because we allow it to reduce so we kind of reduced brain waves reduce the function or the way we operate in our brain with our thoughts but we remain lucid there are techniques for this so if you do not know how to do it perhaps you can look for this or I can share with you some of the techniques but this is key if we do not know how to do that then you will try techniques but the physical body’s holding you so what should be the simplest part that is the physical body is there creating problems second thing that is needed to leave the body is some level of maybe control or some characteristics of the energy body because the energy body has to be flexible with no blockage perhaps also in a way possible in which our the frequency of our energy bodies a little higher so for some of you do not know do not know about that you can try and find information about vibrational state which happens very often when we are about to leave the bad or when we are leaving the body but anyways the vibrational state or all the different sensations that we feel when we are detaching are actually because the energy body is adapting is somehow it’s splitting in allowing splitting I mean because it’s physically not physical so it’s somehow separating and it goes part of it with the non physical body or the subtle body whatever you want to call it maybe you call it astral body but this energetic condition is fundamental sometimes there are individuals who tried many many many techniques throughout years and do not succeed and they do not succeed because their energies are still so stuck the everything is good to go but they are kind of glued so much given the physical body that the techniques they are using do not give results soon enough they end up giving up or falling asleep the third thing that we need also in a technique or we need to be able to master to have a lucid conscious out of body experience it’s certain level control the subtle body because once we are out we are going to have to make movements decide where to go look think act there are certain how would I say manifestation of ours that we have there that requires certain understanding of how the non physical body operates so in this case and this is also very important that some techniques will tackle this aspect involved in leaving the body and the fourth aspect finally is the related somehow to the mental body or our mental state in terms of our lucidity or awareness how much we are focused on the present on the reality and not Santa imagining with expectations with fears with some sort of maybe thought or idea that contaminate and reduce the awareness the lucidity throughout our experience but the techniques that we create or that we use to live the body they will usually focus in some different aspects either of the physical body or of the energy band or of the non physical body the subtle body and so forth so what technique will be good and easy for you it depends it depends on in which of these elements that are involved in living the body do you have most difficulty with or perhaps what is the greatest obstacle you have if for you you end up being too much concentrated for example in the physical world or physical body perhaps you have to use some sort of technique that deals more with the physical level may be breathing or relaxation something like this also perhaps if the difficulties is in the energy body damaged bodies to crystallize to dance it’s not as flexible as it should maybe you should do a valid technique which I can put for you down below some information about it or you can perhaps try some different mechanisms for you to allow your image to become more flexible I can definitely make a video about that if you want are seen lots to discuss on that o or you can use techniques that will help you create a sense of the new physical body when it starts disconnecting and produce the sensations that are similar to the sensations of the separation from the body so in this way induces a more clear control of the non physical wiring therefore allowing you to disconnect lucidly and in other cases you need techniques that are actually involving some sort of thinking concentration because that is the point that you fail the most in your centration in how you approach the technique having said that of course we have them to discard that there could be other things interfering for example fear fear of what you will see of who you will meet fear of non physical people or perhaps if you have a energetic environment in your room that does not say where you live in the body or an energetic environment that somehow carry information of people you know people who are currently in this lifetime or physical bugs or maybe people who are in between lines but who aren’t they’re fearing so when we talk about the techniques we are talking about mastering the four bodies that may be more directly involved in how you control your out of body experiences but on the other hand there are different factors beyond the days that can influence so you see we need to fix what is not related to us and then we need to get a technique that somehow helps us in the point that would favor the most in our case anyway I hope to have given you tips I think it’s very critical that we understand things because otherwise some of us may just think oh this is not for me this is too difficult I won’t be able ever this is not true this is indeed difficult this is most people have to dedicate a lot I remember was that I had an experience that happened so easily so easily I just woke up in the middle of the night and I felt everything was disconnected and I was so pawn to leave the body and I thought oh maybe I do a technique but I hardly thought of using my concentration to be somewhere else or far from my body and looking at my body and I was there already in that day I thought so easy to leave the body when we are in the right condition but there are other cases or there helping other cases in which I tried techniques and tried and tried and didn’t succeed and I baby so that you know if it’s not so simple for you it’s because it’s not that simple you just need to keep working and training you will develop you get to know what of these aspects you are good at what are these expect use you need to perfect improve adjust and together we can work on that I’ll be very glad to help if I can be of any service to you just drop your questions tell me what you need me to explain but that we all need to keep growing and with discernment with our feet on the ground ok so I’m very glad I had the opportunity to share these ideas with you and hope they are useful and look forward to seeing you again next video tybo..


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