Once you get the hang of astral projection, you may want to do it all the time. Like all activities, once it reaches the obsessive level, the rest of your life will begin to suffer. It’s the lack of balance, rather than the astral projection itself, that causes the damage in this case.

Improper Grounding

The very first thing you should learn how to do is to ground yourself before taking the leap into astral projection. There are countless methods, and there’s nothing wrong with figuring out one of your own, if it works best for you.

I’ve had problems with grounding for various reasons, before. It’s a common problem, but one that can be easily remedied with a little extra study and self awareness.

Lack of grounding can result in things like poor concentration, poor social interaction and even physical problems, usually based in the feet or legs.

The physical problems are the result of your body trying to force you back to earth, and usually can’t be explained medically. They can range from ankle pain to painful blisters. It’s the pain that pulls at you until you fully return to the every day world.


It is fully possible to return from an astral voyage and experience profound exhaustion. If you don’t know to watch out for it, the feeling can be startling and somewhat depressing. Let yourself sleep, explore your psyche in any way you feel comfortable and above all, care for yourself.

Spirit Attachment

It is possible for a lower spirit to attach to you if you haven’t properly shielded. Again, this comes with being ill prepared to actually take your voyage in the first place. However, it isn’t likely if you keep your intention clear and your protection up.

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This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Astral Projection.


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