My Astral Projection Trip! #1 (Sentient Reptiles & Intense Exploration)

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what is up guys and welcome back to quois corner if you like this video make sure to LIKE subscribe leave me a comment letting me know why out of all the astral projection videos I’ve been doing recently I’ve wanted to more commonly than not do some astral projection experiences and lucid dreaming experiences but you know with moving with working on a book I’ve been really busy I haven’t really focused on those things so I decided to change that last night I figured you know why not just see what I can do you know get back into the rhythm of that’s projecting like I used to very often and see if I can have some amazing experiences and that’s exactly what happened last night I had an absolutely fascinating apps projection that I wanted to share with you guys and so hopefully you can understand just how intense these can be so to start I had a nap yesterday during the day which gave me the energy I felt that I didn’t really need a full night’s sleep nor was I extremely tired when going to bed last night and usually I do ask projections in the afternoon so I decided you know while not terrible I know I’ll be okay even if I don’t get a lot of sleep I’m going to attempt the rope method the rope technique and see if I can’t project so I laid down I started working on my breathing meditating getting into a position where I could project took about 30 45 minutes but after this timeframe pulling on the rope visualizing myself detaching I detached and instantly I rose up kind of through the realm of where I was behind me and as soon as I got outside of my house I was on the beach and astral Beach in some sense is it’s hard to explain it was right where the water meets the beach maybe I visualized this instantly because I lived near the beach I’m guessing that’s why but it wasn’t like a beach in the sense of how I usually see things in a so realm which happened to be within texturization of the wall around me it was more like how you would envision a beach if you were in the movie Tron it was everything was kind of transparent like a vector on a computer screen but all the outlining all the wave cresting all the flows inside of it where the beach was the lines some spots of sand those were neon colors neon blues neon orange neon grains so it was detailed enough that you could make out that was in fact a beach there were other astral things on it that were kind of blank face walking around playing but I wasn’t thinking about interacting with them I was more so confused because I’ve also projected a bunch of time and usually it’s in a scenario that makes sense you know texture wise you see what’s going on you’re like oh okay it isn’t really it’s not really that out there but does this texturization was absolutely incredible it was the first one up experience and when I got there I noticed instantly after seeing these blank face pinks I saw a giant alligator a massive alligator or crocodile which everyone thrives more in saltwater I’m doing this video impromptu so I’m not gonna go look it up but I saw one it was massive and to me instantly into my projection I thought you know what I don’t know about this this is a big crocodile I don’t really feel comfortable you know with my being here next to a giant predator and instantly I looked down and I knew I wanted to get rid of it and I envisioned a suit of armor kind of covering my right arm and it did they kind of fastened around it formed into a big piece of I guess a more efficient arm that I had before kind of like the smaller element brother and a full metal alchemist that sort of armour and I went over to his crocodile and I tried to you know dragon boy try to pull it away trying to like poke and prod it away and every time I did this kid see was getting more and more upset you know I have looked back towards me but it was so big I would say he’s around 2030 feet long probably 10 feet tall that it was too slow to really react in a way that could have hurt me you know as soon as I would start pulling on tail it would start turning around very slowly trying to grab me or poking in the mouth trying to get away tapping it on the nose I wasn’t making violent I was just trying to you know like annoy this alligator so it would get off of this you know transient beats that I wanted to take in and enjoy and explore with these other you know no faces but he wouldn’t do it and I didn’t understand why I won’t play him an eye contact with him and I could tell it was just such a compassionate contact that we had in a moment which is this between me and an alligator in the astral realm the that I knew instantly what I knew what his name was it was Toronto I don’t I don’t know how I know that but it’s just when you project things come into your mind and you know them instantly but they don’t always make sense but you accept them because why would you not know they’re part of a plane of reality that we don’t really see on the physical level the tea Oh our NGO trongo didn’t telekinetically tell me he was safe but I just knew instantly I knew he was and I can tell he was the only safe but he was disappointed that I didn’t trust him right away or that I thought definitely of him without even you know getting to know him so I walked back from the beach to a sort of concession stand looking building I asked him what weather might why single alligator was here by himself on the beach and he just said he’s a regular you should be okay with that you know it’s not really a big deal and when I looked back he was gone just like that didn’t have any time to realize my mistakes or maybe get to know when we’re asked this being questions it was just gone but the cool part was when when when trongo disappeared the entire astral area of the beach around him in a sort of grid block formation kind of like Minecraft disappeared there was nothing there he wasn’t there but the ground under him wasn’t there as well and it was cut directly under the sides of the sand and this disappearance was probably probably close to ten feet deep and the deeper it got the more texture there was no more looked like the actual bottom of a beach instead of the video game virtual reality style it looked on top so I went down to it and I know I jumped down into this hole kind of discover you know where you went how he could have done this we’re couldn’t find any clues and the weird thing I asked around was sometimes you can interact with things sometimes you can’t I’ve noticed it a lot recently is that you know if you envision yourself holding the hands of an astral being you can hold it but at the same time you can go up to a building in your arm will go right through and you can pass through just like you go through just like I went through my house going up into the beach that I ended up on so it’s kind of odd to me and I really don’t know why that happens I want to know project more and test this out more because I feel like it may have something to do with you know how ingrained that moment we are whether or not we can physically touch things in the realm or whether we just pass through them because we don’t really fully commit to it I don’t know but it’s one of those things you know it’s pretty interesting so I’m gonna explore more but when I was down in this sand area I tried to put my arm to grab some of the sand in my arm pass right through these layers and and even though it was transparent as my arm was through it I couldn’t see it it ended right where it entered so it would just hit there and be gone and nothing was there at all which I found it be very weird and I just I got to a point where you know I didn’t really want to be at the beach anymore it was a little too much had been going on right away is my first projection back in months so I didn’t it was just too much to go on it I was trying to handle a lot and I was just layer this a little much and as soon as I had that notion in my mind the entire landscape started to shift in the distance I saw a mountain come into existence a giant giant mountain this time textured kind of looking like a Baldy here in Los Angeles which makes sense because it’s Mountain I’m familiar with so essentially willed myself over to it and that’s four realms you can either walk things you can run you can instantly teleport to areas it’s kind of made sense to come to you sort of like jumper the movie that’s one of things that remind me of astral projection but I saw the mountain I wanted to be there and close my eyes and I was there when I open it back up I was the base of it runs the base of it with a lot of other beings that look just like humans you know I didn’t talk to any there was one that I saw instantly as you know my maybe competitor in some senses but a gun fire and they all started running and I realized I realized right away I don’t know what happened but I realized it was a race around the mountain probably up over the mountain through the moment and then back down around to the place we had started and so not to fully detail eyes all of it because I want to keep this video you know a decent length but basically I raced for a full astral projection know how long it was in yes to realm but it felt like a long time when I woke up I couldn’t believe how long and how vivid this experience was because most astral projections really don’t last that long are they they’re so simple that they don’t feel like they’re on a long time frame but this one felt like it was very long and I never racing around the entire mountain with this one person meet him in the front of the line being him racing at the same speed same pace keeping up with each other but it was it was compassion but it was competition at the same time I knew we both wanted to win or both wanted to be the first one to come down off of that mountain but we didn’t really hate each other for I dislike each other we just saw it as you know whoever wins will congratulate them but it was it was telekinetic in that Center we didn’t speak at all during this entire time but the entire race was more obstacle course eat than anything which was very cool because usually for me at least again this is one of the s projections that really made me realize just how different every projection can be because for me at least most of my projections have been very basic detailed walking around experiencing addressing the other beings very simple stuff very low energetic things but I guess maybe since I was so hyped up I’d had a coffee earlier that day so maybe that may have translated over into that realm somehow this caffeine effect I was very very vivid and crazily active in the astral realm the whole entire Mountain was set up in a glitchy state work everything kind of looked like it was breaking apart or at an odd coating air and computer but it was all sort of obstacle course II in the sense that you would see from crash bandicoot or something you know you’re looking hiding anything sliding on anything is going over things no no Tiki head guy but it was still very much to reminding you of that there were no power ups either but it was still very interesting so we got through that over the mountain I remember I slid down under the last obstacle and I won the race I like super excited and without hesitation this guy came up to me and he put his hand on my chest and as soon as his hand touched my chest it was this this complete feeling of love just instantaneous love and understanding and I woke up right away and I touched myself boy I grabbed my chest and like it goosebumps I woke up because I realized how visceral it felt that he just came up you know without hesitation maybe had five seconds I think about how I won the race just touch my chest I had all these emotions surged through me and I woke up with a startled grasp and I just literally all I did since that is I put my shirt on from this camera on through my hair up and started filming few guys because I want to explain this isn’t my favorite projections I’ve had in a very long time it almost got me love with some excitement death my very first projection ever got me which I didn’t even do anything in but it was still just that visceral and real and interesting so hopefully you guys enjoyed that astral projection story if you have any theories as to why some of these things might have happened in my ass projections comment below please let’s talk about it because this is one of those things that really want to get philosophical about and talk about with you guys and maybe help you guys understand what these things can mean thank you guys very much and as always I’ll see you guys next week you guys so much for watching this video I really do hope you enjoyed it you can see me right now currently working on some stuff if you’d like to donate please click this link right here it would mean the world to me I it’ll help me pay bills basically get stuff out away so I can put the most time I can into this stuff I mean look how hard I’m working right here just trying to get these scripts done so I can show you guys all this cool information thank you guys very much hope you can help have a good day..


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  • Like, I really want to try this Astral Projection thing, but i’m TERRIFIED of sleep paralysis (I’ve never had it before, and from what I hear I don’t want to).

  • You’re truly inspirational. Because of watching your videos I find myself wanting to explore these amazing things that I’ve never even heard about before. Not only that but I’m looking into Buddhism and planning on going vegan! I can’t wait for your book to come out! 😀 Keep inspiring, and best of wishes.

  • when you said Tarango was a regular, I thought he goes to the beach everymorning to do his yoga and drink his coffee, and stops by a local shop for yogurt and a croissant for breakfast.

  • Maybe the meaning of Torongo was to show you how easily we can judge people just by their appearance without actually knowing them and you felt his disappointment so that you would resent doing that again. So almost like a lesson.

  • I’ve only had one experience. My whole body was vibrating, and all of the sudden my consciousness was observing the entire Milky Way galaxy we live in, I was slowly moving closer to it, and al of the sudden to starter zooming in crazy fast to earth and flew through my house and saw myself lying in bed. At tbat point I was just hovering around my body, in awe that I was looking at myself, I then woke up and opened my eyes to stare at the place above my body where my consciousness was floating a few seconds ago

  • I always end up watching your videos twice because your voice is so calming to me that I drift away and my mind relaxes, and whe I realized the video is over and I didn’t get anything you said. I hope I explained what I wanted to say, I’m not a native english speaker.

  • I had an experience at one point where my body floated up to just above the earths atmosphere, where I could see the sun off in the distance in the darkness. There were others on that same level where I was. Others who were astral projecting at that time. They were glowing with a soft blue light and someone was beside me and looked at me as if to welcome me to where everyone was. It was cool.

  • Astral projecting is such a beautiful thing! I had one crazy experience and I went into space and saw Jupiter a little bit closer than how we see the moon. A lot of people don’t believe me but apparently you can do anything while astral projecting and go anywhere.