My Craziest Astral Projection Experience

Hey guys this is my craziest astral projection experience. This experience change my perception of time, space, and who I am. This Out Of Body Experience showed me just how powerful consciousness is and how it knows no limits. The only limits conscious knows is the ones in which we place on it.

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

I hope you all enjoy this video and it inspires you to question the world in which you live in a little more. Much love!

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today I want to share with you all my craziest astral projection experience I’m telling it’s it I don’t even want to share because it sounds so freakin nuts but here we go so it’s taken me a while to post this video cuz I had to think about it man it was it was something that really made me question the fabric of the universe and time and it’s kind of hard to talk about with people because many people don’t know what it is you’re talking about and it just it just makes the dynamic really strange but I’m just gonna share it with sure so about a month ago when I was living in the last apartment here in Iowa I I was taking a nap in my room right and I was reading a book before I had went into this experience I was reading a book I was reading this book called creative visualization I didn’t get too deep into it I was reading it just you know something to do something to stimulate my mind and you know how you read a book and you get tired like I’m gonna take a nap you know well that’s what happened and so I hit that point I just lay down I wasn’t you know trying to astral project I wasn’t trying to do any of that I would just take I was just taking a genuine nap and I remember here my roommates leave I remember hearing my my cousin leave and I was home alone and then I drifted into sleep extremely fast but when I drifted into sleep I took my consciousness with me and I was already in a dream and I was I was a semi lucid I was I don’t really know what was going on but came across his girl in the dream and I mean y’all know how it is with dreams and lucid and women and the Beatles and boobies but I tried doing some stuff with her didn’t work in fact she kind of stimulated an out of body experience on how she I tried to kiss her the closer I got to her the it was weird it was like static I couldn’t kiss her right and then from there like sleep paralysis Hey I mean like hit me hard and so much so the dream that I was in began to fall apart and then my astral body and my physical body split but in a way in which I was in multiple places at once I felt my body laying on my bed I felt my body laying on the couch of my parents house I felt my body laying on the couch in my old apartment and I didn’t really know what was happening was it was it was it was scary I can’t lie I was I was a little afraid and and I remember being on the couch and looking across the couch and like across from me was this black kind of figure like a shadow figure almost and it wasn’t like coming at anything I was just sitting there and so I remember not being a move and I was staring at it and in my mind I was like I’m stronger than this I’m stronger than this I’m stronger than this I want to see what’s happening I want to see what’s happening right now and I didn’t feel fear but I kept reaffirming my strength in my power and I didn’t fold and then after I did so for about 10 or 15 seconds everything just snapped clear and I was as clear as day in my parents house on the couch I mean clear as day and remind you none of this was voluntary none of it was voluntary but I was in my parents house clear as day oh and I don’t know what was going on but once I got there I remember getting up and looking around and scary part it the scary part was it was like time did not exist because in the same spot their new TV was our older TV was I don’t know how they were there at the same time but they were and it was really freaky so was the old kitchen table the newer kitchen table the old dining room table right there the the newer one I mean there was like it was like the past and the future or the present whatever was all blended into one moment and that moment was the one in which I had went to and as I got up and I receded to walk around the house I walked past a mirror and this was freaky man I went into three different mirrors I went to all three of the mayors that I know in the house the first ones by his bookshelf walking into the hallway and when I saw myself in this mirror it was like I was I was swinging back and forth right but it was like I was energy trying to solidify self into form and I couldn’t I’m not I described it it was it was freaky and so after observing myself you know I kind of shocked myself to it was I walked past it it kind of like you know that’s me that’s me and you don’t I mean this is so otherworldly like I don’t I don’t understand like what this is what that experience was but I’m moving to the other room and it was like the house was a mess too I don’t know what that was about and I also remember hearing my footsteps like as I was walking around the house like I heard footsteps like my footsteps I remember checking to see if everything how physical everything was and I touched the lamp and the lamp moved and it responded to me and I felt the texture of it like this was this wasn’t just like a normal out of body experience or dream this was like physical it was physical and I went to the next mirror and when I saw myself in this next mirror sound so crazy man I saw myself right but next to me on this side and next to me on this side was like myself at different periods in my life and I don’t know if it was actually myself at different periods of my life or just different looking different Gordon’s that look different or look slightly the same I remember seeing one of me that was shorter than me and don’t understad me these two there was another two beside like but so there was five of us form triangle and I was in the middle looking and swing and this also freaking crazy red but it’s the truth man it’s an experience that I had and um you know I remember I remembered my time I thought my time ending there or I just felt like I was I was about to leave and so I remember walking around the house and and I go to the bathroom and look in the mirror and I’m like all this is happening really fast I’m trying to figure out what’s happening you know cuz I mean it was unlike anything else I experienced what was happening and I remember calling out loud can somebody show something to me can somebody explain something to me please can somebody explain something to me I walked in my old bedroom and looked him and which is my sister’s room now and it was like half her room half my room there was nothing on the floor but there was pink walls and some trash and stuff scattered throughout the room like it was so weird man it was so weird and then I remember just like phasing out and I left with my I woke up not knowing where I was at like I didn’t even realize I was in Iowa like I I was looking around like where am i where am i and took about a good 10 15 seconds for me to realize I’m in Iowa and I just moved here and I got at it was so III genuinely expected someone to pop out and tell me what just happened like I genuinely expected it but it never happened and so now I just have theories and you guys tell me what you think be sure to leave comments and like this video and share it my struggle till next time..


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  • Experiences like these make me look forward to having an Astral Projection experience. Thank you for the video. And your experience.

  • Man first time i got paralized … i saw me sleeping… and in my room i saw the shadow guy… with a black hat anf yhe fist thing that came to my mind was kick him in the face… and i did… since never saw black shadow people again…

  • Did it for the first time last night…I felt strong vibrations and was fighting them, but I decided, why am I fighting this feeling? I completely embraced the vibrations. I was able to do this last night, and when I left my body, I saw the entire Milky Way galaxy, and was zooming in to Earth incredibly fast, and then ended up in my house in my room and saw my body sleeping on my bed…I felt like a floating fairy or something. why did I end up in space when I left my body?

  • Very interesting! it kind of sounds like Einstein’s theory about time, how everything is happening, past, present and the future all at the same once.