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In this Video I explain some basic principals necessary for effective navigation in other realms. I also give 2 forms of meditation that help to strengthen your inter-dimensional skills. Passive Meditation and Active Meditation. Astral Realm techniques are included in this video. This video can be extremely helpful for those looking to improve their manifestation skills as well as their ability to navigate other realms, namely the astral.

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okay so today what I want to talk about are several key factors that are extremely necessary in cultivating the ability to clearly perceive and be effective while in the astral realm now the things I’m going to share with you about this actually cross over into more than just the astral realm but I’m gonna stick with the astral realm for now because that’s what most people are more familiar with so in order for us to be effective when we’re navigating in the astral realms there’s two main things that I want to focus on today that are extremely important one of them is the ability to clearly perceive in the astral realm and the second thing is to be effective in our energy and mental manifestations while in the astral realm so the first one clearly perceiving now in order to clearly perceive an astral realm we need to be able to come to a space of neutrality there are several different practices that are extremely helpful for this the one that I’m going to focus on today is something called passive meditation now the reason why we need to come to a space of neutrality while in the astral realm in order to clearly perceive things is because when you’re in the astral realm any emotion or any intense thought that you have in that space will manifest instantly in front of you so if you can imagine you’re in this realm where the structure of the realm is essentially a co creation there’s other beings that inhabit the realm that add to this this structure and then there’s you adding to this structure there’s also other sovereign beings that are navigating the astral realm also but any emotion or any thought process that you have instantly manifests in front of you and if you’re not aware of what is your own projection what you’re creating and be able and you’re not able to make the discernment between what your creation is and what is the structure that is the co creative creation and what is an external sovereign being to you it can become very confusing using and you can get caught in loops of illusion oftentimes people start to create their own phantoms if they have a specific fear or just fear in general or if they have an intense desire and any of these fears or desires are triggered through events that are happening while in that realm people will start to project their desires or their fears directly onto the realm and then their ability to see what’s happening external to them becomes fuzzy and then they can’t really tell the difference between their own mind and external beings external influences that are in the realm so it becomes extremely important for us if we’re going to clearly navigate to be able to silence our mind and neutralize our emotions and this is why passive meditation is so helpful because passive meditation is meditation in which that is the very goal you work to silence your mind your you become aware of what your thoughts what what thoughts are your thoughts and then you become aware of how to get into an observer state where you can observe things and not actively be projecting things into your mental sphere this also works for the emotions too you can come to a space where you’re not actively engulfed in your emotions but rather you can observe the emotions and then eventually be able to neutralize emotions now when you’re in this space this is what eventually is able to connect you to your higher self because if you’re caught in a desire an impulse a sympathy or an antipathy if you’re fearful from something or you’re actively compulsively reaching out towards something then you’re basically cut off from your higher faculties from your more you can call your higher self your more spiritualize self but if you come to a neutral space and when you’re in this space you might be experiencing certain things but you can clearly observe what’s happening without projecting some sort of falsity on top of it then what happens is you can tune into what will come kind of like in a download or an inspiration but it will come more as a as a kind of knowing this message from your higher self on how to act or what to do in that moment comes in just unknowing you know this is the appropriate way to act but you’re not acting so much out of a desire to get a specific result or out of fear of something happening and this is when you actually start to take action as your higher self to create the kinds of positive influences in those realms that you’re really looking to create but this is where it comes to the second step and the second principle that I want to talk about and this is our ability to actually be effective while we’re in that realm now in order for us to be effective while we’re in that realm we need to be able to have a strength in emotion and a strength in focus and mental projection in order to influence that realm but we want to do this from a conscious place so that’s why we want to be able to clearly perceive what’s going on so we know the difference between what we’re projecting because we’re projecting it consciously it’s not a subconscious projecting projection that could be fooling us so this is where the second aspect being able to strengthen our field strengthen our ability to project things mentally this becomes strengthened through active meditation an active meditation is meditation in which you’re doing strong visualizations you may be visualizing different shapes or different energies moving energies through different things you also be working on things like you know expanding your field to make your field bigger if there’s certain energy you might work to transmute different energies clear things these are the types of menifee meditations that will strengthen your ability to affect the astral realm and the reason why a feck ting the astral realm is helpful is because the astral realm eventually trickles down into the physical realm see the main difference between the physical realm in the astral realm is that in the astral realm or one of the main differences um things happen instantaneously whereas in the physical realm you would need to repetitively create that thought and create that energy projection and then do the subsequent physical action steps to actually create the manifestation to solidify within the physical realm but in practicing in the astral realm you’re actually preparing yourself to be better at doing that in the physical realm so these really cross over in both directions now in coming to understand this this is also a great way to be able to make clear discernment on other people or other psychics or other beings that may be communicating or explaining things to you that they’ve witnessed in these other realms now a good rule of thumb that I use is that when somebody’s speaking about these experiences they’ve had or these downloads or this information that they’re trying to share about things that they’ve viewed in other realms I pay attention to whether they seem like the type of person that has the ability to clearly silent their silence their mind and silence their emotions because if they have the ability to do that then they can see clearly but if they seem like a very scattered person that’s a little bit ungrounded I always take what they’re saying with the grain of salt because that’s usually representative of somebody that’s not capable of clearly discerning things in those realms because they always have a real projecting over whatever’s going on in the realm so it’s a good way of kind of being able to prevent yourself from getting caught up in other people’s illusions it’s one thing to get caught in your own illusions it’s even worse to get caught in other people’s solutions so that’s kind of like a good navigation tool if you might not be at the level where you’re navigating in those realms but you’re still depending on other people to bring back information for you that’s a good way of being able to discern that so the value of this like I said goes across all spectrums it’s really important in the astral realm to be able to see clearly but then also be able to put your own intentions into the astral realm to create change because as we know all change on the physical realm Miele starts in the higher realm so it’s gonna be in the causal in the astral and the etheric before it actually manifests into the physical so the more you can practice in these realms where you can practice your own meditation to silence your mind to see clearly in those realms and then the more you can practice projecting your energy in projecting your intention into those realms the more you’ll actually be able to harness your ability to manifest in the physical realm also because this is basically what’s going on in the physical realm at all times a projection of false reality onto the physical realm can be seen as like what we would call a program or a mind my mind program if you are you know have some sort of fear of you know a particular kind of person say for example and when you see that person you project the false reality onto them and maybe are afraid that this person is going to you know act a certain way because of that fear program complex that you have running inside your head it works the same way in the astral realm as it does in the physical realm like I said the only difference is it happens instantaneously in the astral realm so it’s really good to kind of come at it from both directions so again one more time passive meditation that’s going to be able to create the silence necessary for you to clearly see what’s going on outside of you so that you can then actively project your energy into that realm from a conscious space and then conscious active meditation and that strengthens your ability to expand your field and expand your attend intention and create the manifestation on those realms which will cross over into the physical realm also so hopefully this stuff’s helpful if you have any comments or questions you can put it in the link below and that’s all I have Sheriff to you today thanks so much you..


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  • Very true and too real. I’ve come to see all this by watching my inner reality and noticing how my external reality is mirrored. I’ve been on the astral only once being consciously aware of it. But I see this realm as operating under similar principles but it’s a denser state so it takes longer to manifest and grind through. It’s trickier to master your world here and it seems we’re down here to learn how to master ourselves to create the reality we want afterwards.

  • I’ve gone to this other realm twice now and panic and back out and am paralyzed for a moment before I come back to my body. It feels weird, and the experience is bizarre. It was completely real though.