Never Make These Mistakes On The Astral Plane


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you know Fox my name is Robert Bruce and this is another asteroid bonk on video and today’s subject is about staying in the zone and reducing excitement one of the most important things to keep in mind about astral projection exits is that you need to stay calm very calm very controlled all the way through your exit until your outer body you can jump for joy after you’ve finished and you’ve oriented your body but excitement during the astral projection exit is probably the number one biggest killer of astral projection I’ve been not only projecting myself for like over 50 years but I’ve been consulting with people about after projection and coaching them for over 20 and it’s a hugely common mistake and it’s difficult to control sometimes imagine this you feel vibrations the rapid heartbeat the falling sensations you viscerally feel yourself separating from your physical body and through your mind flashes all the cool things that you can do have one you’re having an astral projection all the places you could to go can go to and all the wonderful things that you can do and it’s like really exciting it’s kind of like winning the lottery you feel this massive wave of excitement if you allow it to happen which throws you out of the state you’ll need to be in to continue at the exit and it will stall it and completely stop the exit you’ll be back normally and you know in your physical body again and it’s like you bought it because you’ve gotten excited and the you need to stay really calm controlled and like they call it just observing yourself and being very well controlled no excitement allowed very matter of fact all the way during the exit up to the exit while the exit is happening you’ve got a really frosty and after the exit out of body you’ve also got to stay control because keep in mind your emotions and feelings have a profound impact upon your state of being in the astral body and upon the astral environment so if you’re excited and overly excited there that you know it has a big impact on the state and will normally break it cold it’ll just throw you back into your body and still tense up at the excitement now relating to this there is a just on the edge of astral projection as you start coming out of your body just as you start a separate some people get this more powerfully than others do there’s always a bit of this as an excitement surge of energy that comes up through your stomach you’ve got on your torso here and it’s like a powerful tingling wave of adrenaline of excitement comes up there often beyond your control and you’ll feel yourself coming out you know you’ve got to be calm all the way through and then you’ll feel this huge powerful energy tink up through your torso in your chest here and it will throw you out you know causes tension froze you have the state you need to be and you’ve blown it again now this last one here that surge of like energy adrenaline like energy here only practice will help you to overcome this repeated experiences keep going back to it keep work on staying calm and relaxed and observe a mind observing what’s happening going keep continue your astral projection technique climbing out of your body or what have you doing and just keep doing it and you feel that excitement happen if it fries you have the state even though you’re doing the you can do if that happens several times in a row it’s usually a matter of the energy body of the chakra development and activation and when if you’re faced with that this continual adrenaline this excitement edge coming up for you your chest throwing out of the state the only way to overcome that is regular energy work do some energy work every day you know do a little workout work on your hands and your arms your feet your legs your torso your central channel and interview chakras and by doing that every day it causes the chakras to develop and evolve to where they need to be and what you are doing there is continue to make Africa ejection exit attempts a lower the energy work because they go hand in hand energy work and astral projection they complement each other and make make the whole thing work so keep this in mind the next time you have an after projection exit attempt and stay calm and I’ll see you with the next video..


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  • I would like to give some advice to people who haven’t astral project.
    Every time you dream or fall asleep you leave your body your just not aware of it.
    Once you enter the dream world or astral realm you enter a certain dimension depending on your frequency or vibration if your in a low vibration like angry and fear your will go to a dimension of that same frequency that’s why some people experience seeing dark entities and if your in a high vibration like happy and joyful you will go to a dimension that matches that frequency and that’s why some people experience going to a paradise and stuff like that. That’s why its important that you create a shield of some sort to protect you while your traveling and you shouldn’t try to astral project if your mad or full of fear because you might end up in a place don’t want to be not that you’ll get stuck there you just won’t have a pleasant experience.
    Once you astral project you can even visit your dead relatives and also since out there is no time you can visit the past, future, &/or future because everything is happening at the same time.
    Also some techniques you can use to astral project you can before trying say some affirmations like “I want to astral project tonight” or “I will astral project tonight” and you can even ask your spirit guides or angels to help you and also you can do visualizing techniques like visual your spirit or soul moving upward away from your body example visualize your spirit arm moving away from your human arm.
    Also if you astral project and want to go back all you have to do is think of your body and BOOM! Your back!
    And don’t worry about someone taking over your body and you being lost in the astral ream because the silver cord that connects your spirit self and your body is UNBREAKABLE! If you happen to wine up in a lower dimension still don’t worry they might try to but it won’t I promise the only way and only time the silver cord breaks is when you die!
    Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Astral projecting is not demonic, I’ve done it before many times. I find myself on a different planet other than Earth most of the time. Don’t listen to people who say that the entities can hurt you. They can’t hurt your physical being, one of them shot me, and I just woke up, the only problem is that if you’re astral traveling and if something attacks, then you can wake up from your experience and its annoying. Astral traveling is also not a religious thing it’s just something that we can do so you can’t just slap the demonic label on it. The movie insidious is pretty unrealistic about what can go on during astral travel, so don’t say, “But it happens in insidious so it can happen in real life.” If you have any questions on astral projections or how to do it ask me.

  • I experienced Astral Projection as a very young child. I was about 4-5 years old and it happened about 5-6 times. I didn’t know what was happening, but it definitely felt exciting ! I would love to experience it again.

  • WARNING! For anybody scared and living in fear or controlled by one force or another, do not take anyone’s word for certain, learn and become the best you that you can possibly be. If you haven’t already noticed everyone talks about demons and abduction and all of these negative things, i am always positive as best i humanly can be. I have had sleep paralysis more times than i can remember and i have never seen a demon or anything bad. I have had one experience when something tried to grab me but only because i was feeling negative and depressed at that point in my life, even then this entity or whatever it was had no control over me… You are as powerful as your positive energy. Or as weak as your negative energy.

    Do not be controlled by anything in your life, but still walk a path with good intentions and be grateful for what you have, no matter how little that is.

    This being said, i love Jesus and ask him for protection always, i always thank him and accept him as my leader and guidance to be a good person. If you are not religious please do not hate on what i find to help me be positive and loving, instead find yourself a positive role model and be a good person.

    In my opinion Jesus is the right way.

    Peace and love to everyone, feel free to ask me any questions and ill do my best to answer.

  • also when astral projecting or lucid dream. do NOT look into a mirror. your face and image will be distorted and you will scare the poop out of yourself and wake yourself up from it. scariest thing on earth is when you know you are dreaming and you look into a mirror in the dream.

  • Stay calm. this is really hard. I panic every time. No matter how many times I get there, I just can’t think rationally and I panic like I am in the middle of the pool and can’t swim.

  • Oh my, some people think going into Astral projection is demonic or you are going to die. All lies and bullcrap. I have done astral projection since childhood. I been to different places and even went there in person to see if it was really true of what I saw. So I didn’t die and in one of my many trips, I felt God and even help him in something. He is nothing but pure pure love. Its a feeling that is so magnificent even more than Being in Love or the love of your baby/child. No drugs involved doing it. I just got in a relax state of mind in bed just before sleeping and told my mind that I wanted to leave out of my body and I told my mind to start flipping over in my mind to pull me out. During the process it felt like I was starting to dream, but during it I would feel like I am flying. I couldn’t see my body. I went to places that were earth like and different dimensions and different time like the past and far the into future. When I came back I would wake up suddenly and realize that I was parallelized, for a moment though. I haven’t seen any weird, demonic creatures. Maybe that someone that are getting those things are somewhat has demons waiting for them. Deep down in their souls its not all good and the Devil is ready to pounce on them. I would say get God in your heart and lots of love. I don’t care if anyone believe me or not on my story. All I know is what is true to me.