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you’re watching let the Koran speak now we answer questions you received from you our viewers and of course if you have a question yourself you can visit a website WWN speaks comm okay this question about meditation the question is we know that the Prophet meditated how should Muslims view meditation is it obligatory in our religion does the Quran or sort of describe how we should meditate and is it true that the Prophet said the one hour of meditation is better than 70 years of prayer hmm okay so the meditation is mentioned in the Quran a number of times using different words often we are encouraged by the Quran to ponder over the Quran itself so the word to fat core pondering or to dub bore which also means a lot of deliberation over the meaning of the Quran itself and the Quran also encourages us to ponder the signs of God which are evident everywhere in God’s creation for example in the third chapter of the Quran the 190 s worse tells us to about describes the believers as those who ponder the creation of the heavens and the earth the 67th chapter of the Quran at the beginning invites believers to look up into the heavens and see if you can find any Fault therein and of course the result that is expected is that you will glorify God after seeing the wonders of his creation the Quran encourages Muslims to travel and to see how God has initiated creation and so on so this is one aspect of pondering the the other might be silent meditation it is mentioned that the Prophet peace be upon him prior to is receiving the revelation I used to retire to a cave and practice what is called the Honus which is some form of meditation that was known to the Arabs before before he received the specific revelation but within the religious teachings of Islam itself it is mentioned that if a person performs the ablutions at home and then goes to the mosque early before the actual prayer then that time spent in the mosque is regarded as if the person was busy in prayer so what might he be doing in the mosque at that time he may be engaged in some silent meditation or just simply recounting one’s activities and and maybe repenting before God or just thinking about things that are good and and holy or maybe reciting the Quran which is another way of meditation at the end of the day one we want to recollect one’s events or one’s actions and sort of the good from the bad and ask God to forgive us for what we’ve done wrong it an interesting story in this regard is mentioned about one of the Companions of the Prophet peace be upon him who said that at the end of the day he would just cleanse his heart of all negative thoughts that he had towards other people and it is noted that it was for this reason that the Prophet peace be upon him recommended this man as a person who would go to paradise so it seems that the meditation is a very integral part of the Islamic faith in yes many Muslims especially those who go out in what is referred to as the Jamaat table it’s sort of missionary endeavor that that is confined mainly to uplifting the spirit of Muslims so so it’s missionaries going to other Muslims they often stay in the mosque between the fudger and and the early morning prayer and until Sun Rise which could have them sitting there waiting for about half an hour to an hour and in that time they would be remembering God by reciting some of the names of God by saying glory be to God for example and this would be a sort of meditation they may refer to it as more Aqaba which is another word for meditation so there’s no sense that you have to go into a a private place be solitary spend a particular amount of time meditating it’s it seems like it’s entirely up to the individual yes there is many different ways you are also on different things that’s right so any one of these is fine the important thing is of obviously to have balance and to just like it with eating we need a balanced diet we need many different ingredients in a similar way with meditation we have many different forms and it’s good to do a little bit of this and a little bit of that benefit from all of the forms as for the hadith that you asked about it’s mentioned by my bond in his collection and this is one of the lesser known books not as authentic as the more popular books such as bihari and Muslim but in any case a hadith of this nature that promises a great deal of reward for simple actions are I mentioned by Zubair Siddiqui in his book hadith for beginners as the type of hadith which people might have invented over time for good reasons for encouraging a good good work and we wouldn’t give them great credence would you encourage Muslims to meditate every day then normally the the five daily prayers which are prescribed for Muslims involve meditation I mean that’s the essence of the whole prayer because you are reciting praises of God but you’re thinking about what you’re reciting you’re thinking what God and the life Hereafter this itself is meditation and not only is this recommended but it’s obligatory for Muslims alright thank you for your time by the Shakur you’re welcome that’s all the time we have visit our website wwlp. com from all of us here let the quran speak thank you for watching I’ll see you next week Oh..

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  • Apart from 5 times daily prayer Quran tells to remember Allah
    Only in the Zikr of Allah will your heart find peace [Quran 13:28]

  • Budda Ghandi Tibet just stop reading quaran no bible the universal laws is what u need and God is in u pray to the God in u . When meditating u reach ur higher self .

  • Though the subject of meditation is very beneficial to all, it would have been better for the sheikh to have elucidated more as to how actual dhikr or meditation be practised. The sheikh when asked how much of meditation one should do. The sheikh simply mentioned bit of this and bit of that for a balanced meditation. Could have been more specific and clear in demonstrating the way of different kinds of meditation or adhkaars in islam.

  • yes meditation is applied different but i make the expirience that if u pray right and concentration on the namaz u get similar state as u have meditated

  • Ali Umar

    The word “God” somehow does not sink on my heart and does not please it. Why do some speakers who are talking about some topics in Islam keep repeating “God, God, God?” Why do they not say Allah (Azzawajal) or Rab or one of his Assmaul Husna that are mentioned in Koran.

    No, No, No, God is not an English word for Allah (Azzawajal). God has different meaning than Allah (Azzawajal). God means three in one and one in three, Allah (Azzawajal) is ONE and ONLY ONE. God has a Son, Allah (Azzawajal) is free of having a Son or any associate and partner. Allah (Azzawajal) is addressed by the names “Parwardegar,” or “Kooda,” in Farsi and in Urdu language. Parwardegar and Kooda means exactly the same as Allah. Parwardeqar is Allah but God is not.

    When a Christian says “God Bless You,” they mean the blessing coming from “Jesus,” the son part of the the God. When a Christian hears the word “God” coming from a Muslim they assume that the Muslim is talking about their God. When a Christian hears the name “Allah,” they do not consider it as their God despite of most of the similarities in the attributes that are associated to God.

    When you say to a Christian that God is the creator of the Universe and and the ruler of all the affairs in it, they agree. When you say to a Christian that God is the Lord of Abraham, Moses and Jesus, they agree. They also agree when you say “God is One.” This is because to them “three is one.” However, to a Christian, Allah is not God despite most of the sharing attributes that Allah has with their God. In other words, to a Christian “Allah” is not the creator, the sustainer and the ruler of the Universe, but their God is.

    Now a days, the period of turmoil, there are many manipulators who claim to be Scholars. They give false Fatwas mostly for their worldly interest. They bent to any direction that the wind blows in order to get a free ride from it. Do not say Buttel in order to please the other side. Declare “Haq” no matter what.

    Allah is not God and God is not Allah. Allah (Azzawajal) is one and he is unique. Allah (azzawajal) is not three. Allah (Azzawajal) does not have a Son. God is not unique. God is three and God has a Son. Fear Allah, Fear your Rab and do not call him by a different name that has a different meaning.

  • Some comments below are in desperate need of correction.
    Pure Intentions. As a Muslim myself I will say this to you. Salat is ritual worship. Peoples minds can and do wander during Salat. But After years of Salat they do become more focused and can possibly attain perfection in it. That means it is possible to perform a perfect Salat. Salat belongs to the set of external activities in Islam of which fasting and performing pilgrimage is also a part. Besides for some spiritual benefits there is nothing internal about Salat. If ‘Islam’ means submission to the will of God then the Salat is the greatest symbol of obedience to Allah. That explains its high status in Islam. Kundalini is internal. It includes the spiritual body and energy centers. There is no realigning of physical body with spiritual body as dramatic as it sounds. We pray because we are commanded to. Bad energies is what we call Jinn. Yes Salat does keep them away. Zikr is remembrance of God and Real meditation is communion with God. That’s where you get to talk to God. True contemplation is very personal. That’s when you focus inside yourself and ask who am I ?, what am I ? If you keep this up long enough the soul will respond. It reveals its secret very slowly to you. It reveals itself. Then you know that you are a spiritual being. Good actions, character and speech are called ihsaan. It is moral excellence. Try not to get so confused.

    Robert Taylor. Every monotheistic religion has its spiritual department. Muslim Sufi’s meditate and so do Christian monks and Jewish spiritualists. Satanists don’t meditate. They summon demons or invoke evil spirits. That is all.

    Mitch Sharpe. I think it’s you who is severely deficient. Study Sufism and Christian monasticism and see what you come up with. There are some excellent video’s on YouTube.

    Carlos Andreyz. There is no such thing as satanic meditation. If a person closes his eyes to summon a demon it does not mean he is meditating. He’s just focusing. You don’t summon serpentic energies. You summon demonic entities from demonic realms surrounded by negative energies. Meditation is not to reflect over. Reflection is one way of achieving a meditative state. But at some stage you have to stop reflecting. You must achieve no mind, no thought. Then pure energy can enter the body and purify the soul. It’s the same thing that happens when you sleep. The aim in meditation is to be both asleep and awake at the same time. Real meditation is essentially for God. But God say’s : Do you see the one who purifies himself for his own sake ? That’s the one who has no defense when he passes through the lower spiritual realms. Many are pursued by demons and go into hiding, but to no avail. Religion is the only protection. Jesus fasted 40 days and 40 nights but I don’t know if he meditated too, because Satan tempted him non stop.

    Zatoichiable. Meditation is the highest form of prayer. It is direct communion with God. Here you can speak freely and ask what you desire. But it is a pure state. The state of enlightenment. You have destroyed your ego and this is your reward. In the physical state people do pray with their minds but to correct that they must strive to pray with their hearts. The trick is to soften the heart first. Praising God and reading scripture are amongst the ways to do that. When the heart is softened it makes the prayer more sincere.

  • Everything is a lie only one thing is truth

    God is not a person, it’s a energy which lives inside you, yes

    Knowing that soul is knowing God, so stop doing rituals like you are in deep sleep try to be awaken okay

  • sister deedee am afraid u have no idea what you are talking about….god has said salat is worship….you are saying that it isnt….think about that very carefully for a moment