I think so, and this goes for other toxins as well.

The practice is already so difficult (at least for most, and in the beginning), and consciousness is so difficult to reign-in and concentrate with, any adulteration of the mind is going to make AP much harder, and likely impossible.

I don’t drink much, don’t smoke cigarettes, I eat fairly well, and always fast at least 120 min before bed. I have smoked marijuana in the past, and can attest that it all but ruins not only AP practice, but dreaming, sleep-cycle, and other, more subtle and esoteric faculties.

Anyhow, be as clean as possible, make your AP practice-time scheduled and live by that schedule for at least a month, keep a dream journal during this period (yeah, I know, sounds like some cliche stuff, and you’re not even worried about lucid dreaming, but all these things go hand-in-hand & it’ll help), and eat & live as clean as possible.

It’s also imperative that you throw in some type of meditation throughout the day, this will help you hone your attention; while mediation and attention are not synonymous, the former is definitely master of the latter. It would likely be best to focus on breathing techniques, and other “less-dynamic” meditative forms, but just find something that works for you and go for it.

Hope this helps,


This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Astral Projection.

Astral Projection Vlog 12: Alcohol’S Affect On The Vibrations

If you prefer text

so a couple days ago I completed this challenge that I set for myself that I would go an entire year without drinking or smoking and I ended up doing it now I’m not going to go too in depth into why I did it basically I got to a point where I was kind of abusing it I was kind of abusing drinking and smoking and if you’re curious about why I decided to up take this challenge I actually talked about in on my old channel coffee with Kyle so yeah basically on June 20th I completed my entire year of sobriety and then this brought up some questions some concerns that how would alcohol affect my ability to try to astral project and then I got my answer last night so on the day that I could start drinking again I had two beers with my girlfriend and then last night I had a beer with my roommates so this is something that I actually kind of forgot about until recently that alcohol actually does affect your sleep cycle so I went to bed last night at about 12: 40 p. m. and I ended up waking up at 3 a. m. and for some reason I couldn’t go back to sleep so I spent the next couple hours just writing in my journal and just kind of sorting things out that are going on in my life I ended up going back to sleep at about 6 o’clock and then this is really interesting I was actually able to get into a lucid dream really fast in about 30 minutes it basically felt like I just went to sleep and then suddenly I was shifting consciousness into a dream that I was aware basically what happened was I ended up finding myself at the top of these stairs and in my last video I talked about how stairs are kind of a recurring our type of dream I’m not sure what the stairs mean I think it actually means the rising and the lowering of consciousness so I found myself at the top of the stairs and I felt really amazing so I thought to myself I thought I would like to see my spirit guides so then I started to float off of the stairs and things started to become black and I remember this deep sensation of floating downward just slowly floating downwards as I was descending I kind of had the concern that I would end up in some sort of lower realm but thankfully that didn’t happen but what I do remember was that something was touching my left hand I’m not sure but it was like a very strong physical sensation just it was just a single touch but basically not too much eventful happened I saw a couple images that I couldn’t really explain I think I saw myself in some form of bamboo forest everything was kind of like turning dart dish so then I ended up saying clarity now and then I ended up in this just really random place and then I will go I woke up I looked at the clock and it was 645 ish so then that surprised me that was really fast just I guess the alcohol really helped me to relax and fall into a deep elusive State but the thing is I didn’t have much control over the dream so then when I went back to sleep I had the intention of trying to astral project again so then I found myself in the middle of the vibrations I actually became conscious right as the vibrations just randomly ensued and this is interesting it was a lot stronger than usual again the alcohol was helping me to really really relax deeply but again the alcohol was also taking away control during my lucid dream actually I tried to induce the vibrations but I wasn’t able to it was like I couldn’t access that part of my brain that would allow me to be induce the vibrations I couldn’t really flex my brain as this other r says so when I did become conscious in the middle of these vibrations these very very strong vibrations that I haven’t felt this sort of intensity in a while I couldn’t really control it I couldn’t really rev it up and down in its intensity I just had to let it sit out and I don’t really remember what exactly happened but I remember when I did actually wake up I was basically thinking to myself wow I experienced another alternate state of consciousness but I couldn’t tell the difference between the altered state of consciousness and reality so that still seems to be a problem that I am having so right now there’s two things that I want to learn one is the ability to tell the difference between an altered state of consciousness and reality and two I really want to be able to enter the real time zone so that I can kind of float around and explore and see what other people are up to so that I’ll be able to verify real time events so that I can not only prove to myself that this stuff is real but maybe prove to a couple people that hey there’s something more to this astral projection thing than you think this is all really interesting stuff I’m just exploring it I’m just seeing the types of adventures that can really happen with this stuff it’s really fun anyways that’s all for my quick update real quick take a look at this this one is one of my favorites this is actually one of the first stones that I wrapped this is a dragon stone Subterra installing apparently it helps with communication it helps with talking it helps with opening up so yeah that’s pretty much everything I can think of for this update for now if I have anything else you’ll see it soon this is Kyle with Explorer the adventurer peace..


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  • What you think/say is supposed to happen when out of body; Try saying “I want to move to the same time my physical-body is at… now”; Write down some sentence ideas you think will move you to the present time your physical-body is in.

  • Kyle, I just found your channel. I’m going to watch all your videos. About Beer Induced Lucid dreams, I think the way it works is that there is this hypothetical mindset which I call magical because it’s guaranteed to put you into the altered state of your choice. You can’t induce this magical mindset directly but you can approach it indirectly by making certain adjustments either on purpose or by chance. Then by luck you are in it, you’re dreaming, you’re lucid, you’re OBE, you’ve arrived where you wanted to be. The conscious mind isn’t perceptive or objective enough to know whether having a beer will get you into the correctly adjusted mindset or whether self-discipline and abstaining will get you there. This is why we can’t make lists of DOs and DON’Ts in regards to this practice. It’s not about what you do, it’s about where you’re at, because in dreams and altered states, a state of mind or state of being is symbolized by a place. So euphoria will take place in dreams with fantabulous architecture. Nice video, we’ve met before on Sylvan’s group. I’m ScottR.