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I out doing this is jada channel and we’re going to go on with this flame of life now first you gonna need a candle all right I see the candle right there wish I could be profitable in the next video I shall examine the Bible read it between the lane lines and learn yes so you see it looks purple all right yes so because the because i’m making this video the light is on but you want to be in pure darkness and um no like with only the flame you have to realize and know then when you examine the flame you look at it as if it is your own soul because you two are flame just like the one in front of you very still vibrating at infinite speed of light feels very relaxing like like I too am growing from this flame you want to look at the tip of the flame but also examine the whole thing examine the blue part sir examine the blue part of the flame and also you know the lower parts and also the higher parts okay be very meditative and gaze into the flame even get close enough to this just get very close and you’re going to want to gaze into the flame for about 30 minutes or so because the flame is conscious you shall communicate to it and understand it and it’s always unique ways so this is going to this is what I’m going to do right now and as you feel the flame goes orbed within your gates feel it within your brains who within the mind and let it sink in this will help you in your actual astral projection experience I am aware as I look upon the flame I am aware that the flames who has authority or field it’s a conscious field of light around it I’m going to close my eyes for a second and see the flame within ingrained within my vision and that’s that’s the key the flame shall be engrained within your vision and once it’s ingrained within your vision you shall follow the path of the light and it’s going to be kind of changing colors but you’re going to want to keep your focus on the flame and as you keep your focus on the flame follow it with their consciousness follow it with your intent almost give the idea as if it is sucking you in and kind of imagining yourself engulfed in flames not physically on fire but in engulf your soul and Gulf in flames in the flame of life imagine it in different colors down from Red transforming into orange now into yellow gradually seeking its perfection now into green now you have to understand that yellow is the midpoint between green and orange although red orange and yellow are very similar and the unique ways but if yellow is transforming into green then there has to be some sort of transmutation dealing with the chemistry within itself so as you know the Hulk is green I’m dealing with chlorophyll dealing with the transmutation of the DNA and now you understand that you your soul shall be transforming your DNA upgrading you into the love into the light of green now imagine yourself engulfed and green see it around your body as aura you can almost see it with your eyes closed visually visually looking through your eyelids I see green and that is the fact within the darkness i do see green different colors I’m starting to see blue down down the tracks deep within the darkness now follow the blue it’s very small it’s almost like a speck of light you’re going to want to follow the follow the blue it will take some time because it is very high also it is another step from green as you may know there is a lot of transmutation mm hmm now i’m starting to see blue no as you see blue or the different colors of the rainbow you shall know you shall know that you are also that flame ever changing in different directions in different colors I’m seeing green wrapped around blue yes i do i do still see yellow orange and red but now it is time to move into the indigo okay there’s more darker you know closer to purple so imagine yourself engulfed in indigo yeah my third eyes going crazy right now first it was my heart chakra then it wasn’t like they’re done and it’s my third now gradually moving up purple shall fill yourself moving slightly up purple upwards imagine yourself engulfed in purple yeah not my crown chakra is buzzing slightly not fully integrated yet with purple was slightly buzzing if it is hard to imagine just try and try your all for without effort there shall be no manifestation if you have lost if you have lost the imagination or the image then just imagine it once again and continue where you left off keep imagining the color purple and do this repeatedly now you shall create your own colors infused with purple gold and purple shining silver purple blue purple all of these colors do exist they are combinations also note when you’re in the darkness do fill yourself and feel the awareness feel of room with your energy and once you felt the room with their energy be aware that’s only you and there’s nothing to be afraid of there’s nothing to be afraid of so I do see purple emerging from the yellow almost like it’s pulsating blue green yellow now imagine white as it is clearing away the sleep clearing away the darkness within your mind’s eye and within your mind let it come from the crown chakra and imagine cosmic energy cosmic rays of white light entering down from the sky into your into your crown chakra and your third up feel it because I do feel it showering down from the cosmos let it take over the whole body and transmuted into white shining armor crystaline white silver white sparkling ever so bright now once you’re done with this exercise open your eyes once again and then stare into the flame of life and project that within the flame the colors that you have saw and you will see them as a reflection of your own soul and this is a little training for you all in the future but I want you to try this right now vibrate with your mouth sing and use the own different songs does not matter the ABCD efg does not matter AEIOU does not matter use a stone a letter to magnify your thoughts and project your image and imagine the flame igniting imagine a flame growing almost like you would turn the dial up upwards want a lighter and it would look some of it like this if you can see it and it would go up like that just imagine it oh yeah that’s right half the home mmm there we go i will use the letter let’s say f for flame hmm it would sound like no no not flame what I would say F so be like mmm here we go let’s begin and now when you do that imagine the flame growing growing alright all right let’s use another one let’s use a hey eat hey about e. e e. e II now if you do know the hold on one sec if you do know how to broach thing that might actually help so when you say are you want to say are and you want to sing this but use your throat to change the tone to make it sound like there are two tones coming out even more than two maybe three alright are you ready let’s go you our off site haha yeah let’s go again oh what’s that I you should be working by now but you know this is how the the ancient Atlantean used sound and of chanting in homes to move things and to impair mates it to manifest pyramids and to create them so um this is also highly done with sound the word you talked about the word in the Bible alright I’m going to do a different one but if you guys can copy that then yeah that’ll be good to great all right ready look kind of weird but yeah anyway mmm you not as you some overtones or whatever some deep ones safe that’ll work um yeah oh it’s pretty good and at this moment right now I’m actually feeling the spine the the serpent rising up my spine right now and if this is happening with you too it’s like right near my neck um so we going into the crown and kind of put your awareness there to rise it to get to UM send it upwards all right but thank you all for watching this video I hope did I hope this helped at home please you know with the sound thing later on when you finish with the UH the gazing into the eyes until it into flame do that when you’re finished gazing with inflamed you’re going to want to close your eyes and then stare into center of your vision what a flame is and follow the flame and imagine the lights and imagine the colors red yellow red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet or purple what up so thank you all for watching and enjoy the video namaste and pieces I loved one..

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  • Its very awesome to know that anyone can astral project I am only 15 and I wanna try but I don’t know how or what to expect do u have any advice?