Techniques For Astral Travel

We discuss some techniques for astral travel

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hello ladies and gentlemen of chalukyan here one more time we’re gonna talk today about some techniques again for astral travel or out of body experiences we’re going to continue with the series on manifestations of consciousness very soon but the reason I wanted to do this video is because we’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding techniques for astral travel even though my favorite technique is you guys are probably already realized is gonna wear knit which we will get into a little bit but we’re gonna go down now to some actual techniques that I think will help most of us the first one is that we should really keep a diary of all our experiences all our esoteric experiences or dreams lucid dreams out of body experiences actual travel whatever it might be we should write them down as soon as they occur one thing that we must keep in mind is that when we are getting up in the morning or whenever it is that we’re getting up or waking up usually we tend to get up out of bed really quickly our alarm goes off and we just want to get out of there because we’re usually in a hurry and what happens is on our day off we might snooze a little yeah what we want to do what we want to try to learn here is as soon as we hear the alarm as soon as we turn it off go back to bed and then you know it should be only a few seconds go back to bed and just don’t fall don’t fall back to sleep just ask yourself where was I what was I doing just now if we don’t move and we do that we will we will remember a lot more than what we usually do also this will help us to keep our diary as soon as we do remember something write it down in a diary and we should come up with patterns we should come up with synchronicities and all kinds of things doing this method another method is to use sounds now in a video a few weeks ago we didn’t mention about the Vanara beads and we’re not gonna go too much into that because we already saw that but I will mention that they are all over the Internet there are some good ones and you just have to look around but what I wanted to emphasize in this in this lesson was that we can also use our own sounds and what I mean by this is I don’t know if many of you are familiar with man drums from different paths different religious practices those are good but what we would like to suggest is for each one of you to create your own should be based on the vowels and the only reason is because the vowels make for easier easier elongation of the sound and you can do that and record it or you can just pronounce it yourself anywhere from that you would decide to create on your own is best we favor more this method than listening to someone else’s management because it comes from yourself and this is very powerful when we are trying to engage you know in a spiritual practice such as astral projection these sounds will help us resonate with the proper frequency so that we can astral travel any one of the sounds any one of the vocal sounds are related in some way to the chakras we’re not gonna get into that we believe that practice is far better than theory we could get into a huge lesson about the relationship between the various vocal sounds and the chakras but we want to just get down to it so just feel free to use in any of the vocal sounds any of the like AEIOU sounds also the m: n any sound that can be elongated is very good you can drift off to sleep with that another idea is to actually record yourself you have to just try to be a little try to get a little quality equipment and record your own voice doing one of these sounds one of these my drums and drift off the bed like that that really helps us to begin our astral travel explorations another one obviously going down is meditation what is meditation for our purposes what we want to say that meditation is a practice where we try to silence our silence our mind our mind has a chatter we are all constantly thinking about something whenever we are listening to something hearing someone speak or just watching anything there’s always a chatter behind there’s always an opinion to be said now there’s not necessarily anything wrong with this this is part of who we are part of our nature but it also has to stop at some point because if we’re able to quiet that part of the mind we’re able to perceive more we’re able to proceed to just just be in the moment and our senses come into play if we’re listening more to our own chatter we don’t really give a chance to our senses to truly perceive what they actually can perceive so this is what meditation is and how does this help astral travel since we have a quiet mind we’ll be able to move on to a higher plane to a plane that resonates some of the better qualities like happiness and joy and all these beautiful things because our chatter the chatter won’t be there as you saw in some in one of the lessons before our thoughts create our reality so if we go into the astral realm this is something that we have to understand if we go into the astral realm with our chatterbox with our chat with our mental chatter that mental chatter can actually create thought forms and if if we get into this practice of meditation we’ll see far far less thought forms and we’ll be able to actually go ahead and see the actual entities that we might want to get to know better now visualization this is another technique now when we visualize usually we think of the word visualize because it says visual on it we think of you know vision but visualization is much more than just using the vision when we visualize something we have to imagine that we’re able to use all our senses so for example if we visualize that we are gonna go out of body and we are going to go say to London somewhere in London well those of us that are here in the United States when you visualize that you try to not only see it in your mind’s eye but also you try to hear the sounds of London you try to remember the smells if you were there and if you weren’t ever there try to imagine what they’re like try to imagine the weather how it feels like use all your senses in that imagination how did the water taste how did the rain taste if you actually did that so then you get a feeling of it now what I like to do I like to visualize the actual experience of going out of body so my visual a visualization would go someone like this I’m already in bed and I start to visualize myself actually leaving the body so I imagine that I am already in the vibrational state I imagine that everything is dark and everything is absolutely quiet that actually calms me down instead of making me nervous if you don’t like it dark then you can imagine a light that’s also fine I like a darker because it’s nothingness and I enjoy the nothingness and then from the nothingness I just move on to an astral realm where I have you know where everything is full of colors and everything but so I imagine myself I see myself in the bed I also eat remember how the vibrations feel I imagine that I’m there already there even though they’re not I imagine that I imagine the separation process which is a little to me it happens to be that’s why I like the blackness to me it happens to be a real blackness for a few few seconds everything is like you’re not even there it’s like you sort of don’t exist and then suddenly BAM you’re out of your body so I envision all this and going on I envision all this and then I envision that I am actually leaving my room so I keep envisioning this each time I envision this each time I do this it might take me four minutes five minutes to actually go through this process through my mind and I just keep repeating it until I fall asleep and it helps a ton because you do get out of body if you do this and another one is to conquer your fears this is the main reason why we cannot actual project we have fears that come mostly from our preconceived ideas from previous religions from previous ways of thinking from all sorts of psychological traumas that we might be going through or they we might have we might think that we don’t belong to any religion we might think that we have evolved to that point where you know we’re only spiritual and we’re not religious but if we find ourselves being afraid of going out of body it means that somewhere in our subconscious we still have some kind of ingrained Dogma in us and that’s perfectly normal the good thing is that we should realize that it is just dogma we should be on the path where we look for spiritual truths on our own while listening to others this is what this is what personally what I do I just I’m on my own path but I do keep an open mind and open ear to absolutely everyone so the fears will come from dogma if you come from a Christian background you might be told that this is work of the devil if you come from a Catholic background you might be told that this is that you’re gonna go to the lower Plains or even some Buddhists will tell you that this is some kind of our forms of wasting your time with just watching these images or they say that we should completely look for the stillness of the mind the word nothing is there which I kind of agree but now we’re not gonna get into that but we even Buddhism can be dogmatic this is why I don’t prescribe to any particular village and I don’t mean to go against any religion in particular astral travel and any religion to me is completely compatible but we do want to point to where the where the fears come from the fears come from the unknown we don’t know exactly what it is so we’re afraid and the fear also comes from what we are told about the unknown there’s a few things that we must realize there’s stuff that we don’t know and there’s stuff that we don’t know that we don’t know I don’t know we probably understand that there’s stuff that we don’t know and then there’s stuff that we don’t know that we don’t know so when you were about to astral travel you truly don’t know what’s gonna happen you’ve been told but you haven’t actually experienced it so this is where your fear comes from now we have to also be conscious of sensations many times we right before we’re about to astral travel some people will hear beautiful music some people like me for example we’ll have the vibrations other people will see visions we have to be conscious of these little sensations because they are actually like the platform or the trigger to an out of body experience or an astral travel now we’re gonna talk about the by actual vibrations we shouldn’t be afraid of them and talk about what they are a little bit we have to understand first that consciousness operates on certain frequencies now what do we mean by frequencies we mean at a certain rate of vibration that’s what a frequency actually is and consciousness will vibrate at a certain rate depending on on where we are on how aware we are and I give it in any given situation for example if we are extremely angry that consciousness is going to vibrate at a certain rate it’s going to have its particular signature now we can’t compare a consciousness when it’s in a state of anger to consciousness when it is in a state of calm or joy or or or happiness it’s a completely different vibration in the same way consciousness also has a certain vibration when we’re awake here in the physical realm and when we are in the astral realm or out of body consciousness has yet another frequency so what we want to do is we want to realize is like like it says right here’s consciousness goes from one body to the other I’m gonna show a little graphic here of our little friend that went to bed last night and now you see him sleeping there and you could say that the little little circles there right above him and then there’s the big word their vibrations this is what’s happening to the person when he’s vibrating when you feel those electric sensations up and down your spine what’s going on is that the consciousness is actually changing from one frequency to the frequency of the astral body now here we have a question what happens to the astral body when you fall asleep in the you know the astral body apparently comes out so this is why you feel the vibrations if you’re conscious of it now the question also I want to ask is what happens when you are awake here in the physical where is your astral body don’t go don’t go by what you’ve read don’t go by what other people have told you think about it for a moment and come to your own conclusion it’s very easy to read in a book where they tell you that your astral body is actually somehow inside your body we are not teaching them we are asking you to actually have the experience and come to your own conclusion because it could very well be that your consciousness right now is simply spread out through your physical body and vibrating at you’re at the physical level then when you go out of body your consciousness a part of your consciousness vibrates and heads toward the actual realm and that’s suddenly where the your astral body is created that could be a very much valid idea but that’s my particular idea but that doesn’t mean that that’s actually what’s going on I want you what we want you to do is to actually experience it for yourself and come up with your own conclusion now why would you want to come up with your own conclusion not so that we can say oh I’m right oh oh oh this is the way it is and then go around all over the world and then try to teach people no no not for that because when you when you start to come to your own conclusions you start to actually understand what’s going on for yourself and also since you do have an open mind like I have this idea right now that it’s not that you carry around your your astral body inside you it’s that your consciousness is actually projected into the astral realm and it’s actually sort of created every time that you vibrate your astral body I have that idea right now but in a future experience I might as well change that idea because I I might have another piece of the puzzle and you know that that might change so this is this is what we have come to now what’s actually gonna help us in all this is awakening now we we have to awake in both planes now what is awakening and and awakening is that state that you feel when you are wide awake conscious of yourself when you are aware that you actually exist when you sit down and and and actually say oh wow I’m here when you have that oval feeling that you’re actually here we have to have that same feeling in the astral plane many times we hear of people that have actual experiences or out of body experiences and they’re tremendously happy because they were actually able to go out of body and when they’re out of body you hear about stories about doing about people doing flips about people jumping in the air and just being a static that the fact that they were able to go out of body that’s awareness they were aware of themselves in the astral plane now when you’re aware of yourself here what does it feel like that’s the question that I want to ask what do you feel like when you’re actually aware here in the physical realm it now we also hear this phrase that we we awaken by living in the moment let’s seize the moment for now by using some exercise perhaps the exercises that we have or or that we have seen in the in the past a few weeks we observe our breath for example we observe the way we breathe we observe that moment in where we inhale and we exhale there’s a moment in between the inhaling and exhaling that little moment keeps to our mind it keeps drifting off keeps drifting off we can’t actually see it but our spirit or our consciousness can we can live this moment and in this moment we become aware consciousness is in the moment consciousness exists in the moment awareness Springs from the moment this is why we had that graph there that we did a few weeks ago awareness would spring from that consciousness we become aware that we are here and that we exist in this moment as soon as we start to think as soon as there’s a story as soon as that chatterbox comes in we’re not in the moment anymore being still does not mean being completely empty or completely void like we hear that the void or we’re not talking about that we’re talking about being in the moment about being here so this is what we wanted to they imagine if we could actually do this while being out of body the possibilities would be so amazing that we couldn’t even comprehend with awareness we can conquer almost anything so we hope that you have enjoyed this video we will be continuing this series we will also have a new video up very soon about the actual about some actual experiences that I had so look up for that and if you enjoyed these videos please make sure to hit subscribe and like so that we can have more videos like this in the near future thank you very much and until next time..

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  • Haha AFlooploop is freaking out. Yeah, the astral plain does have it’s dark corners but so does everything else, the dark space is a product of life. Everything must be balanced, and the astral plain is no different. AFlooploop is wrong, the astral plain contains vast amounts of knowledge and it can help you raise your consciousness.

  • I seem to have a block that I can’t muster out. =/ I’ve experienced everything up to the ecstasy of being “almost” there. But never quite making it… yet!!! 😀