The Astral Plane – What Is The Astral Plane? (Astral Projection)

So you’ve heard of Astral Travel, but what is the Astral Plane, or the Astral Planes? Are they other dimensions? Spiritual dimensions? Or something else entirely? In this video I talk about astral projection and the basics of the Astral Plane, so that you get a clear idea of what to expect when you Astral Project.

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the astral plane what is it where is it and why does it exist let’s talk a little bit about that hey guys welcome back to TIFF row it’s been Matt here and today I want to talk a little bit more about astral projection more specifically I want to talk about the astral plane what is the astral plane well the astral plane is essentially a name for the place that you go and your astral projecting the reason that it’s referred to as the astral plane is because essentially it’s believed by many to be a separate plane in existence rather than perhaps just being a sphere inside your mind like you go to in your dreaming a lot of people believe that when your astral projecting you actually are in some alternate plane in existence an alternate dimension perhaps now I’m not going to try and sway your views either way on this because honestly I don’t know whether this is actually a real other dimension or whether it’s all internal in the mind I don’t know I have my own views on that and I have mentioned these before in my audience astral projection video which I’ll link over there so you can check out and find my views on the subject and but basically the astral plane is something that’s been discussed for a long long time because astral projection isn’t something new you see the spiritual Mystics of old and thousands of years ago from various different traditions around the world have been taking these journeys for a long time you see all these talks of spiritual vehicle the macabre or some kind of soul chariot where the mystic is able to use this to leave their body and visit the heavens and these heavens what are these heavens well often they were spoken of as seven heavens and it’s number seven is interesting because seven is a prevalent number throughout spirituality what are there seven of there are seven sins in Christianity there are seven chakras there are seven heavens and there are seven seals in Revelations what is this number seven and why is it so important and what does it have to do with the astral plane well see this is where it gets interesting because if we correlate all these things together we can see that perhaps this number seven is actually referring to the same things so perhaps these seven shields of Revelations are actually the same as the seven chakras perhaps these seven sins and seven virtues are related to sins and virtues that affect each of the seven chakras so the chakras what do they have to do with astral projection well each chakra is essentially an energy center on the body it’s not necessarily like a specific physical part of the body but it is a series of functions that affect an area of the body that affects your mind so for example you have your root chakra at the bottom which is associated with grounding kind of connection to earth your feelings of safety and security and it’s also related to a lot of your bodily functions for example your sense of smell is related to the root chakra so you can see that this is they don’t necessarily correlate to where in the body they are completely because you no sense of smell doesn’t come from you no down no there but all of these energy centers they play a role in all of your spiritual experiences and astral projection is one of them now when we talk about astral projection the chakras depending on your views on astral projection and if you do believe that you’re actually leaving your body one of the common things that a lot of people report is that you actually leave your body via one of the energy centers each time you that you actually separate from your body you do it via one of the chakras so if you’re doing that then there’s seven different ways that you can separate from the body now do you see how this number seven is coming in and what I mentioned about seven heavens that these people were visiting in the past so perhaps depending on which chakra you actually leave the body via you are ending up in a different location one of these seven heavens so to speak so perhaps there are seven astral planes or related to each of these chakras and so we find on these different planes well it depends on our kind of level of spiritual evolution because you know if you are stuck in a state of low vibration you know you’re in a very fear based mindset you’re very negative and draining on people and stuff like that you’re going to come out based on that in a place that is very very similar to that is how you are with that particular chakra that you leave through is going to affect how you actually come out there you know if you if you perhaps go through the root chakra and your root chakra is experiencing problems you know you don’t feel safe you don’t feel secure you’re not grounded you’re very Airy and you know out there and then you’re going to end up in a place where you don’t feel secure you don’t feel safe where you have scared or you encounter you know negative entities that you know scare you and put you in danger so essentially the astral plane is in my opinion a reflection of the state of you spiritually at this moment when you go out you’re going to encounter a location appropriate for your spiritual development at that time you’re going to come to one that’s appropriate to the particular chakra that you leave through and there are various locations it’s not just one place we don’t know whether it’s a place internal to us we don’t know going to place external but either way there’s not just one place there are multiple planes and these planes are related very much to where you are in your spiritual journey when you encounter there is a reflection of what’s going on inside you so you can learn from that if you’re encountering negative experiences every time you ask for project that’s a sign that you have things in your life that you need to change and you need to work on now that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep astral projecting because perhaps by facing these things you’ll actually learn more about yourself and develop more on your journey so anyway that’s been a little bit about the astral plane and I hope that I can offer a unique perspective here because I hear people talking about the astral plane but I haven’t heard many people making the whole correlation and it’s weird because you know if you actually look at texts about astral projection and that forum you know hundreds of years ago a lot of them mention this concept because they’re the seven heavens for example that I mentioned were also correlated to the seven planets in astrology and because traditionally there are only seven planets talked about in astrology and each of these is related to one of the chakras each of these related to one of these planes you could visit one after projecting it’s been talking about for a long time but it seems kind of ignored in a minute so I’m curious what your thoughts are do you think that there are at least seven different planes for like the chakras do you think the chakras are even involved in astral projecting at all what are your thoughts shut them down in the comments below I’d love to hear anyway thank you for watching guys if you enjoyed the video and subscribe up there we’ve got regular biz come out every week and if you enjoyed the video leave a thumbs up if you have any comments or questions like the ones I just mentioned then leave them down below and if you want to keep watching check out the video linked on screen thanks for watching guys take care..


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  • I’ve been there, it’s awesome, it’s like floating in space and you can basically fly around like Superman 🙂 only thing is you are connected to your physical body by a silver string between your belly buttons so you can’t fly far away otherwise the string will break and you would be stuck there, in a kind of limbo, because it’s hard for a novice spirit to adjust to the idea that you are the space itself in a sense and your physical body on Earth would go into coma and you could die so that kinda sucks, to get there it’s very easy for anyone to do it, all you have to do is write down your dreams every time you wake up, after a while you will find a pattern in your dreams meaning that you dream same stuff sometimes 3-4 times a week after a while of doing that, you will reach a point where you can make conscious decisions in your dreams, meaning you are aware that you are a sleep and conscious (truly awake) at the same time and you are able to change your dream, at this moment the magic happens, let say you dream of your house and this is a repeating dream but before you couldn’t control you movements because you were never conscious, there is usually a door you want to open in the house but every time you try to open it, you normally wake up, but this time you stay a sleep and conscious and behind the door is the Great Yonder the infinite space and wisdom, in my dream I opened the door to my own room and saw my physical body deep a sleep in my bed from a bird eye view, than I was focused on the silver thread that connected my physical body to my spiritual body, I looked up and there I was in the astral plane, it felt warm and familiar nothing scary at all, just a bit weird, but as I felt pulling me up and ive seen the silver thread stretching I panicked because I knew if it was to snap, there was a chance that I would never see my family again if i stayed longer, so I woke up and jumped out of my bed cause I was so excited by the fact that i was allowed, I’ll forever be grateful oh Great Spirit. I believe there are many guiding spirits inside astral plane that are very wise but they are hard to find because space is a really vast and they don’t like to waste time and energy on a novice spirit because they are usually really busy doing really important stuff. Anyway TC and be careful.

  • Jeesh, i’ll admit he should work on his look but are you guys here for information or to bash on the guys appearance ?