The Secrets Of Astral Projection – Powerful Lucid Dreaming Techniques

The Secrets Of Astral Projection – Powerful Lucid Dreaming Techniques

There are many Hidden Secrets to Astral Projection and the OBE experience the information of astral projection and travelling the astral plane is mainly watered down in this video I give some really powerful potent techniques that will get you to the next level in the astral realm . Lucid dreaming is something that occurs naturally for some but many of us have to keep our diets in order for maximum benefits . If you liked this video please subscribe to this channel .

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

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this is tre I’m backing in one another video today I’m gonna do a video on the secrets of astral projection during this video because a lot of you have looked into astral projection a lot of you who have paid money for information on astral projection and you’ve applied the information and you still were not able to astral project okay some of you might not may not necessarily have paid for information but you’ve read something and you still weren’t able to do it and the thing I’m doing this video because a lot of you come up short because the information that you’re reading on an astral projection is watered down on purpose a lot of people that are adept in this science with whole the information because it makes them more powerful it gives them that that little edge over you I’m not in today so I’m gonna give you the science I’m gonna show you how this is done and I’m gonna explain the metaphysics on how to properly do this okay so one you speak of astral projection we’re talking about the ability to going through the astral realm and move about at will okay that’s astral projection that’s proper astral projection some of you we all going into that realm okay some of you depending on your zodiac alignment and the Stars can move out well regardless so you’re good but most of you cannot so random things happen okay and a lot of you don’t really see the importance of interacting in the astral realm the astral realm is 10 times more important in this realm because this realm is very temporary all of us are gonna die one day so what we’re at now is temporary that’s one to average human does not stay awake for more than 48 hours straight so we are permanently going into the astral realm okay so a place that we’re permanently going into is 10 times more important then where we are at now so I really want you to understand the importance of that realm ok this realm is about a lot of spiritualists okay by a lot of elevated ways of thinking is an illusion so it might be a good idea to get into the astral realm and get into what that’s all about okay so when it comes to astral projection the first thing that we have to master is the diet we gotta master our diet because we have to prepare our body for travel we have to prepare our body for regular astral travel and the only way we can do that is if we’re eating electric alkaline food unless we’re eating raw Qi energy so that would be chlorophyll water that will be chlorella that will be blue green algae that would be spirulina okay we need to eat straight sunlight okay we have to consume electricity to prepare our bodies to be able to go into the astral realm and interact for extended periods of time to have total control of ourselves while we’re in that trance state okay so that’s one diet okay as always they cut out meat cut out milk cut out anything dealing with calcium okay we want to eat raw organic food straight sunlight okay now the real secret with astral projection because a lot of you can’t pull it off properly and the thing that’s gonna work for everybody is your ability to not eat anything okay so if you confess from for one to three days if you cannot consume anything but water one to three days I can promise you even if you’re a novice you will be able to astral project the lighter your diet the less you consume into your body the more you’ll be able to go into the other realm okay because a lot of what we consume starch me these are blockage these are blockages the that creates blockages in our ability to astral travel so the quickest way to get off of that and a lot of you already have blockages so the quickest way to wing that out is to fast fasting is not easy for a lot of people it’s challenging but it’s definitely worth it okay you have to eat light if you if you’re gonna anyone whom astral projects regularly I can promise you they don’t eat a lot of food so you have to eat light okay or you have to straight up fast one two three days you’ll get used to that just you learn how to Sun gaze and then you might be able to go for a week straight fasting and then you will be able to astral project at will okay um a lot of you are like on the brink of the next level right there you know you feel stagnant you you know you like okay I know I can go deeper but where is that that’s the astral realm okay that’s the astral realm okay for most of you you know if you’ve seen the movie Avatar you know you know so you know you’re one state you know you’re no waking state and then go to sleep in your hole in a hole totally different world but you’re interacting in that world and you know exactly what’s going on in that world that is the next layer of elevation for you okay so be enter to be able to interact in the physical realm and to be able to go to sleep and go into the astral realm and to be able to interact and understand exactly what’s going on once you are well acquainted with how to do that you reached that next layer that you need it to reach okay then it’s not easy but it’s doable okay so another thing okay so we we covered the diet now I’m gonna cover sound okay so astral projection and you know we have what’s called the theta in the Delta State okay which is not the awakened state so if you can get your self to the theta into the and into the Delta state you can go into the astral realm okay um an ancient spirituality we just called that trance it’s the same exact thing Oh so listen to binaural beats that puts you in the theta state and binaural beats that puts you in a delta state okay inbox me for the proper binaural beats because I see that some of these vulnerable beats are not exactly theta and Delta so inbox me and I’ll guide you to the correct binaural beats okay you want to listen to that every single night every single night you don’t take any nights off for a month you want to eat properly okay no meat for a month straight before you even even consider the possibility of astral projection okay no sound is very important and then the last thing okay is the crystals that you deal with right so you know when I was when I hear of astral projection a lot of people were bringing up a mat this thing course no deal with the mystical rocks okay deal with meteorite okay you want some meteorite okay you want um now this is definitely gonna work Sedona Red Rocks to only get them in Sedona Arizona you know a shout out to my man here we Hutchinson ill for giving me this sending these to me because these have been able to take me into the astral realm every single night with no problem on the first night okay whether you advanced or novice these Red Rocks from Sedona are the bomb so inbox me and I’ll try to get them to you but you need mr. cool rocks meteorites okay I don’t deal with the regular crystals moldavite that’s another good one most of my oil and also the moldavite meteorite okay so you you need to deal with intergalactic crystals okay see the thing with the Sedona Red Rocks is Sedona these are vortex rocks you know everyone living in Sedona experienced UFO sightings and you know they go into these vortexes so we need to deal with alchemy we need to deal with these elements and able to go into other dimensions and you know the last thing I want to talk about when it comes to astral projection secrets is for those of you who like to drink cracking okay cracking black spiced rum okay it’s made of eleven secret herbs all of these herbs are alkaline and if you are a drinker drink that and I can guarantee you it will take you into the ash to round so yeah those are my secrets those are my secrets apply them okay you’re not gonna get this information anywhere people are really trying to lock this information down I’m not down with that okay so you know where to find me seven sage metaphysics calm royal bloodline seven calm like this video subscribe share it share it we need more people astral projected all right peace..


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  • last night I was trying to go to sleep but my uncle from out of town was watching TV in the living room talking and yelling at the TV I was wide awake and I felt vibrations next thing you know I’m in the living room and I yelled shut the f**k upppppp !!!! then I was back in bed the next day he said you have a ghost in your house I seen a crazy orb thing floating and it told me to shut the f**k up .

  • Thank you so much, very good info, fasting is very challenging to the point where my ass past out in the grocery store today… LOL. I ll get it together. TFS

  • This actually very wild and accurate as fuck! I had a dream I seen myself in another perspective. I knew it was my higher self and subconscious!! I couldn’t tell whether it was my ancestors or an older version of myself. It gave me a crazy sense of deja vu, but it made me realize who I am, where i’m from and that I need to do my best in life for the foundation of my family. I had stopped meditating a little bit because I was scared of the creepy vibrations around my room and made me realize if my loved ones go with me to this astral world in the after life? I didn’t want to be alone in this universe. And that’s where i’m at right now, Currently doing research but trust me it is real.