The Universe Is A Mental Projection Of Your Own Consciousness

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your body is a creation of your mind your world is a creation of your thoughts and our universe is the collective creation of independent bubbles of consciousness contained within the mind of God there is no out there out there the mind the consciousness and the soul are not contained within the body the planet in the universe the body the planet in the universe are contained within the mind the consciousness and the soul you are the eternal consciousness that is the source of all consciousness experiencing life through the filter the lens of the experiences you are exposed to in this temporary experience this mental construction when you have forgotten that you are the very force animating the world around you the characters you interact with and the experiences you have I am you experiencing life through my eyes and humor me experiencing life through your eyes together we explore this holographic meditative mental universe existing only within the one consciousness that is within all consciousness there is no physical universe what our senses perceive as reality only exists as electromagnetic waves within your mind the body did not create and does not contain the mind our minds have created the body and contain all we see taste touch smell and hear the external is internal the universe is a manifestation of ourselves we are the characters in the dream of the mind of the all simultaneously creating and forgetting that we are the force that brought the universe into existence it is a story that was written long ago before time began with multiple outcomes realities and universes we are simply viewing the story from a limited perspective from one specific person in one specific reality with one specific destiny this does not mean that you do not have free will you just have to understand that you have already made the choices we are here to understand why we have made the choices to get a better understanding of our collective self every decision that has ever been made or ever will be made is a split between new realities both timelines continue on their path with more choices along the way it is like an endless tree within this branches we experience reality like a drop of water that follows the path from the soil through the roots up the trunk into the leaves and branches one drop of water can only take one path what we identify as the self the sense of me is the drop of water but what we truly are is the consciousness that holds all the water we are the tree that contains the pass we are the water that takes the pass and we have forgotten we are both you cannot change the path your life is going to take because you have already made all your choices but you can control how it makes you feel and learn the lessons you wish to learn when you made your decision to experience becoming a drop of water on a specific path and forget that you were at the tree the physical universe is an illusion a mental construct can created within the mind of the all we are all the characters in this dream we call universe constructed and animated by the mind of the all intentionally forgetting our true nature to test our consciousness of our own immortality I am all that I see you are all that you see I am you you are me and we are one separation is an illusion the absolute truth is that there is only one of us here the relative truth is that there are many individuals of consciousness there is no need to fear death or anything else because you are not your body and no real harm can ever come to you you..

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  • All truth. All of this is what I have come to realize this over my last seven years of truth seeking.

    “It does not require a large eye to see a large mountain.

    The reason is that, though the eye is small, the soul which sees through it is greater and vaster than all the things which it perceives. In fact, it is so great that it includes all objects, however large or numerous, within itself.

    For it is not so much that you are within the cosmos as that the cosmos is within you.”

    Meher Baba