The Wake Back To Bed Method For Astral Projection – 3 Easy Steps

The Wake Back To Bed Method For Astral Projection – 3 Easy Steps

My name is Tara Nova, Im here to help you navigate through your spiritual awakening! Youre a SPIRITUAL BEING having a human experience, learn how to step into your POWER and free yourself from fear-based beliefs & past emotional pain!

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.


Ive been through it all! After losing my parents at a young age I suffered from DEPRESSION, ANXIETY and Feeling SUICIDAL for 15 years! I was able to RECOVER from this trauma and heal myself in a short period of time after I had a kundalini awakening, that helped me to find a way out of suffering!

Now Im SHARING all my knowledge and techniques to HELP YOU create wholeness on all levels of your being! Return to your natural state of WELL-BEING, a state that NEVER left you and is WAITING FOR YOU underneath of layers of false beliefs and EMOTIONAL PAIN!!!

I teach kundalini awakening meditation, astral projection and do powerful shadow work/chakra healing sessions!

Thank you so much for watching!

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hi I’m Tara Nova from easy Kundalini comm in this video I want to teach you the perfect back to bad method the perfect wig back to bad technique it is going to be a step by step guide that will help you to improve your astral projection skills and if you do really all the steps then there will be a very very high chance that you will be able to have an astral projection experience ok let’s do this so what you’re going to do is before you go to bed you set your alarm to wake you up in the middle of the night you can experiment with the time like how many hours you need to sleep to be able to have a projection it is usually between two hours of sleep and six hours of sleep now it is going to happen is you will wake up because of the alarm now comes the most difficult part to really leave the bed it is so difficult because if you only slept a few hours you’re still very tired and sleepy and this is the step where most of the people give up and I give up so many times like thinking whatever I want to continue to sleep but if you really really want to project then you have to be strong and really leave the bed so I’m going to tell you two things that can motivate you to leave the bed the number one thing is that you put your alarm clock or your mobile phone if you use your mobile phone to wake you up a little bit away from the bat so you have to literally leave the bat wake up to turn off the alarm the second thing that you can do is to drink a lot of water or whatever you would like to drink before you go to sleep so drink a tall glass of water for example and then go to sleep what is going to happen is when the alarm goes off you wake up you’re going to feel that you need to go to the bathroom so this will additionally motivate you to leave the bed now becomes the second step after you laughed about it it is very very important to do something for at least half an hour up to an hour I wouldn’t stay awake for longer than an hour because then it is going to be a little bit more difficult to relax again to get back into a this perfect state of consciousness that will help you to have a projection and based on my personal experience if I stay up too long then it’s that then I have to do the technique longer for example the rope technique then I have to do it longer this step is so important because after you were able to leave the bed your mind and your body are on the same level they are both tired now we have to bring up the mind we have to wake up and back to body you will still stay in a tired stage this will help you so much when you start to do your technique because you have to be as aware as awake as possible but your body has to be as relaxed and tired as possible so this is the perfect way to achieve this state now I’m going to list some things that you can do during this time during this half an hour or up to an hour you can watch something watch a video or turn on the TV if you watch too deep or you can read something these are some things you can do when you are not able to leave your room for example if you don’t want to wake up people that are living with you but if you are able to leave the room without waking anybody up or if you live live alone then you can go into the kitchen and eat something go to the bathroom and put some water on your face or another thing that is very very effective but a little bit difficult is to leave your home is to go outside what can motivate you to do this as to if you have a dark this this is something that I did a lot of times is to go outside with the dark and go for a walk with the dark a little bit and then fresh air and nature will help you to get more where will help you to wake up will have your mind to wake up but your body will still be tired ok now comes the last we go back too bad what can help you understand is to number one start your Esther projection technique at a different location so in a different room if you are not able to go into a different room then just switch around your usual sleeping position so that your head is where your legs are normally the second thing that is very very helpful and was kind of a game changer for me is to put multiple pillows behind your back so you are like almost in a sitting position so it’s like the pillows are here and you are laying like this this is such an art and different position from your usual sleeping position and your mind will be more likely to not associate this position with sleeping so you will be able to stay on there stay awake if you are doing your astral projection technique okay and that’s it now you can start doing your astral projection technique the Rope technique or whatever technique you like to use if you would like to get more personal advice and guidance from me then just visit my website after link in the description below and I thank you so much for watching and see you soon good bad ..


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  • Thank you for great information 🙂 Could you tell,how many minutes in avarage it usually takes you to unclutch from your body? ( I mean this vizualising part) ?

  • thanks!. I have searched so many and send many e-mails to different people, but I always got the same answer. or I’m too young, or they do not want to do it online, and I live in Belgium and she usually in America or something, or it’s just too expensive, I’ll definitely let you know if it works 🙂 and I have watched your videos but the big problem is I’ve always known that this is a problem, I have ADD, which means that I am very quickly distracted and that makes it very difficult to focus on meditation. and very difficult to do the rope technique