Top 3 Astral Projection Methods! (Proven To Work)

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what is up guys and welcome back to quois corner if you enjoyed this video make sure to LIKE subscribe and leave me a comment letting me know why so last month we did a video regarding the top three lucid dreaming methods you can find up here and I figured now that you’ve had some time to maybe practice those we can go ahead and jump into the top three astral projection methods that you can use at home as a beginner or an intermediate or somebody who’s been doing them for a long time and just apply them to your life and hopefully they work and hopefully you can enjoy them as much as I personally do when I take part in these astral projections now the first one we’re going to be going over is something known as the latter method which was invented by Robert Bruce but this method to begin we need to lie down in a completely relaxed state with it as quiet as it can possibly be as a dark as it can possibly be and for us physically to be as relaxed as we can possibly be this is just so that when going into the tassle projection or when trying to get our body into the trance like state it is a lot easier when there’s less noise and less stuff going on in general next we’re going to want to start breathing in deeply endure our nose out through our mouth for about 45 seconds and these are going to be pretty big heavy breaths and this is just to get the blood flowing so we can kind of feel our physical body when we start and understand where it sits once we’ve taken these breaths we then want to lay still for about 4 to 5 minutes with our intention focus right on where a third eye would be just for the end of the mouth out of the nose very peacefully and focusing again four or five minutes right on where a third eye would be located laying flat facing straight up once you are laying there for a couple of minutes start to envision a ladder hanging down from an endless point far away in the sky right in front of where your arms would be if you lifted them up which leads to the final step without moving is to imagine your arms lifting up out of your body and grabbing this ladder and climbing up it your asheville arms climbing up and that’s really all it is you simply lay there in business ladder and in perfect detail what texture it is how far apart you know the handrails are and you’re just pulling yourself up this ladder with your astral arms while continuously focusing on it for long as it takes until your body pops out and this can take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes to even an hour in some cases but it does work if you stick with it and continue climbing this ladder next is the most popular and most well known astral projection method arguably in the world due to it being formed and taught by mr. Robert Monroe himself who is the assumed father of out of body projections and out of body experiences this is the method he used but it is a little more complicated but I promise it doesn’t work again like the last one lay down have it be as quiet as possible as noiseless as possible and as a dark as possible now again take a couple deep breaths and then focus on a single point of interest focus on one single point it can be a color a shape a sound and object keep that item in your mind and let nothing else disturb it any other thought that comes up any other thing that comes up besides this one point of interest let it fade away and continue to focus on the certain point of interest for about 5 to 10 minutes now this is where it gets a little complicated but if you bear with me I promise it works what you want to do is while you’re laying there imagine this point of interest being about 10 inches away from your forehead floating in the air right in front of where you would be looking if you had your eyes closed which you will during this process now what you want to do is very very slowly over the course of a few minutes is move this point of interest until it’s roughly 5 feet above your head then what you want to do and what mr. Monroe talked about but it was kind of hard to discern is you essentially take this point of interest which is now while you’re lying flat 5 feet above you and take it 90 degrees backwards till it’s above your head so this point of interest should now be completely above your head after taking it from the front all the way to the back by about 5 feet and you hold it there and you focus on it intently now what’s going to happen is while you’re holding this focus on this point that’s roughly 5 feet above your head while you’re lying down you’re going to feel a certain spot in your mind of intense focus of a little maybe a little bit of sensitivity of vibrations of some odd sense that kind of sticks out compared to the rest of your head and what you want to do then is focus not only intently on the point above you but the point in your mind as well where you can feel that vibration and over the next five to 10 minutes pull that point from above your head to the exact point where you’re feeling that vibration in your mind and then you hold that point in the same point as this vibration and if you do that you’ll start to feel it expand across your body and when it does you simply envision this vibration wiping down your body so from the top of your head to the end of your toes you imagine yourself pushing this vibration through your entire body about 5 to 10 times after you do this after you’ve kind of encase your body in these vibrations all you do then is envision your astral body while you’re laying there as if it was lifting and rising out of your physical body and after you do this again this last step with almost all last steps can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 minutes you’re just continuously while this vibration is kind of pulsing through your body envision this astral body lifting and eventually it will do so you’ll feel that pop and you’ll be in the astral realm and the final method and arguably the easiest for beginners besides the rope method which I did in my first astral projection video which is up here this one works wonders because it’s so simple so as always lay down have it be quiet have it be very very dark have your whole body be relaxed but also this is a cool method because you can do it in a recliner or laying on your couch you don’t have to be like completely flat on your bed with no contact you can do this in more of a client positions as well because of the method it uses what you want to do first much like in meditation is focus on the points of your body the extremities of your bodies where you can feel contact with whatever you’re laying on so if I’m laying there I want to focus on the back of my head my back my legs my heels my elbows my hands where they’re all kind of touching the bed or the couch we’re on and then I want to mentally wipe this area away so my physical body is kind of engrained with whatever I’m laying on it’s one they combine and sense mentally and then just like the Monro method we want to envision a single point of focus within the mind you can be the third eye or anything you can think of and hold that point of focus for about 10 to 20 minutes until you start feeling these vibrational senses come about your body the last step once you feel these vibrational senses start to take over start to encase your body you want to imagine where you’re laying right now and start rocking and you rock slowly but not physically your physical body doesn’t rock you start imagining your astral body rocking would be a better way to say it slowly at first imagine where they would be looking imagine what it would look like to rock back and forth with your astral body and then start turning as much as you can while you’re rocking and after a couple minutes of this imagine your astral body rocking all the way out or rolling completely out of your physical body and into the astral realm and continue to do this imagine is rolling out rolling out rolling out until you feel that pop and your astral body does in fact roll out of your physical body once you’ve done this well LOD you have entered the astral realm and you can enjoy it as you please but those really are the top three my personal and a lot of people I know as well as methods to astral projection again astral projection is a very subjective experience something’s still not proven in science but it’s been documented and done by thousands if not tens of thousands of people worldwide and it’s not too difficult it just takes a lot of effort to get into it at first but once you get it it’s one of those things that does change your life so I hope that can help if you enjoyed this video or want to see more make sure to like subscribe and leave a comment below if you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer them and as always I will see you guys next time thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed I want to help me create more click right here to donate and feel free to check out all my other content your support means the world to me and it’s part of what keeps me doing what I do..

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  • I did this the other night guys,and I felt the vibration it was scary I thought no and tried to wake myself up and had sleep paralysis

  • Honestly after watching Dr Strange i realized i need to get my ass to the astral realm asap.

    Dear Koi i will definitely be trying these methods, i think i have felt those vibrations you spoke about but it’s always been such a crazy sensation that its hard to keep my focus and just let them happen, and also the sensation of forgetting or not feeling your body’s contact with the surface of the bed or where I’m lying, I’ve felt that but i had no idea where to go from there, will definitely give it a go tonight