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hi guys making around JCCC and also we covered six reasons as to why you possibly could be having trouble astral projecting today we’ll be covering the rest of the thirteen reasons with the next seven reasons as to why you’re having trouble astral projecting so reason number seven you’re waiting you’re waiting the objective here is to shift your mindset into a mindset that you’ve never even experienced before by utilizing little shifts within your mind sets which have been reinforced by the practice of certain steps within your method in order for you to fall into this new mindset this new shift of consciousness which will allow you to experience an astral projection you cannot do that if your headspace is in the headspace of waiting anticipation just sitting there like this when you anticipate when you wait that’s a new headspace it’s completely different from the headspace that you need to be and therefore you’re never going to astral project if you’re constantly waiting on it if anything it would pay off a lot better in the long run if you just paid attention to the mindsets that you were previously in during the practice of the specific steps of any technique that you’re doing number eight you’re possibly on stimulants here’s the weird thing not just the classic stimulant that you hear of all the time on health shows and TV such as sugars saturated sugars which keep you really awake and buzzed also neglecting reading the ingredients on the food labels therefore not realizing how much sugar you’re actually in taking it’s not just the stimulants dealing with caffeine in the sugar and not you can realize that there’s actually more caffeine in tea than there is in coffee especially the PG tipps after I was done drinking half of my mug of tea back in the day when I used to drink tea I was thinking about making another one that is when I noticed that I was addicted to team when you’re drinking tea and you’ll think about making another tea and you haven’t even finished the remaining tea left in the mug it’s a problem that could also contribute towards you not as predicting maybe you’re just too dosed up on tea especially if you live in London it’s kind of a cultural thing to drink a lot of tea and eat a lot of scones or bread and toast beans on toast sausage and mash pies if you’re from Britain you know exactly what I’m talking about not just these stimulants but also Facebook always talking about Facebook like everybody else again no Facebook TV stimulants that demand your time a stimulant is anything that excites you okay not just mentally on a biological level but also emotionally if you’re emotionally excited adrenaline courses throughout your veins okay for example always wanting to know what the next episode of The Vampire Diaries is on your Netflix account okay that excites you you’re checking all the time those distractions are stimulants and when you remove those stimulants your body psychologically and physiology changes so much so that it’s no longer anticipating future potential excitement triggers within your own surroundings therefore you always inner alack stained internally so you’ll need to get rid of these external causes of stimulation within your body your emotional body your mental body and even your physical body that will help you when it comes to astral projection because then you won’t always be wired to stay awake not only that but it will help with your arcadion rhythms you’ll be able to get to sleep on time and wake up on time this isn’t included in the tips one we’ll talk about it now because it just came to mind brilliant should change the title to 14 sleep is very important when it comes to astral projection if you haven’t had an adequate amount of sleep then your body and your mind won’t be rested enough so that it can stay aware during your astral projection technique okay at the end of that technique you need to be a certain level of awareness your mentality is to be alert to a certain degree if you’re mentally stressed or drained you’re gonna fall asleep you’re not going to be able to astral project and that could possibly be due to the fact that you are up way too late watching things on TV or working then you wake up in the morning drained then you go to astral project expecting to leave your body then it doesn’t happen your arcade rhythms need to be perfect okay now if you’re working too much to a point where you can’t get into that you know way of being when you’re always fine you always alert you’re always rested perfectly a perfect balance so but we can have an out of body experience what days can you rest or can you get an adequate amount of sleep try it out on those days and those days only otherwise booked time off work that’s why you sitting when I still have somebody else out put about two weeks of work and then just astral project where are you going are you going on a holiday they would say oh kind of man oh I’m just gonna stay in my bed just gonna relax at home not really gonna go anywhere that you would know of really intent so yeah guys just a tip this could help this will help it’s helped me out with in my past get over that blockage I guess that issue that I was having when it comes to astral projection it helped me experience the art of leaving the body enough times to the degree that I could then pull from that experience Sitapur well I no longer have to do techniques to leave my body I can just go so you need to build enough experience so you can experience this or at least so that you can remember that headspace allowing you to trigger it at a later day of time your future your best self leaving the body whenever you want so number nine for left to go people are over eating before the Astra project if you you’re not going to astral project at all it’s really heavy it drains your energy you just feel really lethargic you cannot be asked to stay disciplined within your practices no matter what it is you just want to go to sleep and that’s because your physical body needs time it needs to shut off all of these other functions of your body so that it can put all of its energy and focus towards digesting the food that you’ve just eaten especially if it’s something heavy like bread grains flour Chinese food Pizza stuff like that it’s going to use up a lot of energy within your body to digest your food therefore you’re not going to have enough energy reserves in order to think to shift your awareness to achieve astral projection don’t eat before you rest your project you can drink something but you’re in something small so that you don’t have to gulps go to loo because then you’ll be fine over ten people aren’t taking this practice serious enough remember earlier where I talked about me booking time off work would you do that would you book time off work or would you rather use that time book of work to go on holiday maybe a road trip yeah maybe repaint or decorate the house anything else but astral projection the reason why people think that way is because they honestly don’t believe that astral projection is that important they’re putting other things in a replacement of astral projection because they believe that that other thing has more value to them then leaving the body fly on space having an expanded awareness knowing how things work doesn’t make sense when I put it like that that’s because they’re not thinking about what astral projection could potentially give to them what it could allow them to experience therefore they’ll always prefer the experience of something else that they already know has some sort of value maybe fishing they’ll rather go on a fishing trip because they know that they can catch fish therefore it’s guarantee that they’ll win or succeed in that endeavor whereas astral projection is more of a hit or miss you may do it but you may not so how serious are you do you believe that you could do it again do you want to invest your time coupled with the belief that you could potentially stumble upon something a game changer which will allow you to your body so that you can astral project do you want to do that or do you want to go see Craig watched on TV Netflix and chill right so how serious are you if you’re not that serious you can get serious just think about what it could give to you what you can experience how different you’ll be once you come out of the astral projection once you come back to 3d the shift within your consciousness the personality change how that change is going to impact your decision making within this reality to the point where you’re no longer Stressless you’re no longer acting out when people are triggering you getting over your issues seeing how to become more independent more abundant step into your best version or remain how you are with what you’ve already got number eleven people are looking at this practice as if it’s like baking a cake these people were way too logical okay it doesn’t matter how perfect of a technique you follow if you’re too perfect you’re going to fail because each technique needs to be taught to an individual in a way where it meets their needs everyone’s attention span is different therefore you should be focusing on certain things within certain techniques for a certain period of time uniquely adapted to you if you know you could focus for long periods of time then you can do certain techniques for longer periods of time if you know that you can’t do it for a certain period of time then stop otherwise if somebody’s telling you to do a step for like 20 minutes and you know that you can’t focus for that long because it takes up too much mental energy you become tired you become exhausted you’ll lose focus then you’ll fall asleep later on when you try to initially astral project so it’s not like baking a cake don’t look at it like that at all know yourself or in other words know thyself and adapt any technique to your own specific needs and try to increase your attention span I’ve talked about this performer channel whenever you’re excited about something you pay more attention to it so before you actual project maybe do some groundwork right lay the foundation look into other people who have also asked your projected and they realize what’s possible for you because they’ve also experienced it that will cause you to wonder get excited therefore that excitement will feel your meditation just don’t get too excited know what I mean which gets me into my next reason reason number 12 people are too used to encouraging excitement we’re told from a young age how to do that okay jump scares in movies get excited adrenaline rush is a little bit of fear it feels good right for a while the relief ah it’s not real you’re not your friend next unison Marci however then you’ll go and watch another movie the following day even or maybe you’ll come home and plug in the scary movie right thrill seekers adrenaline junkies also do the same thing each time they do something is for the excitement so we chase excitement we want to feel excited that’s a problem with astral projection because we want to get excited when we’re flying in the astral realm we also get excited about how excited we’re going to be once we initially leave the body you’ll see why that’s a problem because once you get excited again same as with the waiting it’s different headspace it’s a different mindset which is completely different to the mindset you need to be in in order to astral project so how would you get over this well you’d want to unlearn everything or in other words don’t give yourself a reason to be excited the way I did it if I find myself becoming excited I would say to myself okay well now that I’m excited there’s no way I’m going to actually get because the last time I tried and I got excited I failed knowing that I failed in that moment automatically diminishes my excitement levels well I still sit there just in case and then I would often leave my body the last time I did this I was around about 16 when I finally push past my excitement I woke up and my bed covers were pink I was in a completely different reality where things were different when black carpet was blue so your experience after you get over your excitement will be different most likely if not your room will be completely clean that’s just how it is in the ass program now number 13 it’s not for me excuse oh man be honest with yourself I have also gone through this with me I tried telekinesis and I thought oh this isn’t for me I’ve got the ability of astral projection obviously I’m just supposed to be doing that right new no matter of fact within my younger childhood I have experienced moving things with my Chi if that’s what you want to call it or with my mind I’m not quite sure what it is I haven’t perfected it but I have experienced times within my past where I’ve done other abilities and yet I could still watch your project so I’ve obviously got more than one and yet I decided to lean on my astral projection ability because it made me feel good rather than feeling bad every time I failed at something else okay so it is just a psychological thing I wanted to feel some sort of level of accomplishment so I just actually projected rather than continuing the pursuit of another ability and a lot of people out there are doing the same thing they’ve got other abilities maybe they’re a clairvoyant maybe they can see the future which is the same thing maybe they can read auras maybe they’re telepathic maybe they’re empathic making few people’s emotions rather than learning a new skill they will prefer to lean or what they could already do you can do wonders trust me you’re supposed to have every ability under the Sun we’re all supposed to be able to do things so never doubt yourself never just lean on something else it’s only good to go back to what you can do when you get frustrated with something that you’re having trouble with as a little break I say to a lot of people if you haven’t talked about astral projecting take about a week to two weeks where you’re not doing anything not attempting astral projection allow yourself to recuperate rejuvenate your energies just to be fine mentally psychologically stress levels back to zero okay and then try to astral project your success rate will peak be patient with this you’ll be able to leave your body once you understand what you’re doing wrong I’m Ryan JC Ryan James cropper if you want to know how to astral project maybe you need the full course then go over to Ryan croppers at pommes I’ve got the full course there I do tend to expand on that if you’ve got the full course already and you haven’t looked at it for a while go back over there because I’ve recently updated a video where I’ve added a Skype consultation while teaching somebody how to astral project and I put that clip it about 30 minutes and I added it to the additional information within the course okay because a lot of people can’t ask me questions during the courses so I decided to upload a video where somebody is asking me questions and I’m responding back to them that coupled with these videos you’re going to be able to at reject at some point i’m ryan JC ryan james cropper subscribe to my channel for more videos like this check out round cards friends the Facebook group where people discuss how to Astra project and their techniques and their progression within that area of expertise and let’s be to guys pretty soon peace..

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  • I’ve been trying to astral project using the rope method every night for 9 months now and Im not even sure if I’ve gotten to the vibrational stage. Somebody please help me I really want to give up and nobody has helped me yet

  • Recently my excitement is my problem, I really do have to try to unlearn everything. Anytime I start making progress and start inducing astral projection I get excited and it all shuts down, I will succeed though.

  • That’s a great point about having enough sleep during astral projection. There have been many times where I’ve gotten out of body, only to fall into a dream from astral because I wasn’t rested enough to maintain my wakeful awareness. There are also times where I’m so tired that I forget my astral experiences the next day despite having sufficient clarity during the experience.

  • I got to the vibrating stage, and my heart rate went up like mad. is that Normal? I got scared and opened my eyes. is astral projection even real tho. like can the vibrations have a scientific explanation. and astral projection is bs? if u have astral projected, tell me plz and tell me a few tips

  • So it’s weird. I know I’ve astral projected before, when i was younger and even when i don’t intend to, but now that i’m trying to, i get to the point of feeling/hearing vibrations, feeling movement in my head and like a weird pressure on my chest. It’s like I can feel my astral body trying to move out of my physical body but i just can’t move it, no matter how hard I try. Any one had this and/or any advice?