Visiting Other Planets During Out Of Body Experience ( Astral – Projection ) – Luis Minero

Luis Minero graduated in chemistry with honors; and has been an instructor and researcher with IAC since 1996.

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

Luis has over 20 years of personal experience with paranormal phenomena, and is interviewed regularly on radio and TV programs throughout the world.

He is the author of the book Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience and as a researcher has published many papers on projectiology and conscientiology

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realization or you know no not specifically but what I have seen is beings that have been being born in other planets so this is also something an eye opening you have out of body experiences we are obviously very used to our physical body and to be born in this planet and of course there is the inquiry is there life beyond this physical planet and how would it look like right so what we realize when you have out of body experiences you’re starting from the beginning is first of all that we’re not so much a human being but we are a soul a spirit we sometimes say with consciousness and we are using the physical body at this moment for having experiences or spiritual development of people like to call it but just like weekly use this physical body for the purpose other souls or other experience they use other physical bodies in other planets for that purpose and then they also become conditioned that they use those other physical bodies so when they have our funny experiences or when they pass away their astral body looks like that other body from that other planet just like ours you know looks like this one here so for example if us both were to use the body right now something interesting I always mentioned this because it’s a good example of conditioning of habits if we were both to leave our body right now you would see me with glasses not because my astral body needs a lens to help him correct the light it doesn’t this is just my weak genetics but it’s more than anything because my habit is I look like this I wear my glasses all the time I wore them since my first days in college and I actually like women so so this is my appearance if you see me on say the body you see me like this and then other people also become conditioned to their appearance so you find them outside the body and there you see different shapes obviously obviously they don’t speak the same physical languages that we speak so we communicate more telepathically with those individuals they sometimes look a little humanoid in the sense that they have for example four limbs or four extremities a head and trunk but sometimes not sometimes it’s a little bit different so you you know that they are there usually I would say no so that people don’t get the wrong idea when you have a body experiences here most of all most of the earth body experiences you’re going to find people who were born here in the physical reality so you find human beings or look human or the restoration say better and that is mainly because we are sort of like in the neighborhood of planet thirsty but if you start to pay in short little bit outwards now you are in other papers yeah but also they some of them also sometimes venture into this neighborhood and then you see them nothing nothing to it but I wanna you know give the idea that they are like many times certain currents and certain feel also this they think that all of the ones that come from other planets they are more about this is not the case or they are less about this is not the case like our different groups here in planet Earth in every group there are very good people there are some people that are not as good all right and it’s everything reality seems to be a lot more complex it’s very hard just to say one group is like this and to box them into a specific label that usually when we do that usually we use the accuracy in the description that’s usually not the case and what are the types of there are you know different types for example sometimes classifying there will be difficult but for example there are some that they seem like they live in this planet where the medium I wanna say it’s water but it’s some type of liquid and they seem to be almost like amphibians you know in because they seem to to be able to breathe inside this liquid again I don’t want to call it water already calling it water would be an assumption right of our ideas but and they seem to consume food or you know the nutrients that they need you know almost like though they’re still nuts they are in this environment they may say this because one of them I remember this must have been already like 20 years ago this you know account of how one of them was watching us eat and it was a type of an activity where we hadn’t we had a lot of activities during the morning and then lunch was a little late so everybody was very hungry and you know when you’re hungry and you eat the very good meal you feel so good you feel so how about give us say almost like that mini ecstasy of sorts and then this other individual was watching us eat and then afterwards you know outside the body as we were talking the person was saying look he must be so good I could see your energies how everybody was getting excited we lived the happy you know the humor changes everything and for him that was such a new experience because he had never experienced this type of eating with the mouth and taste in the flavors but we have because we have a phone but he doesn’t have at sea so he’s way of acquiring nutrients is very different so just to give one example you know the difference is there between them and us you know one type of species animals but did you ever have a chance to meet someone was really more than once and if you had some kind of revolution yet you meet you meet quite a quite a few of them the spirit guides they teach you different things so for example I’ve had experiences in which they are teaching me different way you of experiencing energies and the spirit guide giving instructions of what to do with my body so I let steer us a little bit stronger for example now usually they tend to be very say maybe practical might be the better word in the sense that most of them normally don’t don’t go too much into heavy philosophy or into a lot of philosophy but they are much more practical and then you learn more almost like by doing so for example you leave the body you see one of them or you realize that you’re in an out of body experience in which you aren’t trying to help other people and then you see the way they conduct themselves how they are very interested in helping that corporate individuals in that projection how they are very patient how they are very welcoming with those individuals even though you here might think might have a different perspective of that so of course you try as much as if I tried much as I can know to emulate those examples and to also try to contribute as much as I can you know in that situation but they usually don’t go into trying to tell you what to think like look we should be like this because of ABCD normally they don’t so it’s almost as as if the lesson is a lot more in the practice in the doing so to speak yeah but obviously you catch on very quickly you realize for example one of the characteristics that you realize about the spirit guides is they are trying to help they are trying to assist they’re trying to contribute so we start thinking so if you realize the more evolved the more the value of the be the more they are trying to help so then you start to think okay so if that is the case you know sometimes many of our field also these or ideologies of let me try to accumulate more for myself or let me try to build my business to the point that it becomes a monopoly and you know I have everything is that the right thing or would it be the best we also see the one where I am sharing and contributing with everybody and you know trying to bring everybody you know to the table and try to hash out differences to see how we can proceed right so you get those lessons you know from from them again in the practice very rarely are they you know philosophical and not philosophical they’re rarely are they the kind that are going to tell you what to do they don’t they actually because there is something interesting about these beings they respect our freewill a lot so it’s almost as if they are singing not in sometimes this they communicate this but also interaction sometimes they’re saying I respect the right that you have to make a mistake and to try to figure it out the best way you can they don’t they don’t George its own obviously where they don’t discriminate against it’s almost almost looks like a parent you know that the kid is doing the homework you know of math and if the kid gets a a couple of problems wrong the parent is not going to be upset or is not going to you know well it shouldn’t punish them or you know send them to bed without being there know what usually it would be the most constructive thing would be to sit down with the kid to show them how to do again the products of math but it’s okay if he makes mistakes once seven times ten times because that’s how you learn so they’re not too concerned with that and that is interesting because basically Western cultures sometimes there is this idea right that we need to try to be very perfect very correct and certainly we don’t want to make mistakes just for the sake of it but if we make one that’s okay we learn we keep on going..


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  • What the hell is wrong with the found in this video, I literally missed one of the most interesting parts of this video. Come on

  • The cord that ties the soul to the body while you AP is not endless so you can’t travel out the solar system at most inner planets and it has been stated that the angelic beings will bring you back, when you sleep every one soul AP you just can’t recall as earth has what ET call the Veil of Forgetfulness on it.