Yes I think it is real. I’m a 18 year old girl and I didn’t know anything about astral travel. Tonight around 2: 30 I fell asleep as I was very tired. Then after sometime I found myself in my bedroom in front of the mirror. As I turned back, I saw a weird entity which was floating, it had no body. It was something in brown colour made up of dust. I got scared and ran towards my hall. On my way I saw 3 more entities ( I think they were ghosts or some spirits ) they were coming in my way. I got very scared and finally reached my hall. I was moving in a very fast speed as if I’m literally flying. I saw myself sleeping in the hall ( where I was physically sleeping). As I was scared I went back into my body and slept. After sometime I felt my hand moving on its own. I knew I was dreaming but I felt everything real. I couldn’t move my body. I opened my eyes and tried to scream. I couldn’t even scream something was stopping me. I couldn’t say a word. I don’t remember what happened after that. Before somedays I had seen myself at my friend’s place at night( where no one stays ). I ignored it thinking it was just a dream. But after tonight’s thrilling experience I googled my experience and learned about astral travel.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Astral Projection.

Astral Projection Experiences And Astral Travel Stories.

She explains what happened to her. Her story includes how she traveled out of the body and entered the astral world. How she saw her physical body and how her spiritual body the subtle body separated from the physical body.


The discussion includes other peoples experiences of astral projection and the cultural context. Astral projection experiences in other cultures are discussed as well as the early Western mystical traditions such as Theosophy, Madame Blavatsky and Rudolph Steinar.

Some of the misconceptions are discussed and topics raised include the subtle body, the soul, life after death, the etheric world and the Akashic Record.


Craig includes his own experience of astral projection and his experience as a young man of leaving the body. He talk about out of body experiences and any potential dangers of astral projection. He how astral travel happens and explains why we may have glimpses of the past and future when we make an astral journey.

Craig describes how to remove the consciousness from the physical body. He says how astral projection (or astral travel) is an out-of-body experience. It is achieved either awake through things such as mantra and meditation or via lucid dreaming. Also discusses is the astral plane.

This is the astral world. This is a plane of existence described by neo-Platonic, medieval, oriental, and various esoteric philosophies and Spiritualism.


The couple also discuss is astral projection is real or just a dream or fantasy. The central experience of astral projection and out of body experiences are induced during sleep.

They talk about the topics of sleep paralysis and induced lucid dreams. (Some call this the lucid dream body) Astral projection and sleep paralysis experiences are explained. Some claim that sleep paralysis is a good time to astral project.

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coming up is a video jana myself date on facebook live we’re going to publish them here on as well so as well as liking sharing and commenting on this video here on you can also come and enjoy watching us on facebook we can we’ll be there you can ask questions you can join in the banter and it’s quite like quite fun and I’m surely you’ll enjoy it so follow my channel here on and follow us on Facebook okay gorgeous take notes okay mine’s just got Fox on it or something yeah that’s true yeah okay we’ve got a few people joining us hi there Michael just starting right tonight we’re gonna talk about astral travel antibody experiences alright okay that’s going to be quite an interesting one hopefully people give some comments too because that will get the conversation moving a little bit more so what do you mean by astral travel in your mind Jane them well I’ve had an experience of it well I’ve actually come out of my body and looked at myself looking down from the ceiling and my missus I’m going back a few years ago that I suppose about 15 years ago I was aware of my consciousness looking at myself from the ceiling and a part of me was quite frightened and I wanted to get back into my body and then I suddenly didn’t panic and I could actually see myself in bed and looking down on myself and it was so like his spirit in your consciousness actually very lucid very real I’ve had this happen to me but what happened when it happened you you were talking about about 15 years ago so when we were still together I mean when the mind happened when I was a teenager well I often does happen when your teenager a body experiences spontaneously happening so we under stress no I wasn’t as often happens on the service I wasn’t under stress at all I’ve had many experiences like even as a child singer bright orange light follow me around mmm I could actually put my hand through it yeah so this was an ice age of body experience it was just totally different to my body as well didn’t get any loud bangs which you said you and I do yeah well yeah well what happened with me it was completely different thing I would have probably saved just a little bit later on so more people came online but my miok body experience happened when I was robbed the world had a number but then the main one I’m the most striking was when I was about I suppose I must have been about 14 years old and a lot of people saw say they have those experiences at 14 years old and I was some I I just suddenly thought myself above the bed looking down at myself and could see myself there and I turned away and started walking towards the wall you know I’d read I think I’d read some love saying rampa who talked about me bit of a nutcase but he talked about you know you read that at 14 but night attracts like he talking about body experiences so I was kind of aware I was a lucid I was aware that was happening in that body experience and saw himself behind the bed then turn round started to move towards the wall and felt as I was pushing myself through the wall and then suddenly I panicked about what was happening because some of them obviously the thought you get is I might date you know and I looked round and saw myself in the dead end up in bed looking almost dead like I was limited when I’m sleeping and then there were sort of bang panic I saw shot back into the intima in my body it was like a whip cracking well who knows but there was a definite loud auditory bang as loud I would say someone firing they’re done in the room it was his last loud I’ve spoken to a thick you know Vic Rigby said he said he has exactly the same thing when he when he I didn’t I fetch a lot of experience and we’ve got many people here but some we get problems with our on with our comment so I don’t know how many we got give us the other stuff that give us a thumbs up if anybody whoever is here with us at the moment so we can see who’s on line with us though side we got Michael beastin my Michael I think maybe you were having a net body experience and it’s just you with us that’s yours don’t a couple all right oh we have got people with us it’s just as difficult for us because we can’t see the comments and for some reason when we’re doing it well that’s okay that’s alright we do have people with us we thought we’re all alone somebody there which is a nuisance really because yeah yeah okay if you put a comment or two that will help us know that you’re here because we can’t tell who’s here until you put a comment I think so um yes so that was my first day of body experience really when I was about I’m so like I said about 14 years old and right when I was the nurse and children lots of children but in their experience have come out their body and there’s one with a boy that told me there was a shoe on three windows though not from the borders quite entreat with this because he had major surgery and we actually and the other male nurses we actually found the shoe and there’s no way he would have known that seriously that’s one was quoted by ian Wilson Children’s Hospital in Southampton oh maybe he got that story from one of the other nurses there’s a grid of you saw really yeah because they said that they couldn’t know that the chute was wedged on them it was going up three safe flights three wards up because it’s a very small hospital yeah and there’s like it’s a white pencil it was close by in Wilson oh man well he’s had he had done I know the lot about the body research has been done it said Hanson because a doctor Fintan I think it is it’s and they set some experiments up up and actually on the top of Southampton hospital yeah they’ve got something on there to check out if people have had a net body experience research or net from Southampton University and specifically aids of body experiences connected with near death experiences I bet your body like my body will you make my body she wake up every morning like a new day yeah so that’s the thing tonight and so if any of you like to make comments or you know want to ask any questions experience oh you’ve had a strange phenomena that you weren’t quite sure about late at night because it’s quite a common experience actually I mean when I wrote that column in done what’s it called um in the Scottish band a record I know you saw people to end the weekly news was another one you saw Santino was that someone said that’s cruel crave what is talk yeah okay anyway um I used to get these people used to write in this is what really the first of these columns where people used to write in you see a lot of them nowadays but this was sort of right back in the early 90s wasn’t it and people used to write in with then oh near death experiences and out the body experience and I was amazed just how many people profess to have them knock on the door there’s nobody in here no but a lot of people they can say it’s through trauma or it can be something that we have in our consciousness and that the experience and everything but these things can be quite frightening if you sort of don’t know what’s happening to you or they unknown but it’s like when you die you still got your consciousness yeah well what it proves us we’re not our body but we are our spirit and if you look at it it’s in all all the traditions throughout the world I mean is in India because I’m in yoga and ER I remember wrote about having out of body experiences and talks about that is in Chinese philosophy because I remember reading the robes are called the golden flower and which talks about how to cultivate out of body experiences as a whole yoga tradition about how to have a out of body experiences to the Romans have quoted it in the Cajun Greeks I remember you know so there’s lots of Confucius know but I mean that he brought I hadn’t don’t know anything directly with him talking about it but it’s definitely all it’s through it all them all in Amazonian tribes talk about it as a sort of part of their ritual technique a Mexican backgrounds for the yari Indians and things like that you know so it’s everybody does talk about it’s obviously something that’s real you know it’s not just a fantasy the skeptics say it’s all fantasy you can’t prove it you know that you know you set a room up and you put an object in another room these psychic can’t tell you what’s in that other room through these air body experiences but um you know so where does a person go when they have these a body experiences I mean is it just limited to this world I think you have experiences in this life that are quite meaningful for you everybody has different experiences don’t they I mean children the perceptions are quite innocent so they’re not lying are they like that so if a boy that saw that shoe going up right third flight flaws on a window that we wouldn’t have even be you not see that and we checked it out yeah yeah well that’s true I mean there’s been a lot of experiments done with children particularly near death experience of children who’ve you know you haven’t got preconceptions about what they expected to see you know like a Christian might think I’m gonna go to heaven see angels a young child or four years old doesn’t have that sort of mindset yet and describes probably more real near death experiences in our body experiences than an adult might whose might have preconceptions or fantasies you know I think what I would like to know probably you would like to know do animals have our body experiences young how would we know well you can’t tell of course as you can’t ask him I mean it depends when you MIT CDC there’s our ideas of ideas put forward about what these out of body experiences are now looking at the mystical side of it the Theosophists what’s were the people that really that brought this whole idea to the fall they were sort of like um Madame Blavatsky’s lot they were sort of it round at the same time as spiritualism and they said that what happens is they they were the first to talk about the astral body you know that we have an astral body that steps into another plane of existence there is in between this physical world and the spirit world of the heavenly world so there’s this extra plane they used to talk about in theosophy called the astral plane well I actually have us to travel that’s another one because my parents were actually in South Africa they lived over there of my two brothers when we were quite young and I CRO member actually coming up my body and traveling there and I had all this vapor coming from me I was going like speed of light and I actually saw this restaurant I’ve never been there before and she took me to South Africa and and then I came back and it all faded out and then when I was ignore contact one of my brothers Timothy I explained this to him he suggests there is a restaurant that existed like that in South Africa and it was very very real existed past tense because that’s another interesting thing that comes with this on that does is it going back to the mystical ideas about it from people like the theosophist they say that there is this other astral world in between the earthly plane and the spirit world is a separate world but also through this um ethnic or astral world we can also connect through time and this is where this whole idea of the Akashic record comes in that there’s like a universal memory that we can connect to through throughout the body experiences and that most people well all people and the theory goes it all people can have astral body body experiences while they’re asleep but they’re not conscious of it they’re having unconscious out of body experiences so sometimes people who have done work with this like moody and people like that I said that that sometimes you will see people in the astral plane walking around asleep they’re still asleep in their normal life astral planes yeah that 7 yeah 7 comes up a lot in theosophy because that was another thing they were very interested in 7 rays and things but so but the difference is sometimes we haven’t perhaps we have little he doesn’t know everything but I do sometimes we have these experiences perhaps when we’re asleep and other times we haven’t when we’re conscious women that’s wise to get into an an out of body experience really the techniques for getting into it for example are through lucid dreaming that’s waking up while you’re sleeping as if astral travel during sleep rather than on the operating table yeah so perhaps we can astral travel to another dimension well yeah again this was this was this is a sort of fun this was all experimented with a lot particular called it I can’t remember how to pronounce his name he was an American psychic he used to do a lot of what paintings as well in Margo’s Swan I think he saw that it was Swan or swap in Markos Swan I think his name was who who was who dare who works with all the Americans when they were doing the remote viewing of behind the Iron Curtain stuff you know and they were truck they they would do an astral travel like working on the idea of astral traveling and trying to go and look at other places look into silos and things to find out what the Russians had and they got into this thing where they started looking at other planets you know if we can astral travel to Russia and get information can be astral travel to Mars and get information you know and I think that’s when they started doing that they closed the project down because they thought it was going a bit bonkers at that point but you know it’s an interesting concept and it’s no idea I think people get confused with remote viewing whereas to travel yeah they do I think you’re right yeah yeah because what how would we well they are not very very linked aren’t they really the idea of astral travel is you physically go in what we call the eighth route body and the eighth route body is like a duplicate of the physical body some say it’s connected to the physical body by a silver bored a lot debate craft I’ve never seen the silver coin and and that said there’s a lot of fantasy that gets involved in this but it might be true you know but that’s not Universal throughout all the different traditions around the world they don’t all talk about that that was another one brought in by the Theosophists I think and spiritualists yeah so I think that’s probably misconception personally but you know maybe I don’t know I can’t tell i but I just when I did you don’t hear the same thing being talked about now Amazonian descriptions or in the in the Taoist ones which I think are some of the most interesting people that looked into all this and I’ve lost my track now we’re talking about remote viewing weren’t we yeah so there’s so you see remote viewing is a form of clairvoyance isn’t it clear seeing it is seeing without the use of normal senses right so that can be done without having to leave the body I mean you can do that by sitting in meditation visualizations in it and then you’re actually pushing blending your energies and your thoughts and actually seeing it I call it my psychic TV screen and I do that yeah it’s a bit like back isn’t it I mean I get that as well like when you’re meditating I mean I think a lot of people that do psychic work get this sort of like you describe it as a TV streamer it could be described a hypnagogic dreaming like an image that appears with thousands and thousands of pictures do you get that well it depends and that if I really concentrate I mean for example when I found 27 million for somebody that was famous I done that remote viewing that sat with the client yes yeah okay and when we did some experiments in the circle I remember I don’t know if I can’t see everybody’s name unfortunates we still got a bit of frozen screen here so I says I’m not gonna reply to some of your comments later but if any of those any people have been here that were in my circles I remember we did a whole series of remote viewing experiments where we set things up and put objects in other buildings around different places and then the circle would say right this is an object hidden I’m not going to tell you what it is or where it is and we got some amazingly accurate results with it really you people you know were just training really and and it you know it’s proven to me that it remote viewing condemned me work you know and astral travel yeah well you know you can’t deny your own experience can you if you think you’ve got a good but you don’t learn lot of why you can learn things from books but you’ve got to go from your own personal experience with things because psychic people people buy stuff from experience you born my kicks you don’t quite understand it you think everybody can see auras and things like you can and it’s not you get a teenager and old you realize not everybody else is the same yeah yeah and that’s again what Lunardi said to me says you assume that everybody can see through the third eye just as you can but of course people can’t so we try to try to teach people how to do that you know and I think right so what do we get to astral travel and we’re talking about different people’s perceptions and how people perceive things yeah through their own personal experience I mean being spiritual has been part of nature isn’t it really and it’s being part of chewing into each other and I think the most important lesson really is having good values being good human beings have compassion in your heart have love but doesn’t mean you’ve got to be a fool does it no but I’m just thinking no I’m just thinking around this sort of astral travel idea what you’re talking about Aryan effect Barnum effect yeah yeah we wouldn’t saw that movie and Barnum you know you’ve changed the subject but um we went sit tight there’s a musical and we didn’t realize it was a news of Korra would you hate music alright it wasn’t too bad but the this the skeptics say that all this psychic work is the Barnum effect right that there’s something in it for everybody you know reach basically you make things fit let me saw the Barnum thing and it’s on freak shows and it so there’s all deception and lies and I thought they put that fall as a scientific theory most of the media buys most of the meetings and the psychics work very hard and healers very hard and I would say they’re freaks yeah because they dedicated their stuff to serve well if you look anything up like astral travel right body experiences near death experiences on Wikipedia everything is described as pseudoscience right that’s because they don’t agree with their idea of science their idea that everything that can exist is the material world you see the scientists will say this is nonsense because they say no way can thoughts through telepathy exist outside the body no way can consciousness our awareness be separate from the body as far as they’re concerned all our awareness is generated by the body it’s a it’s a side effects of the body and when the body’s dead consciousness is gone right but people like us who are all here hopefully we might agree with this perhaps look at a different way that maybe in consciousness works through the human body that the human body is a bit like a television you know it receives the awareness from outside of ourselves you know and that’s why when we actually astral travel what we’re actually doing is going into our real state you know our state that is pre body talked about this before cause you know perhaps our perhaps our awareness it’s nothing to do with physical reality at all but it exists on another order of reality something like the quantum field or even the quantum field itself you know but it’s definitely you know I mean they say oh yeah consciousness is just the byproduct of the body I mean and that all that this most incredible thing the most we’ve gone off but in a way you know that’s why you know so people would say you know what’s the validity of astral travel you know it’s all fantasy save it save it save it materialists but what you are experimenting with there surely is the nature of human consciousness on aspects of our human consciousness the fact that we are a soul encased within an ethnic body that simultaneously is superimposed upon the human body you know so we are not the body yeah so that as a shame we’ve lost the thread again here it’s a nuisance we can’t see all your comments we’ve got some this have a look to see what I’ve got hello zijn hellos time travel someone’s talking about there that was quite angry I don’t know what someone’s angry yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah people have had similar experiences these are the ones who have picking up hill animals someone talks about yeah they dream yeah I’ve done that so there’s the early part of what we were talking about there I’m just gonna put a little X or something in to see if I can trigger it to you so yeah I think you can cut comments if you want so you’ve got any questions put them in or any ideas you know that are different oh my disagree with what we say you know you might think well you know no they’re wrong you know there’s no proof of this you know it’s we are just our bodies when you did that’s it in the story and everything else is fantasy well it’s the same like mediums they prove that life consists from the human soul that continues on don’t they by their proof yeah and well actually when you think about all these ideas that we’re talking about now they started around about the same time the Darwin came up with the idea of evolution right and actually he didn’t even come up with the idea of evolution I mean it was Ernest Russell Russell’s his first name Russell Wallace yes Russell Wallace came up with he was a spiritualist who came up with young he said oh well I agree with that but the idea to Darwin and said to Darwin you know about this what natural selection was his is what he came up with Darwin but when crikey this is too close to my ideas I’m gonna have to publish my dear soon and Wallace said yeah I that we have natural selection but he said that the mind could not be explained by evil his ideas of evolution you know and this is before Darwin published you know and actually when you look also in the history of these things way back they were talking about the idea of natural selection what at that time before Darwin put it all together you know so you know I don’t think this I don’t think our consciousness can be explained by by natural selection survival of the fittest you know it the body can but our consciousness is something separate that jumps from lifetime to lifetime well I I believe in the future until about the future that your dreams will actually reflect on the wall because there go be so far none 21st century so your thought patterns will actually go on a wall what maybe but do we really want that you know do we want to plug ourselves into but we do we do I mean we do have a pretty wondrous mind without having to worry about science fiction or things like that I mean our minds are capable of so much more than I think we give ourselves credit for you know I mean is a very interesting one Katie I tend to experience sleep paralysis and can’t tell when I’m in the forging or out of it it would be great if this could you feel it and if your consciousness trip somewhere that’s that’s quite interesting that’s very interesting okay so the sleep paralysis is an interesting thing because I mean there is a condition where the brain is is the the brain has a function to stop us thrashing about in our dreams so what it does when we go to sleep and we’re dreaming about running down the street instead of acting out and running in bed as it were our brain switches off the body so it’s like a it’s at the back of the brain I believe it is which actually sort of stops the brain stops the body moving around in your dreams so it kind of frees but you don’t paralyzed but some people and this is a connection condition that also leaked with sleepwalking in narcolepsy that area of the brain doesn’t switch off properly right so and it’s sometimes tension and tiredness can cause this too so what happens is they they wake up and that back of the brain is waking up a bit slower now it’s only seconds but it appears to the person that’s in sleep that it seems to be a long period of time so basically what happens is you wake up but you can’t move your body which is terrifying because I have had it happen once and you wake up and you can’t move and what you want to do is scream or shout out or regular and you can’t move on yeah incubi and succubi ah yes well one of the results of that is that you you you you’re awake and the fear creates a like a nightmare and sometimes he can be very frightening and they talk about the old hag syndrome where the spirit sits on your chest could you get a pressure on your chest some of this happens because it affects the breathing as well I mean if it happens that by the way the way to break a break it because the eyes are not affected by that same part of the brain if you move your eyes from side to side it will set the trigger off and set that part of the brain working again so you literally just move your eyes from sorry no no it’s not to do it man just actually move the eyes actually it probably is as well because the eyes aren’t affected when the body’s asleep is it because the eyes move around still so you’re right actually is the rims but it so that triggers it and will break in near death experience and it’s like an idiot but we’ll break that it’s very frightened then paralysis yeah it’s very horrible thing very common as well actually but so the person having that experience is nastiness and also I think the then astral travel type things a bit like that because the body is kind of in that paralysis state when your mind and your spirit leaves the physical body so I don’t know how you lost a boat I think don’t you just about to develop it yeah meditation and knowing about sleepers has helped me conquer the terror Association sleep oh yes you’ve had the terror yeah and I’m sure that you’re right actually the the meditation and knowledge about it definitely would make a difference but remember that that little hint about moving the eyes if you can remember that if you’ve woken and you’re conscious enough to think it will break it quickly and that’s a technique the doctors tell people to do as well but um yeah not a very nice feeling there but that is more of a brain thing rather than a spirit thing it’s an actual function of the brain that a lot of people you know have that that problem with sleep paralysis some people there has to travel and they come back into the body you do have a wonderful experience actually see spirit people in what respect doctor well I can remember once when I astir traveled I came back I was a cat on the bed and I saw somebody sitting on the bed it was a bright light and it looked like it was made up of a thousand stars yeah and the cat was powering because first thing you do is put your hand up could you think what’s this Mme and it’s beautiful because the the cat actually the cat saw it as well so it wasn’t my imagination yeah no well I’m not saying any of it is because you know when we have these out of body experiences we’re connecting with the spirit world of me that’s going to be definite we’re connecting with the astral world and what I was talking about the Akashic record and the memories of past present and future so what we’re linking with that idea of being able to see the person so we’re basically connecting to things as a cosmic Internet really aren’t me although you see my thoughts do you really need to take the whole pranic body okay we have this extra body sonic anything yeah but all the spirit body you know the duplicate spirit body do we have to actually move that out of our body to experience these things because we can experience these things who ever ain’t having to astral travel disease so you can experience those same states of awareness just by looking into yourself as well as step innate with the body you know they’re two separate but when a person leaves the physical body they for a momentary period of time they’re in the material physical objective world around us but then they go and see these other dimensions of consciousness anyway you know what I described as the astral world or the heavenly worlds or even the helm worlds you you’ve stepped out into another dimension of existence so do you really need to step into that there’s no question there’s no such places how well then I think there’s negative planes of existence as well well negative people yeah they say there’s three I think there are three was but not a world that some you can’t get off you know that you are condemned to forever people think everything’s an illusion over here hmm yeah but it’s an interesting thing that’s called concepts at the you know the astral body you know I mean I I was I mean I can see auras and I know you can I mean if I look at my hand you know and I look at them sort of like this sort of thing I think I didn’t feel the light between the fingers and things like that and see it at night you know and it’s clear and self evident to me it’s not something I’m sort of I’m thinking about let’s see it’s my eyes and that’s not not that’s not your images or anything like that more it’s not the optical illusions from looking at something too long I can see a physical light between the fingers which I can move around and it’s fibrous and it’s all lit up well you can see and I see it that’s it all the time but oh good pictures I can see people’s auras above their head and then I look that person is not very well although that can be an optical movement yourself you know but you know when you look around the hand around a person you’ll see this energy field you know subtle energy flow now that is the body of light that is this astral body thousand stars yeah and it was very see through like that because first of all an energy body yeah like an angel but really big no wings but they’re very fact that an animal sorta yeah that’s interesting in that yes I’m sure they they must be tuned in a bit to this idea of energy because they were working on an intuitive level aren’t they well course the animals a sixth sense yeah cuz they need to don’t make a survival well yeah so I mean it makes I mean go into the biologist and evolutionists idea it does make sense to have a sixth sense and then makes evolutionary sense as they say you know but like I said I’m not known to either this thing about energy thing in citizen yes but everybody’s energy is different in different lights would you agree people everybody’s energy is different yes yes we’ve got the prana energy you’ve got meridian lines or the energy is different oh you mean the way it looks I think people’s energy is actually different too well it’s like you know you’re going to room you can sense anger can’t you something that somebody’s they’ve got red aura or you see green above somebody’s crown chakra you know they need peace or you see a yellow light and it change the physical lauric energy will change depending on a person’s mood and thoughts if they’re depressed it will go dark if they’re happy it’ll go bright and so forth but also I think that the overall energy of a person changes so if someone is focused all their life on all the negative things of life is that we’re like eating and drinking and bonking recipe so their life is just all material right their energy field is very different so a person that might be focused on creativity in the eye you shouldn’t drink you shouldn’t smoke you should be pure because your body’s your temple you shouldn’t be anything you are what you are but people are you know I I think it’s all connected with this idea of the chakras again you know like the they talk about the spirit body has these chakras up the spine right so you know about this bone explaining it for anybody’s coming in don’t know about this and each of those chakras up the spine represents a different type of energy so there’s sexual sort of energy at the very base of the spine spiritual energy at the crown in the heart as the emotional energy in the throat and third eye this creative energy their solar plexus the the driver of an energy drive and each person is actually focused on one of those levels some people’s spiritual energy is not climb the spine through their life but remains on a lower level or whatever you know so I mean that’s not good or bad that’s just the way we are we’re at different levels of evolution well that’s what and that’s dependent upon where that energy is in the in the astral body and the spirit body isn’t it really yeah I mean if your spirit energy is focused on the third eye in the middle of the brain or on the chakra on the top of the head which is the you know the the crown chakra then you’re gonna be much more connected to those astral sort of rounds we’ve been talking about if you if you’re focused on the lower levels and which is no harm in that baby I’ll focus on the lower levels and you know you’re gonna be focused on the earthly world and and what’s around you because it’s very hard for spiritual people to live in the 21st century because if you go to Japan they focus on whether they’ve got lovely manners having very much respect well I don’t think people in the West particularly main standard whether you understand they don’t respect it when you think when people come from readings with us I mean there’s a lot of people come and they’re lovely people of course you know but I’ve always noticed that in the whole Indian people Chinese people Japanese telling us they value it they treat it with respect they don’t sort of say all right come on tell me what color Underpants I’m wearing and you know they have respect for it but there’s no respect for it here and it’s the same on when you do media I mean when we did that one unsafe career they were really nice to me over here if I do something on the radio with TV they look down their nose at you is some immediacy mera charlatan before we crown you my vision is not looking for the truth for too much into reality so they’re not looking for anything intellectual those journalism nor science comes of that you know they’re all interested in in fulfilling the agenda they already have yes as a conspiracy against us all folks so most of these psychic people medium so they’ve dedicated their lives and it’s as if you know it’s good service isn’t it yeah well you know I mean anybody that genuinely has worked as a medium well no that is a not an easy path you know a lot of people there’s a lot of people claim to be psychics and mediums and then tarot readers and so who are you know frankly but there are those that are really dedicated their life to mediumship well know that it will attract all sorts of difficulties into your life you know you’ll be tested and you’ll be tested to the absolute limits of your physical ability if you were going back into Helen Duncan’s time it all had to be hush hush and they were doing what they call Apollo and that since television and I think the first one Doris Stokes was a marvelous marvelous woman as John Stokes gave me way to get married you didn’t see Doris Stokes husband it was all sort of quiet in hush hush but when television brought out the media everybody wants to be a psychic oh yeah yeah well when I when I first started I mean before I met Jane I was a single parent and they and a man as I said bringing up a baby was not something that was normal people didn’t normally accept that you know so I was being scrutinized by the welfare and so forth because that naturally because they mean will he manage you know so I had to keep spiritualism dead quiet you know I didn’t want to tell anybody that I was a medium because I’m a lot of these places have been infiltrated by a lot of born again Christians who who would jump up on anything to do with me being shippers being in league with the devil so um I used to keep it really really quiet and I noticed that most mediums didn’t make it noise about it until he got on television I could have named I mean I would have said here in Southampton August I could have probably named in the past about three and psychics and there would have been dozen or so mediums if you were lucky really of those not many were the tops yeah anyway that’s what I used to be a nurse daisuke readings in the star for each other nurses and everything and I never wanted it to be honest I just wanted to be a missionary now some work in South Africa and help others but when Isis a student nurse I remember going on a ward and there was a charge nurse and the first thing he said to me is like what you’ve brought your spirit guide a witch doctor it was like cunning ideas out of the psychic closets I mean the same for me really because I mean I didn’t um I didn’t want to be a medium by any means I mean I got interested it through Doris Stokes like you because I separately I’ve explained this before that the story but um Doris under after the star stones I met Peter close who there’s policemen who who and then taught me in the circle and I went along this I wanted to find out about you know what this was all about and if it was real then maybe if I could do it then I can prove to myself that it’s real you know that was the only way I could prove that the spirit world was real not just by listening to mediums I felt that if I could give a message you know now if I gave a message and in evidence and it was all coming from my deliberate attempts of give a message then I’m Yours fake but if I could say things to people that were completely out of this world then I knew it was real so that’s where I’m then they said all now you’re gonna get involved in spiritualism and you’re gonna totally you’re going to demonstrate them a spiritualist platform I said what is spiritual essence spiritualism no so the first time I was ever sat demonstrated was whether for any first time I went into spiritualist Church was to demonstrate from the platform so I didn’t really want to be a medium I thought was foundation where we feed poor children in India in an orphanage now what I find karmically so strange but not so strange I also used to be a nurse with a mentally handicapped children and this orphanage is for the mentally handicapped children and we buy cows so those families can have them really an ivory you know well that all came out of the work we’re doing with the NAR the Oracles but more so because we know we also when we look at it or most of our works most about all of our TV works been given to charity if you look at it yes appear brown yeah a few liters of expenses that they pay to cover travel and things but that comes really I mean if you want to look at any of that not I am my movie mystic journey to India if you thought of my facebook you’ll know that I mentioned it nearly every day but it is on Amazon Prime and I really that me so if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber you can go and watch mystic journey to India on there for free if you’ve got Prime or you can pay to download it but it’s there and you’ll see some of the work that’s been done one why we’ve got this foundation and what’s inspired us and the work we’ve done with children and the poor in India is kind of into woven into that as well and just see Craig goes truth in mango growth and you see suddenly a holy man will appear Rashi’s and Yogi’s and it’s absolutely mind blowing it was an incredible it was like Indiana Jones and we just took a camera along with us and filmed it as we went my friend Simon came along and filmed it and we ended up with a movie and it was absolutely astonishing so I would like people to watch it I’m not worried about the money Warren Chisum you gonna have a look at it and see what we’re trying to do because I think that more than anything shows the sort of work we’ve been trying to do cus and if there’s other mediums watching this you know just carry on and do your work don’t worry about television don’t worry about the new famous the message really is to help others while you’re here because television it’s not necessary interested in the truth oh they’re not I mean this we were lucky this was this this program and the one we made about we’re calling it paranormal psychic snail but it’s called psychic Britain originally I mean that was the only times we’ve ever really been able to do something without interference from some twit producer that has their own agenda was it to turn it into something stupid they always want to turn it into something like a game show or like you know whatever you know and then all of the psychics have exactly the same problem we go on television we just you know sometimes mattress company yeah that’s the only way to do it so we’re really aiming for spiritual things because it’s always spiritual and it’s great that more of us can get out through things like this Facebook life you know I’m it’s nice to see other psychics and mediums like Lynne there I see today’s being a talking on their Lynn Lynn gets to swap our freight friend from psychic news in the past and you know you’ll find a lot and also on you know it’s great that we can actually speak to the world properly what would be nice if we could interact in such a way that we could do readings through through through this media but of course you can’t do it with typing you need another video link somehow I tried it with Skype for the another X in to try to thank you refresh the screen because you know that works for me I mean I don’t want to be associated with skyping people or phone lines I like real people coming to me yeah you’d like to be face to face and I like them I’m the opposite because I learn first like I say the first time I ever did mediumship was at first in a circle and then to stand in front of an audience so I like to work demonstrating to audience and I like the idea to use that money that comes from that to give to charity because I don’t want to make I don’t want any money for doing really I don’t do private readings people want private reasons they can come and see Jane whether if you live close enough to we still we’ve got the people on our on our website who we reckon are pretty good for you know what choose people to come to me because I usually make all my emails up and if I see a blue communication light then I know the time is right to see that person so it’s very good that I can cherry pick well that’s the thing I say only see those people that are really really in need and I’ve always found this with when you do readings for people hearts going yeah thank you because we can’t see we can’t see the comments now folks I’m afraid I think we’ve lost those but I’ve always found that the best readings come if you really connect with someone that’s really in need and I’m not talking about someone that’s got an emotional problem broken up with a boyfriend type thing but someone that’s really seeking seeking to know the higher meaning of things you know seeking to know there really is a spirit world for example or seeking to know their meaning and purpose in life when you get there and that person’s hearts open I mean amazing things come through with clairvoyant essence sometimes different languages it’s not yeah it comes through to give evidential proof yeah you spoken in Chinese I think someone has spoken in Urdu but then but this is it because the need is there when the need is there the conditions are right when people sort of say oh give me a reading give me a ring tell me something about me nothing something will come through that’s because that selfish energy don’t work it can’t you can’t work like that and and the same we get problems in spiritualist churches if you get someone that’s dead just to grab the message and stick their hand up whatever you say I’ve got a phone it’s my neighbours neighbours neighbor you know a friend of my neighbours neighbours neighbours uncle no that’s just damages it because it breaks the link that’s not the spirit was there for I think that message was for me could you get that person Oh sir I’m afraid spirits just let the building know that these message grabbers you know and the Internet’s full of that unfortunately and that’s a great shame Lee but it will still be nice to do something where we could demonstrate either you can’t you there may be you know hopefully we can get out there a little bit more and start demonstrating from the platform because that’s how I like straight man yeah well we do it through the spiritualist Church we’ve got one coming up in camber leasing but you know spiritualism and you can find out on kamilly some websites Church in camp if you go never look you can find you can come and see is there when we’re on it so I think it’s three weeks time or something like that but um we don’t do a lot of spiritualism now we don’t know that before we go to Barcelona but um it we don’t do a lot of that now but right now I’ve given up the spiritualism I’m afraid I was just find it’s it’s it’s not telling me it’s not it’s not speak it’s not inspired anymore I mean it was inspired and it’s inspired stuff to breathe there and it can be inspiring but um you know we got all this now we got all that you know we’ve got other ways of reaching people but service is sad where’s thanks hearts so I think we’ll just sort of draw it to a close now because we were you know we were talking initially about the astral plane and astral travel that was our theme tonight I don’t know is anymore you need to say about the happen just one thought actually because people will think how do you have an app how do you have an astral experience how would you would you suggest if somebody wanted to try to learn what would you say I don’t think for set I think it’s like doing a mantra is like Sencha your thoughts and your prayers up and just relax and it’s like when you’re going to a lucid dream pattern and that’s and it’s just relaxing the body and things because we don’t know we’ve been sleeping all night we wake up in the morning do we well that’s true I mean you I think is important to go about astral traveling and relaxed way because you can start using forced techniques and there are some techniques that you can use the energy astral plane but they’re a little bit dodgy they start using the Kundalini in ways that it shouldn’t be moved they use a lot of mantra in India to do to do astral travel but I think the best way is really it is to do it through sleep you can do it through meditation but if you do it through sleep I always think that state we were talking about before where you get that point where you’re between sleeping and waking when you start to get that what we call hypnagogic imagery doesn’t see all the imagery all the imagery if you can hold your consciousness in that state and it’s really hard to stay in that state because you’re gonna either wake up or fall asleep but there’s that in between state between waking and they kick him out if you can get into that so your body goes into a very very deep state of relaxation so it’s almost feels like it’s it’s uncomfortably relaxed because it’s so relaxed that is when I think the horse it happens in one naturally happened then but like I said do we need really need to physically leave the body to enter the astral plane because we can enter that through our own meditation through our own you know our own intuitive meditations and sleep we take is there any way you know where it can access the Akashic record you can access the other worlds because it it will flash to you anyway in those you know States so it comes to mind you’re ready basically say yeah pretty much I mean you can’t for spiritual things you know some and for some people it happens spontaneously and naturally and that’s important then to learn about it understand that it’s okay not to get frightened like you know we were talking about with the sleep paralysis and so forth and with all these spiritual things there’s like people want to open the Kundalini you know I mean let it happen there happen naturally don’t force it you don’t need to use techniques to force it so I would say the way to get onto the astral plane is to simply get be conscious of it and it will happen spontaneously you think think about it and read about it and not happen you know okay I’m done so it’s good night from him and it’s good night for me and lovely speaking to a lot of you I’m so sorry we can’t answer all your questions that’s coming up on the screen so a few of them you need to get your questions in early and don’t forget please go and have a look on Amazon Prime see our mystic journey to India I’m gonna keep plugging this because I want people to see it and we’ve written lots of books about this topic and you can get readings through our website both through June and with those people we recommend so you know there it is that’s the plug at the end of rainy I am good in that movie I tell you alright and Jane is too cuz Jade’s at the beginning and we got the bit in there where we give a reading to Varrick Mary Roberts jr. Robert yeah so I mean we’ve given lots of raging celebrities but that’s not important every human beings important that comes to God’s eyes there so there you go so I’m gonna switch off now so gonna say bye bye and we’ll see you again if you enjoyed this video then follow Jane and I on our adventures around the world by subscribing you can click that button or you can click the little Bell thingy on the main page and then you’ll get regular updates every time we upload something new like the page and also make your comments we look forward to seeing you next time you..


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