I closed my eyes to sleep. My brain started crazy vibrations in it as it happens before my normally occurring OBEs. Normally after this I float and fly in my room sometimes go outside but not longer distances. But it was different that day, magical. It was blue everywhere with black dots. I was falling through a tunnel. I could see the vastness of its surface but still it looked like a tunnel. The speed was as fast as it could be 5 times the speed acquired in bunjee jumping. Blue and black everywhere. I was not my whole body. I was a particle sized light weighed consciousness that time. Suddenly I came back to my senses. As usual I was having sleep paralysis which takes some seconds to go. My brain felt very heavy after that for sometime. I was amazed. It was the best OBE.

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Astral Projection, & My Experience!!

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  • My mom used to meditate a lot and decided to astral project to visit her dad, my grandpa, and when she told him this he was so very serious when he told her that its dangerous if you dont know what youre doing, that you should pray for protection big time before every leaving your body because another soul or entity could enter your body while you are not in it.

  • I remember when i was younger I astral projected for the first time. It was NOT tensional. I didn’t even know what astral projection was at the time. So, here’s my story… I was 12yrs old. I was laying in bed with massive cramps. I truly thought I was dying, but I was actually about to start my period for the first time (LMAO)! So, while I was laying in bed suffering I shifted into sleep paralysis. I couldn’t move. Then I heard really weird whoosing noises. I ended up seeing my own face, and my room. I freaked out, and shifted into sleep paralysis. I woke up to my mom calling me she said there were hundreds of birds all over our neighborhood. They were sitting on the roofs of houses, lawns, and the street (They were all over my block). This has never happened before… Just everything about that day was weird…

  • When my dad was 20 he hit his head very hard on a curb and was in a coma for four months. He remember sitting up near the lights of his hospital room and watching the drs work on him. When he did finally wake up he was able to tell family things that were said in his room and things that went on while was in the coma. He remembered things that people told him or specific things the drs told the family. There was no way he should have known those things. The very first thing he told my mom was that she was pregnant with a girl, me. Since she found out a few weeks after his accident there’s no way he shohave known that. Crazy, but VERY REAL!

  • i once tried to do an astro projection but i can’t… The only thing i can do is feel energies BUT it’s still pretty cool X3

  • As a witch ( many witches use astral projection ), I’ll warn to any people who want to try astral projection, will be ware. You should put up protections before doing anything spiritual ( including astral projection ). Before you try this STUDY STUDY STUDY. You can get very hurt by astral projection ( and anything spiritual). So please please please inform yourself before trying! Just go to tumblr or something and type in astral projection! This video does not provide enough information to try astral projection. I’m not saying this video is bad or misinforming. I’m just saying before you do anything spiritual PLEASE INFORM YOURSELF.

  • Haily can you speak about aliens? I always had a fascination and fear of this certain topic but I would like to see you’re opinion on it.

  • i wanna try doing this. im so suicidal and want to die. i feel that maybe if i go to the spirit world and such i will feel better somehow i dont know.

    EDIT: i love the reeses peaces. im going to see a therapist this saturday. i hope he can help. also hailey i love you. thank you all from the bottom of my heart for caring <3

    EDIT 2: i didnt post this to get any attention, nor did i expect replies. im not that kind of person.

  • I sometimes have this weird feeling. I don’t even know whether I should call this a feeling and it’s really hard to discribe what kind of feeling this is, but the closest I can discribe is that it’s as if I’m looking into myself as a third person perspective. The interesting part is that I can feel this through my intention. I can feel this feeling whenever I concentrate DEEPLY to myself, my family, friends, my dream, the room where I’m in, what I was just doing, the surroundings of myself and so on. As I keep on concentrating on these, I finally feel the feeling and it overwhelms me, and it’s so strong that it makes me think that I can’t go back to, so-called, reality. But as soon as I quit concentrating the things I mentioned above, the feeling goes away and I come back to how I usually was. This started when I was like 10 years old, then I could only feel it for a few seconds, now I’m 20 years old and I have practiced(?) a lot, I can feel it for almost a minute.I know you might think I’m just talking some kind of bullshit or not understand what I’m saying, I don’t know how to discribe this either, but I wanted to know whether you guys feel this kind of thing too. I tried to explain this to my friends and family but they don’t understand what I’m saying. Have you ever felt/experienced this?

  • I’m a Christian that God strongly uses in the prophetic… And I wish I was joking when I say this, but weekly there are witches and warlocks who try astral projecting into buildings where I’m at or my home and try to cause harm to me. I’m able to see them because the Holy Spirit opens my spiritual eyes. I asked God why they attack me so much and the answer I got is because I really want to do great things in the world and help people. But God also showed me that evil spirits really are the ones secretly giving them the capability to do this, while these people think they are in control in the astral realm, it’s really not the case. I just really thought I’d share for anyone interested in this topic out there. And I’m not picking on anyone, just please be cautious.

  • Oh wow this is extremely amazing that ur talking about this
    I remembered when I was at least 13 I did that without knowing what it was and I told my dad about it he seemed extremely excited that I did that he said next time try to turn urself around and try to look at my body and I did and I didn’t like that I woke up extremely quick and I felt like my body was slammed into a wall it was extremely wired
    A couple years down I was about 15 I did it again a couple time without realizing what i was doing i thought I was I awake sounds extremely extremely strange but I was about to go walk around the house for me it felt like I was floating in space like honestly I dunno if u can explain it like that I ended up telling my dad about it I can’t really remember the details of the conversation but he told me to be careful doing this because sometimes u can lose ur soul or another spirit can take over if u wonder to far from ur body if I’m remembering the conversation correctly that’s what he was saying after that it extremely scared me and when I get to that point in my trance like sleep I try to make myself wake up and not do that at all but it stuck with me and I continue to do it without realizing I’m doing it at all

  • Astral projection is a psychic ability and like all psychic abilities it can both just come naturally and be learned. Astral projection uses the Pineal gland of the brain, this gland is also called the vestigial eye as it is literally a third eye inside your brain simply in a more primitive state. There are a lot of ways to go about performing astral projection but it ultimately comes down to having a clear mind and focusing intently which can both happen naturally during intense rest or extreme shock or fear. What your grandpa experienced was most likely death as many people who go brain dead experienced exactly what you described in the exact way you described it with the only difference being that they sometimes go to other places then the light. Your grandpa probably died on the operating table and simply came back to life, the Lazarus phenomenon is quite common nowadays. When you perform astral projection you are stepping out of your body into the astral void. Not all people actually have an astral body and the astral body is not the soul, it is a separate construct and anyone who does not have one can easily build one just by focusing on having a body. People typically manifest a body just like their physical body usually with a few features missing with no face being the most common. You can easily alter the astral body by focusing but only a little as it is formed by a combination of how you consciously view yourself and how you unconsciously view yourself or at least that is what the archangel Israfael said, I’m actually kinda skeptical about that myself. People with past lives who traveled to the astral void will often times have strange bodies or bodies in the form of their previous incarnation. An example of this is that in my past lives I was a sorcerer specialized in dark energy and when I started traveling to the astral in this life I had his body which was a man with black skin, red eyes, a crown of black bones, rotting wings, etc. When a person travels into the astral plane, they usually only travel to the lowest parts which are closest to this world. The lowest part is where your body is and allows you to look at the world you live in and travel to places like the grand canyon or the moon. The mid astral plane is kind of a strange reflection of this world crafted by the people of this world and the spirits of the void. The mid astral is where the less organized parts of the void form where creatures with no faces and strange animal can be found. The deep astral void is where the gods of the various human religions and non-human religions dwell. These gods live in their own planes of existence completely separate from each other and very few people can travel from one gods domain to another. To be clear most gods only know about each other through watching mortals unless they share the same dimensional plane. I am still trying to figure out how gods are born. You might find this interesting but the soul is a unique astral construct kind of like a finger print, most creatures do not have them as they are a gift from the oldest human god to humanity to help keep us from getting lost among other things that are extremely useful. To be clear, a creature with no soul is still very much alive and has an eternal spiritual self no different from us. Just wanted to say that before people started accusing me of saying some creatures are better than others. Anyhow, I know you didn’t ask but this video seemed fairly recent and you seemed like you wanted to know more. You seem to have an affinity for the light and I want to help you connect to the spiritual. If you have any questions I am right here.

  • To anyone wanting to try Astral Projection PROCEED WITH CAUTION
    As a person who has practiced Astral travel for about 13 years, there are risks that go along with astral traveling that Hailey failed to mention!
    Firstly, SLEEP PARALYSIS! If you don’t know how to control your astral travel you can wake up paralyzed from your consciousness returning before your physical body can wake up. Its naturally occurring due to your brain keeping your body still while you sleep. Sleep walkers SHOULD NOT attempt astral projection due to this. During the uncomfortable moments before your body catches up, you can experience pressure on the chest so great it’s as if a person is sitting on top of you. One can become overwhelmed and start to panic. Rest assured you will be able to move again after a few moments but this brings me to my next point;
    SHADOW PEOPLE! This is a very common experience during sleep paralysis. Just keep in mind that they are caused by stress and your own personal darkness manifested in a hallucination. If you are in a bad place in life or in a bad environment DO NOT attempt astral projection. It can also lead to bad experience when astral traveling.
    If you choose to astral project BEWARE OF ALL DOORS you see. Doors open your astral travel to other places but not all are good. If you feel that a door is not meant for you or if it seems at all sinister or ominous DON’T OPEN IT!
    If you plan to attempt astral projection DO YOUR RESEARCH! It is not something to be taken lightly.