What Astral Projection Techniques Work


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Write up:

that box my name is Rob Bruce and I’m doing another video for AFRICOM and this one is about astral projection exit techniques now to have an astral projection to induce one in the conscious state you need to some kind of a technique I mean other people will just lay there and let it happen if they can stay awake and balance on the edge of waking and sleeping this I’m like a Razors Edge between being awake and being asleep we’re sort of tottering one of the edge of falling asleep and that’s where you need to be but for most people you need some kind of an astral projection exit technique and all astral projection techniques share similarities and that is that in some way shape or form they help you to exteriorize your focus of body awareness whether you are using visualization techniques or body awareness techniques as per my new energy ways energy work system they all come to the same thing typically for example after projection technique is to imagine you are floating out of your body to a brief feet above where your physical body is if you are laying in bed and you imagine that happening but you don’t imagine it from the perspective of the you and the bed so you imagining something coming out of you and floating above you that won’t do anything you imagine you are floating out of your body and you have to also imagine that your physical body is by 3 feet below you in the bed so you imagine the perspective in the bedroom or where we happen to be changing as if you are floating a few feet higher and your physical body is not dropping away behind you and holding that new perspective now what you’re doing here is she being your center of awareness through visualization outside of your body and trying to whole life those new spatial coordinates now another way to do this is to use the rope technique which is something I’ve been teaching for a long time there and using body of wareness techniques and not not visualization techniques you feel yourself with body awareness senses you feel yourself reaching up and climbing hand over hand up a rope or you can use a ladder as if you’re climbing climbing hand over hand up a ladder now to do this you feel yourself doing it as if you are actually doing it I mean it’s a good idea to practice this to actually lift up your physical hands and feel yourself pretending to climb a rope or a ladder and memorize what your arms feel like while they are doing they really feel like they have your hands performing this action and then when you’re in a deeply relaxed state balance II on the edge between slipping and wiping waking deeply relaxed you feel yourself you imagine and feel yourself doing the same thing and by feeling it you bring and deploy your body awareness senses and that feeling of climbing a rope hand over hand exterior Rises your focus of body awareness a couple of feet out of the body and the motion of climbing the rope has a little bit of motion of that helps you hold that focus because trying to hold the focus of body awareness just outside the body in a static Y is very very difficult to do but it’s quite easy to do if you haven’t I mean there’s quite a lot of techniques related to this one is the Lucinda climbing the rope technique climbing the ladder you can also imagine you are reaching out like your arms extending what they’re made of rubber and you’re reaching out and digging your fingers into the cornice of the ceiling in the corners of the room and feeling yourself pulling yourself out you reach up again and pull yourself out and another technique which is very powerful is the role in the up technique and that is to imagine and feel yourself rolling out of your body for whatever position you in if you are sitting up you were wrong to the side as if you were rolling out of your chair and if you’re like in bed you would imagine a feel your self rolling out of bed now imagining it helps but feeling the action with your body awareness as if you’re actually doing it is the most powerful aspect of it to feel yourself doing it without physically moving now one of the techniques you’re using it’s a good idea to have the several techniques that you’re familiar with and to vary these techniques during a single absolute projection exit attempt and you would vary them every 20 or 30 seconds and he was like try and plug the Rope forward say 20 seconds and then you would move to rolling out then try the finger Korat method pulling yourself out that way and then try imagining yourself floating up out of your body for 20 or 30 seconds and then go to rolling out again and varying them and it helps a lot to very technically it’s a nice point about it’s like the body awareness ball sets in if you keep doing the same thing again minute after minute you can’t lose your focus off that but it’s not as powerful it is now feel free to try a particular technique you like for much much longer I mean you can spend 10 20 minutes half an hour productively climbing the rope if you feel you’re getting somewhere otherwise try and vary them intermittently and you know swapping changed techniques over your fight you’ll have a lot more success now again it is the shift of your center of body awareness outside the bounds of your body that makes the technique work another property that one is to imagine yourself getting up out of your body imagine it and feel it and imagine yourself walking across the room say to the door of your room and imagine that in great detail and imagine the spatial coordinates changing as you move through the room some of the walls move around you the door gets closer and larger and you have to hold awareness of your physical body in the bed behind you and then as you move through the door focus on the surroundings the hallway the doors of furniture the layout of the home as you walk through it as much detail as you can and by focusing on these details you know the potted plants or pictures and they’re trying to remember everything by focusing all that it tricks your mind into thinking believing that you actually are out of your body already and when you get to that point when you use sort of phase out of your body you well that’s one thing that happened if it fades out of your body at some point in the travels you can leave your home and you walk down the road and either which you don’t quite well imagining all the cars of the trees and the house just keep walking if I go for a walk and the idea with that is at some point you’ll completely forget that you out of popu that you’re imagining this and you’ll start to believe and feel that you’re projecting and you all just start to project now that can phase you into the astral dimension you’ll just slip into it with hardly any sensations if any or it can trigger a full blown astral projection exit in your physical body which will pull you back and you will then experience the accidental body the vibrations the rapid heart sensation of falling sensation but also you can also find yourself if you are imagine yourself walking out of your room of your building you can imagine you can experience some flashes of being there and it’s like a sudden astral projection shift from your physical body consciousness to actually being outside on the road to me in your house and that will often cause with a one or two second flash of actually being there to incredibly vivid you were just suddenly there where you’re imagining itself and then you’re back in your body again so all of these things should be tried and varied because you’ll find variable helps and it’s kind of these exercises by varying than keeping at them it exercises your astral body your projectable double it kind of pulls you this way I pulled you that ring on the way it kind of loosens up your astral body gets it used to the eye pools that this way pulls it that way and does this and that to it and you will find that the culmination of this will be the full blown astral projection excellent course which is a tricky thing to do and you have to keep at it and if you go to my your website or read my astral first edition which you would have got a free copy of if you go to my website after Bob calm you can download a free copy of that as an e book you’ll find a number of our techniques in there which are also excellent different ways of loosening up the astral body and you know getting it used to it’s like loosening up anything something that’s it’s like loosening up something that’s stuck you have to sort of move it this won’t leave it that won’t shake it up a little bit until it finally moves smoothly from wherever it’s stuck and then you get the after rejection exit so thank you for listening and I will see you again in the next video ..


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  • Hey, I was just wondering, since I felt the vibrations I’ve put astral projection as one of my life goals, how many of you have ever had this experience? How long did you take to do this? I’m really looking foward to achieving this!! Thanks for the awnser

  • Every time I feel like I’m outside of my body and I open my eyes, I’ll be in my regular physical body. How can we tell when we have made that transition into the astral state, and actually start to travel. And answer this honestly can you tell if it’s projected from the conscious, and cognitive functioning within the mind? See like when I dream I know I’m dreaming, but instead of taking control I go with the flow gathering goodness as I progress, and for the most part I play the part. But I always know that I am in full control and it’s all being generated from my mind. Even if great insight does seep in from the subconscious, and superconscious (infinite intelligence).

  • I leave my body in a trance, but it is only my awareness with no thoughts or body. No exit technique works for me or I tense up. Also I cannot leave my room, but I can see myself when I was in junior high or younger, moving around. So it is 3 different me’s! my now physical body and mind, my awareness which can observe in any direction, and a past version of myself who had never been in this room. Other times, I saw my husband floating still in the room, but when the knowledge hit me that, um…my subconscious was sure he was home, and my conscious knowledge was that he was at work, he immediately disappeared! That really shook me bc I even though I understood the power of subconsciousness was very strong, I was very disturbed by what my psyche was doing to me. (He is very cruel person, so I think my subconscious was always on alert for him, :/ ) I tried exit techniques during my time listening to Gateway cd’s, but they never worked, only my awareness left, like a remote viewer. Do you believe wifi and electronics can impair one’s ability to get out of body? If we are more than our physical bodies, lol, why does it matter if these fields exist? I do know that DaddyBob could not find a way out of a Faraday cage, during his experiments. Maybe it was a limiting belief for him, but perhaps this all boils down to electromagnetic fields and ley lines. Why do I never get vibrations? How does one loosen the energosoma “glue” if it does exist? Does anyone know where R. Monroe lived when he first started his experiments? Please if someone knows, help me out. I am trying to create some tech to help with oobe.

  • i get to the vibration state, my heart pounding like crazy, i still remain calm and focus on my breathing. when i imagine the rope, i feel like my physical body tenses up, and i cant reach sleep paralysis because im not fully relaxed. but i can still feel the energy flowing through my body going to my chest. what should i do? gladly appreciated if i get a proper answer for my concern

  • This works quite well 🙂 I also use to find ( especially as a young child ) that imagining you’re swaying side to side… like in a massive hammock, it works wonders! You can really generate that motion feeling that way, and it works so well!