What Does It Mean When I See Colors When I Meditate?

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today I’m going to talk about one of the questions I get asked the most frequently what does it mean when I see colors when I meditate I get this most frequently whenever someone is new to meditation they’re new to working with their chakras and they want to know what it means hi I am Reverend Kerr T and this is psychic Sunday start your week with a spiritual tune up what it means whenever you see any type of visual whether it’s colors or swirls or objects or almost like a dreamlike vision it means that you are clairvoyant this is one of the intuitive skills that people have and if you see those visuals then that means you are clairvoyant it literally means clear seeing and that means that you’re seeing with your third eye or your brow chakra and what it’s doing is it’s showing you what’s going on in your energy field specifically in your chakra system so whatever is happening for you in your visual part of your meditation especially whenever it’s mostly colors that’s letting you know that it’s related to the chakra system and you can learn all about the chakras by making sure you sign up for weekly psychic Sunday episodes atww spiritual mechanics calm if you’re not already on the list because the chakras really hold the key to what is going on with your energy and your life what to do you have a few choices there really two choices you have whenever you notice that you’re seeing colors in your meditation and let me just preface this by saying you cannot make a wrong decision here choose whichever option feels the best to you and don’t worry about it you can simply enjoy your meditation and relax and not do anything else regarding it you don’t have to do any interpretation or you can observe the visuals and mine it for gold to understand what is going on in your energy and your life each of your seven major chakras relates to area of your life and they all come with their own colors so if you go through and you understand what is going on within them then you have a chance to take control of your life to a new level what your visions are showing you is what’s most important for you at this time what your energy is processing it’s full of wonderful information and I’m just going to reiterate here you cannot choose wrong do what feels best to you it’s okay to meditate see the colors and just allow the meditation to do its job the very act of meditation is going to clear a lot of the energy so you don’t have to worry about it you can take it to the next level by working on interpretation but that’s only if you want to there’s no pressure here how to interpret the colors so now you may be curious since you’ve had this happen how do you interpret this so first question you want to ask is what chakra is it related to once again if you haven’t already signed up for my newsletter and my weekly updates go ahead you’ll get a free chakra download along with a straw for meditation and so you want to go ahead and get that in there seven major chakras see what color is associated with which chakra and see which one fits so for instance if you see blue in your meditation that has to do with the throat chakra and the throat chakra has to do with communication so that’s the theme that everything else is going to relate to so if you see blue that means throat chakra then you want to actually write out what’s happening and describe it in words do this physically journal it out describe what you saw in your vision in words and once you do that you want to also write out any emotions that are associated with those words or colors or any emotions that happened while you were in the meditation and once you do that then there’s usually a story that’s unfolding and your job is to see where those parallels are in your life for instance if you see a spikey energy that’s blue and it’s pulsating then you can write out spiky blue ball pulsing throbbing and whenever you do that if you feel a sense of emotional pain then you write emotional pain hurt and then you’ll see okay where am I feeling that in regards to communication oh I feel hurt because I feel like my sister didn’t listen to me the other day and I feel like I can’t communicate myself very well I feel like I’m just sending a whole bunch of information out to her I tell her exactly what I think and feel and then there’s backlash so I hold it in until the last minute again and so in your life you’re pulsing information towards your sister and that’s what’s creating that spiky energy so that actually lets you know exactly what that meditation means and so go ahead and practice this on your own and the next piece of advice is to get the unleash your psychic genius course I created this course specifically to help with this type of issue I get this question again all the time and this is a three week course that gets you deep into how to work with your chakras how to interpret information how to receive information accurately how to ask really great information or how to ask really great questions from your guides and from the universe so you can get accurate and actionable information if you’re already getting visuals in your meditation you have everything you need to do well in the psychic genius course so if you know this is something that you really want to explore check it out because I will talk in depth again about chakras how to get information on purpose and how to make sure that information is interpreted accurately and it’s useful and actionable and there’s going to be a link right below this video so go ahead and click it if that is something that resonates with you at this time again remember what I said earlier it really doesn’t matter as long as you’re following your heart so if this doesn’t resonate with you right now trust that just allow yourself to meditate and enjoy your meditation but does resonate with you do yourself a favor and check it out and see if this is something that you need in your life if it’s going to take you to the next level follow your intuition in your heart so now on to you do you see colors when you meditate how do you use this in your life share in the comments below and thank you for watching..

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  • I always see..actually see. Things..people..things going on. Nothing at first..then slowly..things appear…I seem to also know who or what they are milisecounds before they appear. Then things start to …zoom in. And starts to look very real…like a scene from far way ..like I’m looking thru something. .a hole or scope maybe like?

  • most of the time I see purple . They are like purple flames , absolutely beautiful . I’ve seen other colors but purple seems to be what I see the most

  • I saw colors last night for the first time, I have been meditating for a long time, I saw green and yellow. I can’t find the reason why,

  • When I meditate I see colors and shapes. These colors and shapes morph like a kaleidoscope. I’ve always had this and see this when my eyes are closed. It’s quite calming…..but I thought everyone could do this. ??

  • its just your brain trying to make sense of nothing, instead of turning off your eyes it says you are seeing colours not everything has a meaning people calm down

  • I see swirls at night when I close my eyes, that are moving from left to right or sometimes in clock-wise circles. I haven’t looked into what that might be, but I’m glad you mentioned swirls here 🙂