Astral projection is an old definition for a non-traditional state of being. It has a heavy spiritual undertone and tends to be used less often or/and by people with a spiritual/religious agenda.

Many other terms are also used (such as: phase, OBE (Out of Body Experienc),…) and for some similar states (lucid dreaming, remote viewing,…)

All of them are labels which hint to the existence of one or several different state(s) of being.

The common characteristics of all of these states are:

– a different perception of our physical reality (easy to demonstrate)

– the potential objective existence of different realities (not demonstrated and one has to experience it first hand to understand the complexity of the subject)

Here is what I know from years of personal experimentation:

(Some of these conclusions might evolve as I am still traveling & discovering …)

Consciousness is a continuum: awake in a body, daydreams, dreams, lucid dreams, astral projection (OBE),… are just mile posts on this continuum. You can (and do) travel back and forth along this continuum. Not only do you travel along but you are also “spread” along the continuum: a percentage of you is daydreaming while an other piece is present,…

I even encountered states when you literally “split” into different simultaneous OBE existences… (Could be defined as a multi-tasking of human consciousness?)

Now a shocker for the skeptics: OBE is our normal state of being. Being alive in a physical body is not. Everyone is OBE during part of the night. One simply does not remember it. A better term for “OBE” would be “remembering what you have been doing while your physical body was asleep”.

The quality of the experience and its remembering seems to be influenced by the “amount” of consciousness you focus on a given space/time location.

I found many differences along the continuum. For example, even a lucid dream has many different states: from where you are barely lucid with little awareness, to times where you do not want to tell your dream inhabitants that you are dreaming and “in charge/control” of the dream landscape (afraid they would tell you, you are crazy) to fully aware, in control and manipulating your dream reality. Same goes for OBE: from very little awareness and perception to complete 150% presence and capability of relocating through time and space.

I also have difficulties to focus my consciousness in a very specific time & space location. Sometimes it happens, other times, there is a lot of bleed-through from other time/space realities which create a confusing world around you (you could be in the now, in your bedroom, looking at your physical body in bed and there are other objects from other “dimensions/worlds” or created from your own subconscious overlay (expectations, needs, wishes,…) which are also present. You know they should not be there so you wonder if it is a dream…)

I use lucid dreams to have fun or/and “practice for reality” – for example to improve some physical skills – learning,… I use OBEs to learn about other times and spaces, experiment with the nature of reality, self-discovery, who I am, why, from where, role & purpose,… For example, from insane discoveries: different lives, different worlds and cultures – it sounds like science fiction as it cannot be demonstrated to be true at least for now. But I also used OBE to demonstrate (to my satisfaction) its objective reality (experiments where I go see things while OBE, write them down, then go check the reality/existence of what I saw – all the way to: writing a full 20/30min of what ended up happening 12 hours later – including making some significant amount of money because of knowing about future events set to happen before they do – a friend of mine spent several years practicing on how to read the Loto results with specific dates. He eventually got all the numbers for a given day, played and won a significant amount of money).

Now, all this sounds crazy and nobody can simply believe these “stories”. YOU have to do it yourself, run your own experiments and draw your own conclusions.

The way I described it above sounds like I can do this easily and at-will but it is NOT the case. Many times it does not work when I try. Some times it just randomly happens. Many times I commit to some goals for my next OBE but when it happens, I can’t do it: I am “kidnapped” by some other “piece of consciousness” which takes me and shows me things, provide me with information (usefull or not), communicate,… I have been doing this since 1989 and I wish I could really control these various states… not the case (except for only ONE very specific instance where I was fully in control, fully aware and conscious from awake to OBE and back to awake).

My perception of the world is very different than what it was.

I was a materialistic atheist – with quite a bit of science education – believing consciousness was the consequence of some brain functions: death = no more functioning brain = no more consciousness.

I am still an atheist: there are no “gods of the books”. Of course I am more convinced than ever of the reality and power of science at discovering and explaining our world. But I am also convinced that it is only a matter of time for science to explain consciousness as the foundation of our physical reality: consciousness is not the by-product of a functioning brain: consciousness IS the underlying structure of everything. Everything is made of consciousness: our entire material universe pops out of consciousness. Consciousness is the building block of the eons which make electrons, neutrons, protons, which make atoms, which make molecules, which make objects and living things including us, humans. A chair or a fork is made of consciousness, perceives, but obviously does not reason or think)

Astral body?

This again is an old label that does not match my experimentations. When you are OBE, you might or might not have a body: many times, you are nothing but pure awareness or also a pinpoint of you with 360 space degrees of perception. Other times you have a body which seems to match a physical body (not necessarily yours: can be different from the look of your physical body), that body can also have many different consistency: from “solid” to very “translucent” and transparent. You can see through it or not,… You can even have a different body all together (once I was some kind of a sentient, social being furrowing under the surface of another planet). So “Astral body” is a big misnomer both as the spiritual context it implies and the non existence of a body in the majority of the cases.

Once again: we are pure consciousness, part of an extended field of consciousness (H2O is a good analogy: each of us is a single drop of consciousness in the whole ocean of consciousness: where does the drop begin? Does it end? or is it just a clearly defined “thing” (the drop) or the whole medium (water/consciousness/oceans?)).

The “body” you get is the sum of your personal expectations/needs/…/, present focus of your “piece of consciousness” and the influence of the extended field of consciousness you are visiting (combination of global field and other personal fields).

Focusing (and intent) also change who you are: from a speck of nothingness to the sum of all things, from a drop to the ocean.

As far as danger?

No, it is not dangerous. It is extremely safe. Nothing is safer than OBE: It is our normal state of being.

Remember, you are consciousness in a field of consciousness and can create anything you want, need, expect,…

If you are ever scared while doing it (and this is the key word: “scared” – scared does not mean dangerous, it just means YOU perceive it as scary based upon your beliefs – you can instantly merge back into your body by just thinking-of/wiggling your big toe: truly instant return. The problem is not coming back to your body, the problem is staying out at will as you will end up wishing for.

All the entities/beings you see are part of you, part of the same field of consciousness. Consciousnesses is the ultimate, indestructible reality, you are part of it and depending on how you focus, what you want to perceive or look for, you can become that which you are looking for. You ARE, forever, indestructible.

Telling there are “dangerous entities”, “dangerous anything” is like telling the left hand of your physical body: “hey, left hand, be careful, I know there is a right hand out there and it is very dangerous, it will get you. Watch out!!!” It is non-sensical, they are both part of the same greater thing: your body. As a matter of fact when your right hand “will get” your left hand, they will rub each other and will both feel better, becoming a greater thing…

Being in a physical body is the scary thing: you can die, you can be hurt, you feel anger, thirst, pain,..: Being in the body is not natural and not easy. It takes a lot of learning to figure out how to focus enough consciousness on physical reality and move a body through it.

Dying is very easy (some people don’t even realize they are dead – these are what you would call ghosts or spirits)

Birth is the difficult step: you go from a state of total freedom, no-need/no-pain to a state where you are a virtual prisoner of a physical body bombarded by many very uncomfortable signals (pain, anger, thirst, total restriction of movements,…)

Bottom line: enjoy, experiment, be curious & have fun.

If you OBE even only once, and even for a very short time, two things will happen:

– right afterward & for most of the day: you will feel incredibly blissful, energized and rested.

– it will totally transform your perception of reality. A new door will have been cracked open for you. You will just have to step through it and touch infinity.

Additional info:

There are many books on the subject. From describing experiences, other states of being, other realities,… to many different methods used to trigger these experiences.

The only caveat to all this literature is that they are all written with the purpose of describing an objective reality from very subjective experiences (like these few words I typed). Few of them succeed, many of them fail as they seem to have different agenda than real objectivity. For example, when you are experiencing one of this state, you can come across some “entity” which will be described very differently by different authors:

From a large humanoid shape made of shining light, radiating incredible love and understanding. (objective description)

To every single religious entity you can believe in…. (an angel, god, jesus, allah, buddha, higher-self,… All tainted (overlaid) by the belief systems of the one experiencing the altered state)

From my perspective, they all fall within 3 categories:

– they truly try to be objective, analytic and scientific, describe in human terms a different state of being.

– they don’t know the first thing about it: they never did it themselves.

– they’ve a hidden agenda (they want to control you – either money or/and power trip: you follow me and I’ll keep you safe or you give me money and I’ll keep you safe – All the religious/spiritual interpretations fall into this power/money trip category – some also have a hero complex or an ego issue: they typically tell you all the bad and dangerous things which could happen to you if you do it so they can be THE perceived and venerated heroes, gurus, masters,…)

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Astral Projection.

Astral Projection! (And How To Do It)

What is up! Today we are going to be talking about the magical world of Astral Projection! I’ll be explaining what it AND why it is so important in the quest to understand yourself. PLUS just how exactly you can do it. Enjoy!


Text version:

what is up guys and welcome back to quartz corner now we all have a physical body this vessel that we are born with and used to experience life and consciousness from within but what if some unknown way we have another body an astral body and what if somehow we can detach this astral body from our physical body and travel two dimensions and places and experience things that may not even make sense during what we are calling life now what would this experience be like and how would we do it let’s find out today we’ll be talking about what’s known as astral projection or also known as an out of body experience actual projection is essentially the act itself of projecting our astral body outside of our physical body and experiencing the astral plane and when this is done it frees us from our physical body from our attachments to this experiences life that we are living right now and instead lets us explore this completely new different dimension and experience your plane call the Asheville realm and what these astral planes essentially are are different planes and dimensions of existence but you can only experience them once you reach them once you have an out of body experience or having a near death experience these are the only ways you can honestly see or experience these occurrences these planes it sounds crazy but again it’s something you must experience for yourself to fully comprehend the magnitude of what it really is now I know this videos just begun this is a lot to take in especially for the skeptical mind but I would the exact same way before I had my first astral projection it is something you must try before necessarily saying it can or cannot happen it does or does not exist the amazing thing about astral projections is that every single experience to each of us is completely different but they occur within the same area within the same astral plane all these experiences whether they be near death or astral projections when they come back when people analyze them and talk about them they are unanimously within the same dimensional plane from the astral plane within these experiences they all similarly happen there’s only certain ways for them to happen this is the crazy part people have never met each other never known each other still experience the same ideal things and I personally think that astral projections are key when it comes to really starting to understand and accept the unknown the spiritual aspect of the around us the things that we cannot fully explain with science of something other than this life and this dimensional plane that we live within existing somehow somewhere because it doesn’t really fit into these realms it simply is its own thing it will change your life for the better I promise after all astral projection has been around for thousands of years it has been used by shamanic cultures and religious cultures and ancient cultures since we can remember we have records across all the world talking about these out of body experiences and astral projections there are references to these experiences in the Bible and the Quran and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs Hindu scriptures I mean the list goes on it is amazing how many different cultures that did not have contact that lives at different times experienced these things the same way and documented in the same way but the funny thing is it really wasn’t brought back up in the popular light in popular culture to the mainstream people till about the 1970s 80s when a man named Robert Monroe started having a massive amount of astral projections he then wrote these three books on the topics which I highly suggest anybody getting an astral projection should read immediately I read these books after I had my first astral projection and it will help you to an amazing extent to really understand what’s going on and what the experiences you have are like and why they are occurring and other methods so here’s a big question how do we do it I mean how does one project one’s astral body outside of its physical body because doing this at least for me changes your life forever in every way you look at this reality but that being said what’s your bright into how to astral project using something known as the Rope technique and we’ll be starting with the Rope technique simply because this is again a video for what else projection really is there are tons of methods on astral projection but this is the simplest with the simplest form of rules and has one of highest rates of success also with that being said remember that Hassell projection is not easy it is much more tedious and time consuming and takes much more effort than lucid dreaming does as I talked about in my last video on lucid dreaming so know this before you get into with that ass projection can take a while to master so step one before you start anything make sure you are relaxed when I say relaxed I don’t mean that you are just calm every single aspect of you as a person is relaxed your body your mind you are not stressed out your muscles are relaxed you have stressed or done something to make sure you are completely comfortable when you start this journey because that is the main thing with you you must be comfortable in every way so make sure you are fully relaxed not only physically but mentally to make sure it is quiet and that you are comfortable again you are trying to leave this body but you don’t want to have little things and knowing you on this journey once you start it because it will happen make sure that wherever you are doing this wherever you are trying to attempt this it is completely quiet you’re not use music or binaural beats when you first start like you doing lucid dreaming some people can but it is so much easier when you have nothing going on you have no external experiences to worry about when you are focusing inside yourself step 3 do this in the early morning do not do this for bed it won’t work you’ll fall asleep or if you want to do this effort sleep make sure you get at least four three or four hours of sleep before you attempt this this is not something you do when you are tired it will not work you’ll fall asleep every single time when you do that you have to be in a kind of awake state but also a dozy state so really the best time to do this is to get a couple hours of sleep or once you wake up kind of hang out and then attempt these methods once you do this we can finally get into the real aspects house project so step four make sure you were in bed make sure you’re comfortable make sure everything is in perfect condition close your eyes and start to slowly just breathe and focus on your breathing for about 5 10 minutes get yourself into a really calm and clear state don’t try to focus or think of anything don’t try to wonder about how to do it just simply breathe in your nose out your mouth for about five to 10 minutes while you are slowly letting your body calm down and get to a very very very relaxed state step 5 once you’re in this process you will need to do something called visualization and that means you have to visualize a rope hanging above you to see why oh the Rope method because it involves a rope in its actual realm you visualize a rope and what you do is while your arms are by your side while you’re completely flat laying flat with all your extremities out visualize don’t actually do it but visualize your arms coming up and pulling on this astral and pulling your astral body out of your physical imagine every aspect of this rope the texture of it the feel of it the weight of it the grip of your hands on it visualize your whole body being pulled out by this rope and continue to do this this can take a very long time 30 minutes to an hour or so because what’s happening while you visualize your astral body being put on your physical body is your body is falling asleep physically it’s going through a hypnagogic state of wakefulness to sleep and that is what you are trying to stay conscious between this happening so the next step and one of the biggest steps is to enter and pass this hypnagogic state while you are pulling on this rope this is the hardest part of astral projection and you have to keep it in mind when you were doing it because this is the number one area where people mess up or they wake up it always happens it happened to me countless times before I kind of realized how to do it fully without ever getting past it and why this happens is because your body when it goes from this wakeful state to sleep state through hypnagogia and you are trying to pull yourself out of your body your astral body and stay fully conscious and work your extremities mentally your body starts to vibrate and it vibrates at a very very physical level it is absolutely insane this experience alone is absolutely crazy and what’s crazy to me is it will start in your toes and slowly wig organs way up through your image through your fingers through your arms through your legs through the core of your body to your mind and your whole body will feel like it is violently shaking not super violently but physically enough to where you feel like somebody is physically shaking you and this is the hardest part to keep your mind focus on the rope once you reach this vibrational state you will get past it and when you get past it this is literally a physical feeling of a poppet detachment from your physical body and this is when you start to hover above your physical body in natural realm and you realize you have projected your astral body outside your physical and when you do this for the last step the hardest thing to get into people’s minds and to realize once you start doing a projection is to not freak out freaking out is the number one factor in what kind of ruins an astral projection because it just doesn’t seem real that it’s possible so when doing this once you kind of reach this stage of projecting outside your physical body do your best not to kind of freak out at the fact that you succeeded that you did it right that you did project actually outside of your physical body because if you can kind of surpass this excitement of projecting outside a physical body and retain your logic I guess and work towards the astral realm you will see things and experience things you’ve never experienced before once you get past that level and you project out and you realize it and you don’t wake up because of how insane it is you can then go ahead and do literally anything you want in any fashion you want to in any room meet people that have passed away talk to things fly create realities visit countries you’ve never been to before speak to entities that may not even make sense to you but make sense in the astral realm the possibilities are endless it is an experience that has no belonging in this realm that we live in now in the physical 4 dimension that we can really experience or explain words once you come back it is something that you have to experience to really fully grasp and comprehend the magnitude of what’s happening I was a very scientific person in my life very atheistic very not opened any spiritual aspect for a long time until I had my first astral projection and when I did I literally broke down and cried how amazing was because there’s no scientific way to explain what is happening it is simply something that is uncomprehensible until you do it and it completely changed my entire life from every aspect of the way I’ve thought on every single level one apps projection changed all of it completely and I honestly think that it can do this for anybody for you for me or anyone that really does try to ask projects no matter how hard it may be no matter how many times you fail once you do it it will lead to an experience that will never leave your mind and that you will never ever forget it is an amazing experience that I feel like everyone should have the ability to learn how to do this is why it’s been around since ancient times this is why it continues to be around and why is such a big deal now it is we need to understand there’s more out there than just what we see in front of our faces and there’s much more out there than we can comprehend at all times so that being said thank you guys very much for checking this video out I really hope you enjoy astral projection this video on it and the methods I hope they work for you if they do comment below and let me know if you’d like the video make sure to LIKE subscribe talk to me about what you thought leave comments if you have any questions on the ideas we’ll be doing more videos in the future on new methods my personal experiences with ass projection if you guys want to see stuff like that and so on if you have any any ideas whatsoever we should have follow me on my social sites they’re right here I give updates all the time I talk about my stuff that’s going on my video plans things like that so again thank you guys very much and like always I will see you next week..


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  • When he said rope technique I thought this dude was gunna tell me to hang myself so I could have a near death experience

    news flash
    i don’t like me
    news flash.exe
    i’m gonna steal a thicc chicc’s body

  • “you have to be completely relaxed, not only physically also mentally”
    well guess who’s never going to experience this lmao

  • I would not recommend astral projection unless you know what you are doing. Why?- STORY TIME: I was really into astral projection and thought the concept was amazing. I have always been into altered state of consciousness, so as you can imagine, AP totally intrigued me. Anyways, I had gotten really into it to the point where I was practicing every day. Than one night, it happened. I used the rope method and found myself floating, I felt a dark presence and instantly jumped back into my body. However, I felt weird, I felt…different. Next morning I went to school feeling weird, the whole day, I never realized the extent of it till I came home though. My dog back outside in the yard and I came to say hi. Once he saw me, he got a terrified look on his face and began viciously barking (Keep in mind he’s a friendly golden retriever) Not knowing what was going on, I stepped closer to him, thats when he bolted. He ran for the fence as fast as he could, peeing everywhere on his way. Jumped 6 feet up a fence on his bad foot, and even released his anal glands. When I finally got to him, he was scared in the corner, trembling with fear. Finally he recognized me. Now I was scared, I though I had been possessed, but what happened next confirmed my fears. We let out my roommates dog to go to the restroom, and when he saw me, he did the exact thing. He ran away, tail between legs, for his life. I cried for quite some time, not knowing what to make of myself. Luckily, God placed a spiritual shaman in my life and he was able to cleanse my of my darkness, whatever it may have been. Never again will I try the sacred but dangerous art of Astral Projection. Be warned, fellow Projectors. I urge you to be careful.