Astral projection is an old definition for a non-traditional state of being. It has a heavy spiritual undertone and tends to be used less often or/and by people with a spiritual/religious agenda.

Many other terms are also used (such as OBE – “Out Of Body”, phase,…) and for some similar states (lucid dreaming, remote viewing,…)

All of them are labels which hint to the existence of one or several different state(s) of being.

There are quite a few ways you can trigger these states of being. I will refer to them as OBE””. Patience and perseverance are the two prerequisites. It took me 20 months of 30 min. daily practices to get my first one. After this I kept studying and found several other techniques or/and technologies which are better than my original chakra meditation. Here are a few of them:

– obe4u. com this one is probably the one that will give you the fastest results. From that website, you can download a free . pdf book which gives you the best method (my view) to trigger one. All methods are based on falling asleep while retaining consciousness (very difficult), this one suggests the opposite: as you wake up, you are not fully attached to your body, so move out…

– hemisynch (sound technology used for brain entrainment). The best ones I have found come from the Monroe Institute (VA). They have a website and sell different hemisyncs (including a program designed for OBE)

– magnetic brain entrainment: Shakti helmet – some coils in a head strap. This is connected to a computer/software which triggers various states of consciousness including OBE (I bought it 8 years ago but never used it – still probably have it somewhere). You can find info at http: //www. brainwave-entrainment…

– you can also use Lucid dreaming techniques and as they evolve, you will trigger OBEs. For this I used Stephen Laberge books (Lucide Dreams) and eventually bought his device (lucidity. com – monitors sleep and help realize Lucidity – works well but once again, it takes a lot of commitment and perseverance to succeed)

– friends of mine used drugs, I would not go this road as it is really “out of control” and experiences can be frightening. One bad trip will trigger a “brain protection reflex” which will make it very difficult to impossible for you to have additional OBE. You will be stuck with drugs (unfortunatelly: useless “out of control” OBE and potential health (legal?) consequences from whatever substance you used)

Have fun, it’s really awesome and will change your life as you cannot even imagine..,

PS: VERY IMPORTANT: start keeping a dream journal by your bed and USE IT to record everything that happen during the night. Including non interesting mondain dreams (i. e.: one of my “mondain” irrelevant dream turned out to be 30 minutes of my life which happened (people, dialogues, events,…) a week AFTER it was recorded in writing AND on tape. Truly mind blowing stuff which will show you that reality is not exactly what the majority agrees on…)

Jan 7, 2015

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