What will happen if we live in the Astral world, Hmmm.. well first let’s talk about what is Astral world? Astral world is nothing, just the normal world we are always in, but what we see and feel around is not directly through the medium and perspective of our material body, but through the internal soul! Pretty horrifying for anyone getting to know about it first time. This phenomenon is according to some people that believe they do Astral projections. When they are in deep sleep, they project the inner soul in the outside world leaving their material body behind. Even some people say that their souls ain’t completely detached as both of them are connected through a chain which can vary in length and is used to reconnect to the body back.

Well, now back to the question, what will happen? Maybe this question ment what will happen if the soul gets lost in the Astral world or cannot connect back to the body leaving himself to remain in that world(i would answer this accordingly). The answer to this would not be charming in any manner, the soul would be trapped in Astral world, though free to roam around. It would remain infront of it’s body but cannot get back. After all this, when the family or people whom he live with, comes to know that he isn’t waking up after a lot of attempts, the body of the person would be taking for medical assistance. The person would see everyone around him concerned for what has happened, but he won’t be able to tell. The body goes through several diagnostics still no clue for the people in real world. That would be the worst thing to happen to a human, i guess. Maybe now this Astral world becomes a home to that person.

All what i told is just an imagination from my perspective as i don’t happen to do Astral projections, i can’t tell whether it is true or not, but if it is believed to be a thing for a while above should be the thing what would happen.


(Suggestions are always welcomed <3)

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Astral Projection.


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