I think it’s the shape that you believe the world is in your physical life, with your five senses. But most dreams, including AP ‘dreams’ are more localized and involve micro events and drama. So the shape of the world really does not matter. What matters is the drama, the event, and specific locale, mostly involving a dwelling or specific place of some sort where we experience most of our lives in, or are familiar with. Addendum: , I do visit the moon sometimes during AP, and the moon appears flat from a distance, kind of like in real life. So I found it kind of odd that people once actually thought the world was flat, when the moon was flat also, but in a different direction? Like what’s up with that? I first tried to fly to the moon, but after a time in the clouds not being able to see anything, I just decided to teleport there from now on. I am just me there, but feel no cold or heat, or hear sound, nor do I ever really smell anything special. I think sight is our primary sense, but all I could see is not different than the moon pictures I have seen, it was dark and I never even have seen a crater or anything, just odd dirt with some rocks and uneven terrainlike you see in pictures. But I can ‘feel’ the expected gravity difference and bounce around like 20 feet into the air or higher, that was fun, but other than that, it was boring. I could breath fine too apparently, like when I am under water ( my lungs fill with water, but there seems to be enough oxygen to keep me breathing air,) or diving to the core of the Earth, I can breath too. So this is all Dream stuff. The AP part is mostly the feeling of the total energy of the Vibes, that allows you a feeling of leaving your body with the perspective that you are Out of Body. This is the primary unique part. Other than the parts of the AP ‘Dream’ where I can actually see, and confirm parts of my city, that I had never seen before, until I found myself physically in that exact same location, with the exact same dwellings and surroundings. This is truly the fascinating part for me. That although AP is just another form of ‘dream’, but yet somehow connected to reality also…

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Flat Earth Theory? What “I Saw” Whilst Astral Projecting.

Is the earth really flat or has it always been round? Could the general public find out by another means? I’m about to tell you about what I saw after hearing this Theory on the Flat earth conspiracy. And boy, did I see more than I bargained for…

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morphing arburian comments and I’ve seen many suggestions for video pertaining to whether or not the earth is flat or round I have had the answer for a very long time it’s not the first time we’ve been out into space and I thought today I’ll make this video rotating through exactly why I saw maybe this clear up some confusion there are so many facts out there evidence hmm which one I’ve seen I’ve only seen like loads Ellefson theories so is it really factual evidence or is it just theoretic suggestion hmm I’ll be inserting let’s get a bit serious now I’m gonna be says what will I be serious it’s a video about the earth being flat rounds no need for it to be series until what happened when most people begin to astral project within the later years of their life they often have a few experiences before they’re able to control it that contribute towards the development in astral projection and during these experiences they’ll end up laying there in their bed peeking into other dimensions thinking that they’re still in 3d this can freak them out because they’ll start seeing shadow beings they’ll feel like they can’t breathe mainly because then I used to the spiritual pressure within that realm and so it scares people let’s guess before the mind runs rampant with theories and ideas of what could have happened what will happen which won’t happen by the way and if it does the money on it that it’s a thought form of my videos on the ethers and what the Astros are all about over my channel but this video will be pretending to whether or not the earth is flat reason why I bring that up specifically in this video is because I went to bed with the intention to fall asleep which I should have known better because oftentimes when I lay down in the middle of the day that never happens after astral projected that’s exactly what happened this time around as I’m peeking at the corner of my eye I take a look the left side of my bedroom right now it’s a mess but if you can imagine all of that stuff just not being there this caused some confusion why is my room slightly different there’s a toolbox there I’m pretty sure it belongs someone’s boyfriend why I got it in my room I’m not planning to do any DIY anytime soon what’s going on here I didn’t get up not just yet you see every now and then astral projection is we have the ability to bounce which means rather than just assuming that it’s over because we’ve been snapped back into our body we decide to give it another shot and I gave it another shot by looking only this time to this side of my room to see my door open I could hear the distinct voice of my dad laughing with my aunt and my sister now this is strange this never happens okay it’s never happens the last time astral projected I time travelled into the future and I saw my dad with my mum very strange sat on the couch and it was Christmas it was 2016 2016 you know I actually waited because this was three years before 2016 when I had this experience this astral projection so I anticipated and watched the series of events leading up to 2016 just to see whether or not this future probability will come to fruition it didn’t but for other reasons and that makes sense in a second because as I got up now curious I can hear my dad speaking maybe this is the same timeline I venture outside of my broom and I walk downstairs into the living room I see the three of them standing down my sister my aunt and my dad laughing no this time my dad is slightly overweight whereas last time I saw him he was thinner so was my mom they wore different clothing as well a darker decor and I thought okay this can’t be it this can’t be the same timeline that I entered into last time because he looks different so what’s going on here now this is where astral projection is so important when it comes to learning how reality is put together I once said I wish this was taught in schools because I felt a presence not an entity not as if it was a person walking near me but more so global presence as if this thing was everywhere spirit of sorts and this spirit cause me to fade back into my body now remember the bouncing I said we astral projection is often do well that happened again only this time I with my eyes to stare at the ceiling very same ceiling I helped my mum paint when healthy hunger I need to then face through the roof of my house and experience the space in front of me become larger and as I looked over my shoulder the space behind me became smaller to feel yourself moving through space time but not actually physically moving but rather the space in front of you shifting and moving allowing you to then exist within another point of space that is exactly what happened it felt as if I was just beamed straight up above the earth and as I’m looking down at the earth I begin to see the flower of life okay and I’ve got a pendant here with it on that for you guys don’t know what that is but I’m going to have a hard time having this focus on it and this flower of life laid perfectly over the top of the earth now at that point of time I had remembered somebody suggesting to me to make a video about whether or not the earth was flat or round so I decided to do was to venture around the edge of the earth but as I’m venturing around the earth I realized something I’m venturing around the earth it’s not flat I can see it it’s a globe but what I saw next yeah I saw another earth looked exactly like ours and it existed real close to ours okay not only did I see one earth I saw another too and then I decided to count the amount Earth’s that I saw and all in all I saw eight Earth’s you can imagine a cube each corner of the cube harboring another earth and that’s all this blue energy merge off of the Earth’s in tune the other ones as if each parallel earth or copy of itself were merging into each other even as I looked further away from the earth there were closest together I saw another earth off into the distance and then another one further off into the distance so now what I’m looking at is parallel Earth’s literally in front of me that are further and further away and the ones that were closest together it was as if their realities were merging together and that is why is experiencing parallel versions of my life whilst I was astral projecting so not only did I see the earth being round but I also saw other parallel earth also exist within other points of space so yeah that’s gonna be about do it guys that’s what I saw after seeing that I came back with a big smile on my face and this is not the first time that I’ve been out into space this isn’t I made a video Google astral projection out of orbit Y flip out of orbit because I feel my astral body shift in weight because of the change in the authentically the stratosphere this was a left the atmosphere I entered into space when I started to flip and flip out of the orbit of the earth I saw the Sun over and over again that and they have been a few accounts I have left the earth to see planets go further away after that in turning around seeing other people’s like chords come from the earth and venture out into space other astral projection errs across time in space literally these guys could be astral projecting like in the 90s there is a limitation to astral projection and I was watching their like holes from their physical body down at earth venture off into space and connect to their I assume their astral body a lot of people doing this a lot of people have done this and will do this within the future but this has been my take and whether or not the earth is flat or round from my experience from why I’ve seen it’s round they’re all round I’m not jay z this has been your potential hope you’ve enjoyed subscribe for more videos like this comment below if you like I’ll respond to them as soon as I can b. TW guys pretty soon peace..


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  • It is impossible to tell by astral projection if the earth is flat or a ball.
    When a person astral projects they are in the astral plane. The astral plane looks very much like earth. But it is not the 3 dimensional or physical plane.

    The astral plane is created by the thoughts of humans. Therefore if millions of humans think there is a ball earth then on the astral plane their thoughts create a ball earth.

    Need further proof that Ryan Cropper has not proved the physical earth is a ball? Simple.
    1. At 2:00 mins he says how people who are new to astral projection get fearful because they think they are still in 3D. The shape of the earth in question is the physical 3D earth not the astral realm.
    2. At 3:08 he sees his room and in it is a tool box belonging to his mom’s boyfriend. Why is it in his room. This indicates the tool box has not been there. So he is not seeing the physical world. Also note his mom is not with his dad in the 3D world now.

    3. At 3:42 hears his dad in the other room laughing with his aunt and sister say it was strange because, “This never happens.” He is not seeing the reality of the physical world.

    4. At 3:53 saw his mom with his dad at Christmas 2016 says it was very strange. But it was 3 years before and he waited to see if it happened which it didn’t. WHOA!!!!! Stop and think! The video says published May 28, 2016. Christmas 2016 was still 7 months in the future. So why are we listening to this guy talk about real world realities?

    Yeah like he says, “This is a video about whether the earth is flat. Why should I be serious?”
    At which point any person serious about the truth of the shape of the earth should have said, “Sorry sir you are wasting my time. Good day.” and turn off this useless video.

    He further goes on to say he saw 4 earths right next to each other and then 4 more. Do we have evidence that this is reality?
    I rest my case.

  • Other ppl did what you did some saw a flat earth and others saw a pyramid shape earth and some so a round earth what am trying to say you see what you believe

  • The EARTH is flat at sea level and there is no curve at sea level. There is land above sea level that has mountains, hills, and valleys but the earth is NOT a globe. I have over 12,000 photographs to prove I am connected to the angelic realm plus over 50 videos on my channel on inter-dimensional beings around me 365 days a year. Lots of people out there who JUST talk and give NO PROOF they are connected at all to the spirit realm ? STOP believing in guys who show you NO PROOF of their story? I can take photographs of advanced beings that live here on EARTH 24/7 anywhere on earth…Can this guy take just one photograph of something amazing like a MILE wide portal in the sky? Or maybe thousands of orb behind him to prove he is real? or what about any photographs of large even GIANT inter-dimenisonal beings like dragons in the sky right here on earth TODAY ? Well, I CAN do all of that and much more, I also have captured all this and much more on camera already on my channel for all to see… I am not a TALKER like some people…Believe in what you experience not what someone tells you…:)

  • it is all in your mind. if you believe the earth is flat, you will see a flat earth while astral projecting and vice versa. good video though!

  • Love your vibe dude! Not sure how you saw spherical earths though as real science shows we are not on spinning sphere, maybe in astral you project what you can conceive?

  • Every time I hear that, “The earth is flat!” I start to feel a low vibration of energy, I can trust this type of information and his experience.

  • You Sir entered the 4th dimension (time.) You probably already knew this… That was why you witnessed a parallel universe.

  • Earth is NOT FLAT. It is impossible for the earth to get sunlight if it was flat or circular shaped. Why do you think the equator has the hottest temperature. It would also to be crazy to suggest that the earth is flat because there isn’t a reason that would be dangerous for us to know otherwise. That would also mean days in general are not real. If the earth is not rotating on its axis and spinning then how would a flat earth rotate on an axis. It would also make atmospheres impossible