I have experienced some supernatural things in my life which is not very usual to see or believe. But ghost, poltergeists I haven’t experienced anything related to them. But I can tell you for sure that YES astral projection[1] could be experienced in reality. Although it might not be necessary to experience astral experience any time or anywhere. You have to practice and work hard a lot, both physically and mentally as well. But certain things needs to be kept in mind like.

YES astral projection

You can try these easy steps as a beginner to start trying astral projection:

5 Astral Projection Tips for beginners that will help you get started

Along with that try reading some good books to gain more knowledge.


[1] What is astral projection?

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Astral Projection.

Astral Travel Secrets, Out Of The Body Experience Explained [Full Video]

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so please give a big hand for Tata Kinesis so my talk tonight is titled the red or blue tile talk reload your reality and not too dissimilar from I guess the image behind me the film the matrix the idea is that like neo were living a double life but a double life part of that we’re not aware of you might have unaware a slight awareness of it but it’s it’s learning how to open that aperture more and more so you become fully aware of who and what you really are so so yes my talk tonight is for me all the conspiracies that I research throughout the years throughout my life as a remote viewer as just a concerned citizen of the world I find that to me the biggest conspiracy is the suppression of multi dimensional consciousness multi dimensional reality who and what we really are and the lie that the church is perpetuated with you know Heaven and Hell the the new sort of paradigm with science that you know is all about physicality and what we can sort of measure so so yeah my talk will be radically different from those lines but I’d like to first give you a little bit of insight into my world before I continue with my actual experiences of multi dimensional reality because I think it’s it’s important that you have some background on on Who I am one of the things that I one way that I’d love to actually help people sort of start to see realities within realities to take people beyond ordinary reality is through something that I developed about six years ago six years ago called a synchronicity walk and the synchronicity walks are very a very simple I’ll put up notices in cafes I live in London so I’ll put up notices and cafes alternative book shops and the notice will be very straightforward it’ll it’ll just an offer it’s an offering the people come to this place at this time of this day and we’re going to use our intuitions take a walk across London as our intuition as our guide and in doing so we allow miraculous things to happen and we get to experience the magic that is already there that might be only not seen or unseen because of our current belief systems and the blindness that that that that can bring so when people show up to these walks I always get at least one or two people as we’re waiting for others to arrive to ask me a question such as so what’s the plan and as I always say to everyone else there is no plan I’ll pull some dice out of my pocket I’ll say we’ve got these dice and these dice we basically use throughout the night whenever we get to a street corner will rule the dice and we’ll let the dice decide which direction that we go so this way we get to take all control out of our hands and this then removes our preferences our expectations which have a way of actually controlling the direction of the walk by throwing the dice and letting chance or luck or synchronicity guide us then we get to experience the magic that’s there beyond our expectations beyond our preferences our personal likes and dislikes so it’s a very simple experience in the sense of you know the ideas behind it the guidelines are very simple we roll the dice whenever we get to a street corner we are open to experiencing the synchronicities whenever we have in the tuition we follow it instead of doubting it so trusting your first instinct instead of having the doubt come in which then will probably get us to do something more fear based versus that first response which is probably a very loving you know sort of response so 20 30 40 people sometimes arrive quite a few of them I’ve never met before sometimes we have return visitors to the walks and no walk is is the same but they all show people the synchronicity that is always there because to me synchronicity is not something we need to manifest through a process it’s always there reality is always there and it’s just the reality that we’re experiencing based again on those preferences and those expectations so a lot of people will come to the walks because I usually will run the walks in the evening time 7: 30 mostly in the weekday so people are coming directly from work in most cases and the walk is a wonderful way to help people recalibrate their nervous system to recalibrate their their way of thinking they’ve been at a very commercial sort of place all day long maybe a very competitive environment and this gives them a way to actually start to let go of that ego it part of you know what we think we are and when I say ego I’m referring to not the idea that psychology presents with regards to our personality but the idea of promoted by spiritual circles spirituality where the ego is that false self that learns fear that we we accumulate during our lives that part of us that is literally cut itself off from the reality of love of you know that true nature of who we are and I find that through the the walking and the process of letting go letting the dice guide us we start to access this deeper nature of who we are our true self and it starts to recalibrate us and by the end of the evening people are feeling themselves again and I’ll just give you a few examples of what we experience and this is very typical of all the walks so we roll the dice at the very beginning and we get our group number and the group number is a way for us to communicate directly with the universe in my way of thinking about the universe the universe will communicate through signs and symbols like the crop circle symbols that we see around us in this hall and if we’re open to the interpretation then it’s it will unfold that we will receive the download so we roll the dice when we get our group number and let’s say for example on one night we rolled the number four and as we were walking on that night so we got to a street corner and we rolled the dice again and we had a reoccurrence of the number four again and it was right underneath the bus stop for the number four bus in central London so I said to people okay this is probably a sign and when the number four bus comes we should probably get on the bus the moment I said that the number four bus came around the corner and that was perfectly timed event and it’s this point people really started to get the flavor of what I’m like if I say you know let’s get on the bus I mean it I’m very spontaneous in that way and I’m very much like to be in that flow which is always there it’s just whether or not we’re experiencing the flow because of our state of mind so I can already see people scrambling for their oyster cards and wondering if they’ve got just enough money to get on the bus without being embarrassed if they can’t get on and this is important every step of this these fears come up you know it’s like the idea of love love brings up everything unlike itself and so when those fears come up there we’re not asking in the body of a walk for the fears to come up and then do nothing with it except for perhaps embarrass someone but for that to actually be healed in some way whether it’s other people that I have got a spare oyster card there’s no worry and you just having that that belief that faith that everything is going to unfold in a very loving profound way and let that recalibration of the nervous system just to naturally occur the deeper we step into that true nature of who and what we are so on that particular occasion the bus came around the corner perfectly timed experience as we’re all getting onto the bus it started to rain and this was very amusing for me because I’ve done so many of these walks and I’ve learned so much about synchronicity through direct experience that to me that was a sign of what we call the the Joker or the trickster aspect of synchronicity that part that reminds you not to take yourself too seriously to remember to laugh and I was thinking about a parallel version of me in another reality that probably did not follow the signs of synchronicity on that occasion and there’s now getting wet on another level of reality with you know the other synchronicity walkers so and I would have to smile and remind myself that if we would have trusted we’d have been on the bus and would have been driving but luckily it was this version of reality and we were on the bus and we were dry so we got on the bus and we rolled the dice and we got the number nine so I know everyone okay let’s go nine stops and then we’ll get off the bus and you can see some people getting nervous again I have locked up my bike back there at Trafalgar Square I don’t know where this bus is going I live on the other side of town and again these are those fears that we’ve become so conditioned to and and you can just again you see as I search relax and I start to really trust it’s almost as if people on the walk start to borrow my faith Oh Todd notes what he’s doing I’m sure he’ll get us home safely at night sometimes people fall through the cracks you know while we’re walking and they just disappear maybe through fear they’re thinking okay this is too much for me and that’s perfectly okay so we went the nine stops the moment we were getting off the bus it stopped raining again a perfectly timed experience of synchronous synchronicity what was even more fascinating when we all got off the bus there was a wall just opposite from the door the bus where there was somebody plastered a big sign that said wait here for further instructions you just can’t make this stuff up I mean you can but there’s no point so we’re all there standing there at this sign and I said to everybody we have to follow the signs so we stood there and within just about a minute one of the black cabs drived up and their passenger got out and then he looked over at us and it was just perfect we all sort of just sort of like the red seeds were parting and this sign and he sort of just chuckled and I said yes we are waiting here for you obviously and I said look we’re not tourists I know I sound American but we’re not tourists and we don’t want to go to Buckingham Palace we’re kind of randomly walking across London and we’re just sort of experiencing whatever happens just by rolling dice and I asked him would you mind just without even thinking about it without using you know you know any logical parts of your brain just choose the direction for us and immediately he was just like and he was in the spirit of it and he sort of pointed this direction and we thank him and we began walking within a few minutes there was this loud thumping music coming from a top floor flat and I said to everyone perhaps we should get crash the party and again people were like hey Todd serious and by that point they should know I’m serious and the moment just after I said that this guy comes sort of running across the street from this pub and he looked like he had a lot of purpose and he looked at us he was like what are you guys up to and I explained to him I said yeah we’re just about to gatecrash this party it was like that’s really interesting my mates just bet me that I wouldn’t get cash to the party and I was thinking to myself at the moment because as things like that happen I like to make the connections and I was thinking to myself what would have happened if we didn’t get on the bus you know we probably wouldn’t been here we would be somewhere else and it would experience something else but what if we were meant to be here then we would have probably found another avenue and I think the universe is you know exactly like that it’s like our GPS in our car like our sat nav if we miss the left hand turn and were meant to turn left we can trust that the the GPS will recalibrate and it will get us back on to our path but I like to think of these things during the walk as we’re continuing and I sometimes think well maybe we would have got on the bus and maybe if that guy wasn’t quite ready to put down his beer and come across the road we would have stopped you know something else would have stopped us for a brief moment and then the perfect conversions would have still taken place so with that further sign that we should gatecrash the party we rang a few sort of buzzers to get ourselves in and somebody buzzed us in and we went up to the flat we knocked on the door and again I don’t even need to embellish this stuff this guy opens up the door smoking a reefer it’s like Hello and and I was like Hello and explain to him what we were up to and wandering across London and how we managed to come to his house and his flat in his home and it was like ah come on in there was like 20 of us and we went in and we we had a bit of a party so it was quite quite fun another experience just to put it in context once again on another occasion or a group number was the number two we were already maybe 30 minutes into the walk the walks used the last for about 90 minutes and we got to a point where we were near Oxford Street and Regent Street and again we rolled the dice and we had a reoccurrence of the number two again and so I said to people okay let’s look for the number two and as I said that a number two bus which was C 2 went by and so I said okay the universe wants us to see the number 2 somewhere here and so we’re looking around and we couldn’t quite see you know the number anywhere like on a on a you know beyond the bus and somebody pointed out well there’s two ladies over there just talking amongst themselves everybody else on Oxford Street Regent Street or just sort of you know a crowd going somewhere a massive you know humanity and they were the only two you know standing still so I took that as a sign and I and I confirmed this person yes we should probably go over there and have a chat and we all sort of surrounded these two women and and I was like excuse me really sorry to interrupt pardon the interruption we’re not tourists I explained what we were doing and I thought she was going to probably point out one of the major road you know the intersection and one of the major roads but she didn’t she pointed out this alleyway and we thanked her and we crossed the road and when we got over to the alleyway the building that was on that corner of the alleyway in the main road was but we couldn’t see it originally from where we were but through this intuition of this other woman it led us perfectly to that space now the moment we got there this man came running at full speed out of this shop Selfridges whatever it was come out of the shop full speed running down this alleyway and these two security guards had come running after him so obviously he was shoplifting and I was like follow them yeah and this is the fluidity of the walk the entire time again to take all control out of our hands so we can experience what’s already there and what this is doing is helping us go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole to experience again the magic the rawness that’s already there that sometimes we miss we’re not seeing these realities within realities because of the belief system blindness the things that we come to expect through our our mindset especially if we’re coming out of work we’re probably going to be in a particular mood so this has a profound way of recalibrating people’s thoughts and by the time you know the walk finishes they’re in a completely different state of mind and then different they’re experiencing something completely different so this is my world if you’d ever like to experience this please invite me over we can go out in your local area and we can have a synchronicity walk I’m always open to to traveling so okay so that’s some of my synchronicity experiences and now I want to get down to the talk itself reload your reality so once again to me where I’m at in my life right now there are so many incredible ideas but one of the biggest conspiracies to me is that idea you know of that suppression of multi dimensional consciousness who we are it suppressed by science it’s suppressed by religion to a large degree you know the truth of multi dimensional reality and the real beauty of multi different dimensional reality beyond that black and white concept that religion will give us and in most cases heaven in hell and the only in between is usually something like limbo or purgatory which in itself doesn’t sound very nice so this is something I’ve researched for a few decades through different modalities one of those being lucid dreaming so I teach lucid dreaming it’s one of these things that I find we all dream at night so it’s not something that we have to sort of in a sense repress our belief systems to learn this or experience this we’re already all sharing that level of experience whether you remember in your dreams is an entirely different thing altogether and there could be reasons for that it could be your sleeping position the standard sort of sleep posture that we adopt in the West is not very conductive for recalling dreams the the more flat you are on your bed even with one or two pillows can create intracranial pressure which can actually start the short circuit your your memory systems during the night so more of an angled position of about 30 degrees off the bed is very beneficial for recalling dreams as well as other health related benefits which I don’t really have time to go into so lucid dreams is an excellent opportunity to teach people that dreams don’t just have to be something that were unconscious to we can actually wake up within the body of the dream while our physical body is still fast asleep and from any else’s vantage point who’s awake around us we just look asleep but we become fully aware and conscious and lucid within the dream state to the point to where the dream environment itself becomes is physically real as waking reality and to me this gets really interesting because when we hear scientists talk about you know when they’re interviewed I saw horizon program a couple years ago on the BBC where the question was asked of many physicists what you know quantum physicists what is reality and they all stumbled their words like we don’t really know it seems like it might be you know that we’re experiencing you know Hall at some holographic reality and it’s interesting to hear these ideas coming from certain areas of science to me this is and I think it’s very enlightened with the Buddhist sort of thinking that this is a shared dream that we’re experiencing in this level and I’d go as far to say that this shared dream is a virtual reality space I don’t think this is based reality I think this is something that we’ve opted into from another level of reality and there’s a lot of evidence that we can gain from having direct experiences with things like lucid dreaming out of body exploration remote viewing channeling mediumship so many different modes but my favorite modes are lucid dreaming remote viewing out of body explore Asian and deep meditation I think deep meditation is one of the things that really grounds us and is the base practice for all of these other activities whether I’m exploring remote viewing or lucid dreaming or astral projection the meditative mind state gives me that that grounding to where I can become single a single sort of minded focus single point concentration which in itself is a concrete a very powerful effect and create a just through a relaxed state with a single point state and focus you can enter an altered state and once you start to realize and become aware of the altered state markers the signpost you can start to go even deeper you can get to the point where the physical body and physical reality completely disappear off your radar and you can start to experience reality beyond this level of the dream beyond this level of the projection and what I find really fascinating about lucid dream states that the more conscious and aware we become within that state the more hyper real and physical like it becomes to the point to where it will be it’s physically real as this room that you’re in right now physically real as the chair you’re sitting in and this content is being generated by consciousness your subconscious is driving that data that is creating that environment which is no different to me than what’s driving this environment in a dream you can meet dream characters which are very plasticky they don’t seem to have much awareness or energy behind them sometimes you meet dream characters that make you think they seem to have more conscious awareness than me and you can sometimes receive very powerful information that is usable back in physical reality I think this is one reason why cultures around the world indigenous cultures put a lot of emphasis on the dream state they know that it’s a construct that can be accessed by other people and other levels of reality other beams and other levels of reality so I like to explore lucid dreaming with people because it doesn’t matter what your belief system is at some point once you start waking up within the lucid dream state you’re probably going to have an experience of some nature which is going to make you question whether this is just a dream I had an experience a couple years ago where I woke up with in this this dream I started to become really aware and I was teaching lucid dreaming within this dream and I was really quite fascinated and well no no I’ll have to rewind a little bit how you’ve got ahead of myself as I was becoming more conscious within the dream and I realized that was teaching I was looking around at the room and thinking I don’t remember booking this how do I know where this this venue is how did I even get here and it’s through those sort of questions that started to actually drive the awareness more and more into the experience itself to where I realized I was within the confines the construct of a dream and it was at that moment where I became hyper conscious that my hands disappeared within the dream and I started to panic a little bit although this is something that happens you know quite frequently once you start to become conscious in dreams or a conscious within out of body experiences you can lose a sense of awareness with regards to physicality and all the other characters in the dream were very amused by the idea that I was panicking and just becoming aware that I was dreaming and I was teaching in the dream I woke up that morning and as I was journaling the experience I had a text message coming on my phone and I looked it and a friend said Todd do you remember anything this morning I was in a classroom with you and you were teaching lucid dreaming and I remember just as if I was writing that and reading that message is thinking this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced something like this I’ve had experiences where I am fully conscious in a dream and I meet friends from this level reality and I do experiments where I wonder if this is just a figment of the dream environment created by my subconscious or if it’s really them because if we can share the dream on this level why can’t we share the dream within you know a nocturnal dream a nocturnal space and so I’ll do things to get them hyper aware I’ll ask them what’s your name what’s your name Fran Fran spell your name for me spell backwards do you know you’re in a dream probably not yet where’s your fist all you do where’s your physical body no idea think about it where do you live would your body be in bed right now no okay difficult dream character at some point you’re hoping that the person realizes in the dream that their body is somewhere that they remember going to sleep in their bedroom or in a chair somewhere in the lounge they remember going to sleep and they now realize that they don’t remember the sequence leading up to that moment kind of like the the film Inception so it’s really quite powerful when you start to wake people up or what you think is a dream character and you start driving awareness within that entity and then later in the day receive communication from a friend that friend who says funny thing last night I saw you in a dream last night and you were asking me to do this and that it I’m sure if we took a survey quite a few of you have probably had experiences of this nature so when you start to have experiences to wear maybe information is given to you within a dream or you share an experience with someone else these are gray areas that make us start to challenge this idea about reality and whether you know consciousness is a phenomena epiphenomena of the brain whereas in my world the brain is a phenomena of consciousness so the other way around so lucid dreaming can really help to wake people up to this deeper level of who and what they really are I find that other practices can do exactly the same remote viewing when start people start this practice and they start gathering information that they couldn’t have done by sitting in a room on their own and when somebody else then analyzes their their data and it’s an exact match for a target that they were never shown that’s a powerful validation and it helps again drive people deeper into who and what they really are beyond the illusion that we’re taught from a very young age and I’m sure that’s why most of you are here tonight because this is something that you feel too so these are different ways that I like to explore and I find that one of the most effective ways to navigate this level of reality is to remember that you are not exclusively of this reality and this is something that I’ve learned without any shadow of a doubt or relearned over the last decade in particular where I’ve maintained a very high level of out of body exploration in my very early days when I was six years old I started having experiences which were very different from dream experiences in dream experiences at that age I would sort of suddenly become aware within a space that was never my bedroom and I would never see my physical body in this other type experience that started happening from age six I would usually have some sort of powerful energy sensation of like maybe levitating and having a weird sensation in my stomach like butterflies and then I’d spin a little bit and I’d see my physical body tucked up under my blanket lying in bed and I knew it was different even the feeling of it was different I’d walk through walls and I’d be in the garden I could go and visit friends I could go and visit them while they were sleeping at night but curiously I sometimes they was able to communicate with them and this is another phenomena that I found really interesting that when I’m out of body and I’m around physical people because I’m now in a sense non physical I’m like a ghost and I’m in the real time zone of the physical earth plane to where I can experience what’s going on around me as if it was as if I was still in my physical body and at that point sometimes you can literally communicate with a higher aspect of the person that you’re encountering who’s in a physical body and I find that’s really deeply fascinating for the idea of when we realize in spiritual in spiritual terms that we are interconnected we can communicate with a deeper part of people who are already in a place of forgiveness already in a place of mercy already in a place of love regardless on what’s going on on the surface and when we really know this through experiences like this which are validating you know these spiritual concepts to me it makes it more powerful and this is why I love to teach things where people can have a direct experience so hopefully maybe within the body of this talk I’ll be able to share a couple ideas if not I’ve got a bunch of cards up here please you know this is how you can enter my world if you like and then we can sort of share an experience together so please feel free to come and have a card this is another part of my world if you can see the the toad on this tripod this is a machine called a light machine which is the name of this device is Pandora star it has 12 very powerful LED lights which can help you enter altered states within seconds we use it for managing stress depression anxiety we can use the device for training your brain to operate much faster than it currently does we can also use it with frequency states that for sort of exotic states of exploration like lucid dream work so if you’d like to learn a little bit more about this please again take a card so yes for me the the way to better navigate this level reality is to remember who and what you really are so my my sort of awareness of this in this first experiences as a child I’d come out of my body this is how I our turkey and tickle ate it now I didn’t have those words when I was a child I didn’t know what it was but I knew it was different from a dream and as I would come out of my body and I would see my physical body and sometimes there would be other beams or other humanoids that would be there who would then take me somewhere else usually where other children were were being taken to in classroom type environments and these are what I’ve later learned in life are what we refer to as sleeper classes their classes that take place after a physical body goes to sleep when our consciousness starts to phase shift beyond the physical reality call it the astral body you know whatever you’d like to label it and we start to naturally gravitate to other parts of reality the astral planes it’s a label that the Theosophical Society would have come up with but they’re just labels for other levels of consciousness that exist beyond this one physical level beyond my childhood experiences that took place up to around the age 12 when they started to shut down whether that was through puberty whether that was through the conditioning of this level reality through the boolean that I experienced when I was that age and because it was so different from a lot of other kids I didn’t know how to sort of interact in a way which didn’t come across as strange and that limited my experience of reality to some degree and I think that was probably at the point where maybe a higher part of me decided we need to maybe close this down for a little while let him recalibrate let him you know start to enjoy his childhood and so all of this stuff completely fell off the radar when I was 17 years old I left home and I went hitchhiking and I started experiencing something vastly different a phenomena that we’ve already spoke about earlier which seems to connect all of us binds all together across all time in space and I’ll get to what I mean by that as I continue to talk so I’m now 46 years old it was about 12 years ago the aperture of out of body experiences and gaining access to these other levels realities started to open up for me again I found out about a program by the Monroe Institutes in the US which was founded by a guy named Robert Monroe anybody heard of Robert Monroe so quite a few of you Robert Monroe’s considered the modern pioneer in addabani exploration he’s deceased from this level now but when he his consciousness was here back when he was in his late 30s back in the 1950s and early 1960s he started having spontaneous out of body journeys it was these journeys that then inspired him to create the Monroe Institute and the Monroe Institute run a lot of in house programs on altered states on accessing altered states through hemi sync technology and hemi sync uses binaural sound where you use headphones and you have one sound that’s in one ear one it’s sound in the left ear and it creates a differential which your brain then starts to to tune to and they discovered by hooking Monroe up to EEG that when he entered a particular frequency state is when he was having these OBEs that frequency state that was recorded was between three point eight five and four Hertz which is the theta frequency bordering on Delta so we use Pandora star in the same way in the same lights if you like to where we can help people enter those states even faster more reliably through lights which can actually in train more of the brain than sound alone can do so as an adult I found out that they had a home study program which was 18 CDs I ordered the program and I remember the day it arrived I was very excited because I by that time I knew the experiences I was having as a child were out of body experiences but again I just didn’t know how to articulate that as a child so as I was reading through the literature I became a little despondent because I’m a very impatient person and it suggested that you you use the CDs sequentially so from CD one to CD 18 and to take your time maybe a few months to explore all of them and I noticed the three CDs that were related to the out of body stuff was CD 16 17 and 18 so I was thinking okay I’m just going to blow right through this program night and day for the next week I’m going to get right to those CDs and I’m going to get out of my body and remember the first night using the CDs I laid in was lying down on my sofa and within probably just minutes I fell unconscious because of the powerful binaural sounds that my brain was experiencing in the and we’re altering my brainwaves stay woke up about five o’clock in the morning lying on the sofa quite cold and irritated with myself for falling asleep and this pattern continued for a few days until the point I finally decided I probably need to have more respect for this program probably do need to slow down so I decided I was going to take my time with it and I was going to explore it with more patience it took me about three months to get through the whole 18 CDs and during that time I didn’t have any out of body experiences but some something in me I could feel it was pulling me forward in this direction and I felt it was a direction that I needed to explore and I needed to go it was about a year into this practice where I’d become very proficient at meditation but I’d still not achieved a conscious out of body experience it was at that point where I’d read a book by another out of body Explorer called William Bowman who wrote an excellent book called adventures beyond the body and in that book he gave a few techniques and I thought to myself this is probably what I need is some technique to go along with the sound technology so I started to practice on one day within that week I went for a walk in my local area and I’ve probably bumped into a plant like poison oak or something and I start getting a rash on one arm but a day later and then it went to the other arm and then it was on my torso in my legs and I woke up one night with all this itching and I couldn’t get back to sleep it was 4 o’clock in the morning I went down to myself I put the hemi sync I can put the headphones on and decided I’m going to use the hemi sync I’m going to practice with the techniques and see if I can at least alter my state enough to where I don’t feel all the itching I stayed awake to what we call mind awake body asleep where the physical body goes absolutely to sleep and the mind remains awake and it was at this point I must have just clicked out I fell unconscious but not for long I was woken back up with full body sensations of vibrations as if I’d stuck my hand in electrical socket and and but without the the Associated shock it was just powerful vibrational energy and my physical body was in paralysis but what was really interesting beyond that which I knew was one of the state markers for a potential out of body experience I had an eye mask on and I could see through the eye and I could see the ceiling in my lounge and I thought okay that’s interesting I can probably use one of the commands I learned in the book and I used the command and suddenly I was sitting halfway out of my body I was literally at a 90 degree angle I looked back and I could see my physical body lying on the sofa behind me I was really excited so I stood up and as I stood up away from my body this powerful bright light suddenly came into the space into my lounge and this hand sort of just came to the light I was what the hell and it really scared the bejesus out of me I was like nobody told me about disembodied hands you know during this program and it shocked me up to the point where I was back in my body I had the blackness behind the eye mask but I could still feel the paralysis and I was thinking come on Todd for a whole year I practiced this and I got to this point and now I let a little fear stand in my way so I within minutes was able to recreate the vibrational energy that I felt earlier and again I could start seeing to the I’m at and so I went for it again and I sat up again for a second time I was a little bit more precarious I was looking around the room to see if there was any lights or hands and there was nothing so I stood up again but as I stood up away from my body once again the light came back and the hands came back and that hand just sort of sat there like this motionless I remember just looking at this and thinking oh there’s a little bit of fear but think about science I don’t believe much of that think about religion I don’t believe any of that what lies on the other side of that hand it was like a fear test and so I suddenly put out my hand I was I was I was so amazed there was a physical duplicate of my physical hand a non physical duplicate of my physical hand but it was physically real on that level reality my my energy body was a duplicate of my physical body you can call the etheric body astral body we have these different labels I try not to get too bogged down with the label side of it so anyhow I put out my hand and this hand reached forward and it took hold of me very gently and it maneuvered me further away from the energy field of my physical body which can sometimes serve as a magnetic force to draw you back again and then the hand withdrew and the light withdrew and I there on my own in my lounge with my physical body lying on the sofa it wasn’t the longest out of body experience that I’ve had to date and it wasn’t the most profound but what it was it gave me the inspiration and the motivation to redouble and triple my efforts knowing that I now had a tool to where I can access at the level of the reality dependably if I so chose to do so and if I practiced more by the first week after that experience I was able to generate regenerate the state two more times so I was able to to initiate two more out of body experiences one week after that I was able to initiate five out of body experiences in a seven day period it got to a point where it seemed like I’d suddenly hit an energy threshold and I was now able to leave my body at will and I developed this routine where this ritual if you like where I’d wake up after about six hours of sleep I’d go down to the sofa about four or five o’clock in the morning I do the practice at some point I’d exit my body I look at my body on the sofa or in the lounge chair whichever where it was and I just make sure it was there and it looks safe and then I’d walked through a wall or a window or a door and I would be in another room or I would be outside years preceding all of this I was very much very heavily into all conspiracy stuff very heavily into reading things in UFO magazine and I remember one of the first time getting outside my house and looking up and seeing the moon and thinking I wonder if I can get to the moon did we really go to the moon I can find out for myself and I jumped up in the air like I was Superman and then I was suddenly back in my body I was like ah for Christ’s sake but I didn’t stop there and I continued and so it was about thirty experiences where it was very earthbound I was very much in the near earth plane I would go and visit friends in the night one friend in particular who would actually put targets like in remote viewing on his mantelpiece and I’d go over and I’d try to access the information and then wake myself up journal it send him an email I would usually be able to nail some information which gave us both the impression that was experiencing another version of reality an altered state and I was able to access information but one powerful validation there were points where there was no more targets coming from him for about a period of a month and I went out of body and suddenly felt drawn to go and see him and I arrived and I got this pull down into his basement and his basement was flooded and so I sent him an email the next day saying look who has Autobody last night and I came to your place and there was water in your basement and he wrote back very excited saying that well part of him was excited because his basement was flooded he wasn’t excited about the basement being flooded but there was some torrential rain and it flooded his basement and he said that was the first time his basement has ever been flooded and so this is a verification out of body experience which is very powerful I wasn’t looking for something but I experienced reality beyond what I could have been searching for which is in itself very powerful I then started to have experiences of a different nature after the first 30 or so out of body experiences where I’d come out of my body I’d do my ritual look at my body and then I’d go walk through a wall on this one occasion I had these sensations and I stepped away from my body and I looked I did a double take I was my body was missing I was like crap somebody took my body and I was like to go and it was all panic stations and then this voice sort of came over me and it said you’re no longer near the earth plane you shot right on past it and I was like but I can still see my house and I could I could see this this image of my house and this male voice said that’s just a dream it’s just like a dream you’re projecting the idea of your house because every time you come out of body so far you’ve been in the near earth you know field of your house and you’ve seen the non duplicate version of your house but you overshot it and it’s only our expectation that is creating this dreamlike thought form that surrounding area right now and I said well what do I do I could because I can hear his voice it was like you just need to let it go maybe ask to experience reality beyond that projection and I was like okay and I thought of something and suddenly the image of my house completely disappeared and I was standing in this field and there was a man there the man that was talking to me and he was a physio physical human but not from physical earth this is another dimensional level reality to where from their perspective they’re very physical from our from their perspective we are very non physical in nature so he then proceeded to show me around the environment that we were in as well as explaining certain things to me I remember returning from that experience and journaling endless pages thinking my guy could write an entire book just on this one out of body experience where he was explaining to me that this is the physical body that I’m in now the current incarnation is just one of my multi dimensional aspects and then I have a soul or over solar monad whatever you want to call it you know that is the sort of mothership if you like and this vehicle is like a scout ship and it’s gathered information it’s the one playing the human role but that mothership is not human consciousness it’s non human consciousness and I had all this sort of information you know during this experience and I remember when I was journaling this the next day thinking this I need more information because I think when you’re starting to receive that level of information it can get to the point where you you start to question things you’re questioning so much that you need some good grounding and thankfully I had a few out of body experiences they came on the back of that one which started to help put more of the puzzle pieces into place because otherwise your imagination or your ego can start to create a story and so I was showing through other experiences how to put those puzzle pieces together and start really grounding myself with the awareness that this is not the extent of who I am I remember after my first year I had about a year of experiences where I was now accessing not just the earth plane the near earth plane in the real time zone of the near earth plane but I was starting to access other levels of reality reality is that we would call or religion would call the afterlife or that people like Newton would call the inter life state you know a researcher on you know the life that we have between lives after we die on this level and these are very interesting environments because some of these environments are recovery environments where when people die from this level they’re they’re in a confused state sometimes and they’re not remembering you know fully the life that they just came from they can fall into another level of amnesia another foggy state of consciousness and or they can remember their experience that they just came from but they don’t remember anything else beyond like parallel experiences they’re just remembering that one lifetime and it’s really quite interesting this reconditioning process that we go through between lives because we all have personality states that can seep through from one lifetime to a next to me when I hear people say past life and I know I’ve referred to it myself and I’ve looked at some of the mechanics of this we’re dealing with aspects which are living in parallel to us right now so it’s not just past life in that sort of linear sort of sense the soul and consciousness is much more refined and dynamic than just this linear progression so on one experience I came out of my body and there was this really amazing tunnel of light which was reminiscent of like a wormhole in science fiction and it literally tugged me into it and I went through this this energy tunnel and I could feel this this powerful loving force and when I came out the other side I was in this city and this city existed on another level of reality it was as physical real as this level reality and I met a woman almost on arrival who is telling me about how she’s she’s so happy she’s here she’s only been here for about a week I asked her where she came from she said I came from Earth and she was explaining that she’d recently died and she was in this new place and she was just sort of getting familiar with this community and she was making friends and I was like this is really interesting I’ve met I’m meeting somebody who was only about a week dead from our level reality and in the middle of talking she suddenly vanished and I knew what well I knew what happened I could because many times myself I felt this tug of energy on my energy field or my astral body when I’ve been out and if I go with it if I surrender to the sensation it winds up taking me somewhere through teleportation and I thought that’s probably what just happened to her because it just was so sudden and so I locked on to the idea of this woman and I and I sort of made this command take me to her and suddenly I had this powerful sense of motion and I was back near the earth the physical earth and I was in a hall about this size and it was a church with pews and there was a closed casket at the front of the you know of the congregation and it was her funeral I was standing off to the back and I was watching her wander around she knew it was her funeral she was fully cognizant the mood of the place of course was what you would expect from a funeral but she was wandering around put in her hand on her loved ones on her friends and although they unless they had their clear senses tuned in they probably weren’t aware that she was there but she was walking around and she was saying her goodbyes she was putting her hand on their shoulders she was whispering kind things in their ears she was letting them know that she was safe and happy she was remembering and reminding them of experiences that they’d shared together and you could feel the energy of this room starting to lift we were there for about what seemed in an earth hour and by the end of that time people were looking up they were looking around they were looking at each other they were smiling you could feel the whole energy was lifted she then came over to me and we both decided to go back to where we we first met and then when I woke up from that experience it was just so fascinating to me my next out of body experience when I was able to ask information about this I was told that most people who died and they and they make it to those inter life levels and they don’t get stuck in between which is rare it’s not it’s not you know something that happens to a lot of people but when they make it to that inter life environment where that afterlife environment proper which I would call the astral planes just to use a label that I’m familiar with my guide guidance on that occasion was telling me that most people who have who are very cognizant of their death we’ll return for their funeral and that gave me a lot of comfort because when I was 10 years old my father died and I remember being at his funeral and we have open casket funerals in the US and remember stroke in his face and wondering if he was there in the room and although I was having those out of body experiences at that age they weren’t something that I had a level of control over but it was soon after his funeral it was a couple of months after his funeral where he visited me in my bedroom in the middle of night when I was in a state of paralysis and he let me know that he was okay and I really liked this idea again William Bowman has this this sort of parallel with with physical or as he said we have the Internet and if we had a tool like the Internet to where here when we go on holiday what do most of us do now we use the Internet as a tool to research where we’re going to go on holiday we check out the new photographs of the of the resort the pool the bars the local beach we look at the the online ratings all this is only four stars or once them in five star if we had a tool to where we could visit the afterlife and locate communities that we resonate with before we die why would we not do it why would we not want to remember who and what we are beyond this physical version this one version of many aspects which is combining connected to a soul and we have the soul family which we have many parts of that you could be sitting in a room with another part of you right now this is also something that can come from having these journeys an experience that I had with in my first year of out of body exploration as an adult and it was quite fascinating my youngest daughter at the time and not at the time of that experience but when she was I think it was five years old I remember picking her up from school and she said to me daddy there’s a girl that keeps coming to me on the playground but nobody else can see her and she told me the girl’s name and she said Amy her name’s and she gave me the last name and she was like Amy says that she died and then her mommy daddy moved away and she doesn’t know what to do I was like I didn’t ignore this I mean this is this was my world I knew this kind of thing could happen and I said to my daughter I said well look maybe next time we I come to collect you if Amy’s around you can tell me what she’s saying and I can say things and she’ll be able to hear me and maybe she’ll get some comfort and some closure and she’ll be able to move on and so this was something that my daughter was it was it effortless the clairvoyance that she was experiencing from that young age and my son was exactly the same I recall on one experience where we were extent we were having some poltergeist Tiffany in our home and my son walked in from the garden one day when I was sat in my in my den at my desk and he sort of just stopped suddenly stops and peripherally I was just sort of watching him and then he moved on and he went upstairs and came back down a few minutes later and he said daddy they were when I came in from the guard and there were two people standing behind you and it really fighting a man so I went upstairs but there are two more people up there and a week before this I had an out of body experience where I had my first out of body experience where I had other humans non physical what we would call ghosts in my house in our house in close proximity to me when I came out of body and it really frightens me and it stopped me from going out of body for a whole week because I had so much fear but once it started the energy started interfering with my family I knew I had to confront it and when I confronted it I went out of body and I spoke to these individuals just realize they were just humans like us but they didn’t know what to do next they didn’t have these energy tunnels open up that people report when they have near death experiences that they went through and they met a loved one and the loved one took them you know to a nice serene environment where they could recuperate sometimes people get stuck in these intermediate states they get stuck because in my sort of community we talked of the second death the second death where they need to actually shed the energy of what’s called the energy body or the the second body state and we have our energy body which is also a dense energy a dense energy form we have different names for it we see manifestations of it such as the aura it’s the energy body that holds the seven chakras and all the other sort of Meridian points etc and this is energy which is interconnected with our physical bodies on death sometimes people don’t immediately have that second death and their consciousness resides within that dense form of the energy body and it keeps them in this orbit of the real time zone of physical earth and this is that Ghost application that we’ve been come to be aware of with the paranormal experiences the paranormal is just an artifact of a much bigger environment it was again something that I studied it when I was younger but I could never quite put my finger what it was through having out of body experiences you start to realize that this is just an artifact of a much bigger environment a much bigger system to where this is a subset physical reality is literally a subset of a much bigger environment that bigger environment is a subset of yet another bigger environment and it’s all frequency based so when I started having these experiences of meeting other individuals on other levels of reality having the experience with the woman you know and the funeral being able to visit my deceased father and stepfather at one point and it started giving me this sense that you know these are temporary lives that were living living and it’s so interconnected to all this other stuff that why is it we’re not being told this why are we not being taught any of this and we look at science for answers but we have two levels of science we have mainstream science and then we have covert science we have a lover of science that we don’t get to see from from our TVs or from our magazines so with mainstream science we’ve already experienced what that is there’s there is corruption within science big business is corrupted science organizations who have their own agendas have corrupted science for their own means there are some really good people that work within science really good scientists and some of them come forward but unfortunately as a whole this is a field which is being repressed but I found through my out of body journeys as I started to expand my my journeys more and more into year two and three I started having some really interesting experiences where not only and I had done a lot of remote viewing up to that point I was very aware of the US military remote viewing program in the former Soviet Union program I started to become very aware that there was another program that was running side by side of a different nature and who here is very aware of remote viewing and I’m quite sure imposed to view yes quite a few so for those of you who aren’t remote viewing is a practice where you can use your natural psychic ability to expand your awareness beyond time and space and access information which you can’t normally access through the physical five senses and this is something that’s been studied and and practiced for decades by the US military in particular those of you are aware of remote viewing is probably very aware of a chap named Joseph mcmoneagle who is the US Army’s first remote viewer who’s done a lot of live demonstrations on TV who shows the absolute ability that we all possess if we practice like with anything the more we practice the more we’re going to get back out of it so Joseph mcmoneagle who has been practicing this for almost forty years he did a live TV demonstration I think was about 10 years ago for a Japanese production company in Houston in America Joseph taught them the production team how to generate targets that would be something like taking a photograph putting it in an envelope and and then after you know maybe you have a few more targets he asked him to generate four targets in particular to walk around the city or to go around the city to do a recce and for one person to choose four separate places around the city for objects for buildings whatever and then to take photographs and seal them in these envelopes and and then to put a target identifier on each one when he came to the studio those four targets were under lock and key with a with an armed guard and they asked him in the studio with the audience to do his remote viewing session but before they started they had somebody from the audience come and choose one of the four targets which was sealed which remote which mcmoneagle would never see got into a van with a film crew opened up the envelope and went to the location instructed in the envelope the photographs on arrival they now have the split screen from our perspective at home on the TV one perspective of the audience with Joseph mcmoneagle the other perspective of this person with the TV crew the film crew down at the real location Mc. Naughton only mcmoneagle is now starting to write information is and the first thing they certain pick up on is that this seems like there’s a river or a canal but it seems very built up artificial man made sort of enhanced and as you can see the live feed they’re standing next to a big shipping lane a canal and so he was right on you know target and then he said okay I also sense that there’s this flyover there’s this bridge or something coming over this waterway again he nailed that he he reported as being something like foot passenger for traffic cars wound up being for trains but again he nailed the actual structure that was over the water he then just started described there was a something like a boat that was moving across the water surface which was digging and there was a dredger that was now in sight on the live feed and then a moment later he suddenly like whoa whoa whoa whoa what is this a lot of mechanical noises something metallic really coming into view right here and on the live feed you see this huge oil tanker Suddenlink park itself in view and Mc. Mahan angles picking all of this up he pretty much nailed the target at the end of the production the producer asked him what would you normally do in the US Army after such a good result how would you celebrate and mcmoneagle said well we would go out to dinner we’d go for a steak dinner or something and so the production team was like great let’s go out to dinner so they took him out to dinner and while they were conversing over the meal mcmoneagle said something that you know really perked up the producers ears and he said whoa whoa back up what did you just say mcmoneagle said i didn’t actually do the target live in front of the audience he said I was a bit concerned that I might have performance anxiety so I did it the night before and the producer was like whoa wait a second we hadn’t even chosen the targets yet how could you do it the night before and that was quite a power full you know thing to hear that time and space is not fundamental consciousness is fundamental time and space is not he was able to to access the target before it was even selected he then said and just to make sure that you know I was bang on I did the other three targets as well one was this one was that and the producers mouth was just you know like jaw wide open so it’s a very powerful practice and so I was well aware of this program I was I’d also asked to be trained by one of the ex military people but I couldn’t find any at the time that you know I really felt a connection with so I found somebody and then that was trained by a direct member of the personnel who was probably the most one of the most amazing psychics I’ve ever come across in my life so she trained me and I started getting really deep into this stuff and then when I started having my out of body experiences I realized there seems to be another program they seem to have an out of body exploration program in addition to the remote viewing program and the evidence that was being gathered was partly also from Robert Monroe years and decades before in his first book journeys out of the body he reports getting out of his body one night while on business and he was staying in a motel and he was near not too many miles away from the presidential compound I think it’s called Martha’s Vineyard which is like checkers here in the UK for the prime minister it’s like a little retreat and so he thought okay I’m out of body I’m going to go and visit John F Kennedy this was 1961 so as he approached the compound he was suddenly stopped by a non physical guard who said the president is not seeing people right now and that was really quite interesting when I started having out of body experiences there was one experience in particular that really made me take notice why would the US government and I’m just focusing on the US government particular because that’s where I have a lot of experience with with my out of body experiences in particular and because I’m American so I started to think to myself if I can get out of body myself I’m just a private citizen I have no reverse engineer DT technology I have no hundreds of new of US dollars with no oversight what kind of technology can they create versus an average citizen who through spontaneous out of body experiences can go anywhere around the globe or flat earth whichever your preference in real time and experience in real time any building any any environment any person wouldn’t I become a threat every single person in this room whether you’re aware of it or not you have unconscious out of body journeys every single night every sleep cycle you enter which is 90 minutes in duration this is where your second life begins to take place your physical body goes to sleep your energy body then goes out of phase with the physical body like a helium balloon just floating above your body in your bedroom and for most of us this is where it will remain for that for that duration of that 90 minutes you then go into dreamland your subconscious starts to create content and your literary dream is taking place within the energy body not within the brain of the physical body this is why we can sometimes share dreams with people that are sleeping next to us or in the next room or even miles away because the dream is not taking place within the brain it’s not a chemical reaction taking place within the brain it’s something far more interesting than that so over the years I’ve probably trained a few thousand people on how to have how to body experiences and again if I can do this with very little money with other people sort of coming to my workshops and learning how to do this and then start to have experiences why would it not make sense that the US government or other governments would not have their own military Miller eyes demilitarized version of astral projection I had an experience within the first two years of my out of body practice as an adult where I got I came out of my body and I was living in Wembley near London at the time and I was aware that I was in the near earth field and I thought to myself I want to go to London itself and sort of wander around and when I got into London there was a new build that was in financial district and as I was passing this building downstairs where the lobby was there was this big glass sort of face to the one of the walls and suddenly I can I felt that I was being watched and there are two other people who were out of their body and this is one of the first times I encountered other people out of body who were aware that they were they had a physical body and they were conscious while they were out and I suddenly had this sort of voice in my head like telepathic stuff and they said to me we’ve been watching you and I was like okay who are you and they didn’t exactly discreet you know tell me who they were but they said we’d like you to come with us we’d like to show you something and it didn’t seem like they were extending a friendly invitation it seemed more like an invitation that I can’t really refuse and so I said okay fine I’ll go and there was a sudden powerful energy sensation and then I was been in a room away from the earth field I knew by that time what that energy felt like being in that frequency and it felt completely different and I was in if I was in a physical room on another level reality a parallel version if you like and there was US military personnel walking around in this room and all of them were out of their bodies and it was explained to me that they did actually have technology that they could use to help their personnel get out of body and stay out of body for extended periods of time one of the first things I thought about yes even if they could get people out of body maybe it wasn’t ultimately dependable on where it took them of course they could guide themselves to certain places but sometimes they’re going to go off piste they’re going to find themselves in level reality where it has nothing to do with their military you know upbringing it has nothing to do with their job and they’re probably going to have to sort of retrain people you know who have you know more powerful experiences than than what their training has suggested will they’ll experience so anyhow I’m in this facility and I’m being shown around and things are being explained to me and as we’re walking around this facility we walked past this one point where this man was sort of in a sort of standing as if he was paying attention to something and as I walked through his energy I suddenly got this download it was like this connection telepathically and he was communicating telepathically with someone else that was not in the room that seemed to be because of the conversation related to Mars and I was really fascinated by the same time was like trying to duck out of the energy I was like I probably shouldn’t be listening to this and then when the tour if you like came to an end and I was standing there in this room with these other American military personnel and they point blank asked me they said we’ve been keeping an eye on you you’ve got good ability we’d like you to join us and I was like no way I didn’t say it out loud but I knew I could already feel it that because of the telepathic connection they already knew my answer and I would sort of sort of standing there really awkwardly thinking they’re going to smite me right now they’re going to cut my energy cord I’m dead I’m doing I’m not going back to my body all this you know story building in my head but they could feel my conviction and I also think they felt that I was never a threat in this end I wasn’t there to sort of go and peer behind you know area 51 although I would but I’m not any great threat so they were like okay you can go and they literally was assisted back to my body I woke up in my body and it was a very strange sensation to realize that we do actually have military personnel on the ground here on this physical level reality that are able through technology to have out of body experiences at will you know forget the level of practice that I had to build upon to achieve this this is something they’re using with technology and and this although this is a powerful device this pales in significance in comparison to what they’ve developed but they do have in addition to remote viewing programs they do have an out of body Explorer Asian program and again we’re dealing with mainstream science versus covert science things that we’re never going to see or that you know we have to whistleblowers or people like you know Greer who shows things that are taking place but to actually have the experience for yourself to to be in environments where you don’t question that this is reality one out of body experience may not prove anything 10 out of body experiences may not prove anything but you get to a point where you start validating what’s taking place a shared out of body experience is a very powerful thing to experience my son when he was 8 years old because of the ability that he already had it didn’t take much to train him how to have out about experiences the very first time you laid down with using technique he got out of his body so there was on one day I realized after you know a few years I made this connection finally my youngest daughter had this birthmark on her left temple my son had the same birthmark on the opposite side on his right temple and I got really super curious I thought I’ve been able to go out of my body and get information on people before I really like to see what this is about because it’s very curious so I got out of body and I accessed what we would call the kasich records it’s just that zero point field where everything is connected to each other so our subconscious minds connected to yours and I connected through my subconscious tuned to their subconscious and gathered this information and suddenly was immersed within this 3 dimensional environment which was as real as this one and I was now seen these two individuals a male and a female down on their knees with these very angry people standing around them and shot them at point blank range and murdered them that was my son and daughter who were married in that lifetime and they had done involved with you know this gang and they were kind of like Bonnie and Bonnie and Clyde type figures but they had this goodness in them and they were trying to actually run away from this gang and when that was found out they were executed I didn’t tell quite tell them the the horrific content but my oldest son I did sort of taunt him I said you were married to your to your daughter you know the past lifetime so yes so these military programs exist it’s not just remote viewing programs and through all my experiences one thing I started to become also very apparent which was only starting to click more and more over the power of the last few months I started asking myself a question why should the physical plane of existence be too different too dissimilar to the astral planes I realized when I was I think it was within the third year of my out of body practice I started getting really curious because of my conspiracy days I was thinking I’ve always wanted to go and visit the Antarctic it always seems because of that treaty that’s in place where you know it’s not being exploited for all of its resources which apparently you know should exist but nobody’s exploiting it for oil or minerals why why is it that you know you can’t just go there is a private citizen without you know the rigmarole that goes with it and so I started getting really curious and having out of body experiences focused purely on Antarctica and out of the times that I visited it was probably upwards of around ten every single time I encountered non human energy when I was out of body so nonhumans et whatever you want to call it and I started having very manipulative type experiences taking place every time I would visit Antarctica and I would usually be sort of pushed away or traumatized in a way where it was building up the energy was building more and more I didn’t really want to go back I remember after the last experience which was quite traumatic and I was actually in this business being held in this room it was again non physical wasn’t a physical room because I was out of my body but it was very physical to my astral body and I was being held in this room with these non human entities which were very quite unfriendly and they could very easily it will enter my mind space and the pictures and all the energy of it was was was of superiority and it was really it was again it was unloving there was a time just after that were spontaneously I was out of my body and suddenly I was on a trajectory to Antarctica but I was on like a an autopilot mode it something I was trying to focus on but it seemed like there was an energy behind me that was propelling me that actually got past what seemed these alien defenses and I went further into the interior than before and I crossed this boundary point where it was quite fuzzy and I suddenly arrived into another parallel version of Earth and I remember looking back at that experience recently because of some of the Flat Earth stuff that I’m currently studying and wondering you know because of all the information surrounding this which does not gel which does not sit straight with a lot of us and looking back at that experience in those particular Antarctic experiences and now having this new energy with my out of body practice where I want to know more I want to have a lot more earthbound real times and experiences to start pushing past those boundaries and some of that non human energy it can be very manipulative but some of it can be the opposite some of it can be very loving very friendly and this was what gives me a lot of you know inspiration these days for having these journeys because it realizes we’re know we’re not alone by a you know shape or form but that there are energies out there that love us very much that look after us and guide us and I’m not just talking about our guides or others you know spirit spirit beings but there are non human entities that are looking after us and again I’m sure this is nothing new to majority of you in this room when visiting the astral planes when you don’t hold as such a particular idea about that level reality your angle of perception can give you a very flat environment and I think this is one reason why it was initially called you know the astral planes because your entry point can sometimes give you that perspective and as you start to become more tuned into the environment without the expectation you start to experience the astral cities the other afterlife environments that exist there but they’re not always presented to you as some sort of astral globe environments they’re usually of quite a flat nature and I started thinking again why would the earth and the this plane have to necessarily be so different if this is a construct of a reality no different from those levels if some of the artifacts that I experienced on the astral planes don’t seem to be too dissimilar from these levels sometimes when I’ve moved from within one astral environment like for example several times when I’ve moved upwards within an astral environment up into the sky and I’ve encountered some sort of almost like a force field and as I start to change my vibrational frequency and move through the force field I enter the ocean of another environment of another frequency plane and it’s really fascinating then looking at this idea of the firmament that they talk about with the with the the Flat Earth theory and the idea that we’re contained within this this sort of dome and on the other side of the dome is possibly water and this is quite an ancient idea this is not something that was developed over the last century by Flat Earth through this is something that goes back quite a bit into our history so it’s this kind of stuff that now really fascinates me and is driving my current direction without a body exploration to not focus so much on those inner planes of reality but to focus more here on what’s going on around us here ten minutes okay the moon I’m a curious soul I had to go back now several times I’ve aimed for the moon and completely overshot and on one final occasion and I haven’t been back since I was actually doing something completely different when I was out of body I was with some children I was showing them how to move around the planet they were literally most of them were unconscious from my perspective semi conscious in a sense from their perspective if they would have remembered it when they returned to their bodies in the morning it would have probably seemed like a dream and I was showing them how to navigate around the earth and this one child spoke of me said can we go into outer space I was like yes we can and my energy just sort of propelled me like a rocket up and away from these children and I completely over sort of shot the earth plane and I was in another level reality I was just thinking I could just see the newspapers on the astral plane of that morning astral teacher earthbound teacher leaves his children in the upper atmosphere it unattended and I was suddenly in this warehouse warehouse that was perhaps four times the volume of the space and there was this illuminated version of the Moon which was occupying this space and this man started walking out of the shadow and he said to me this is the nearest we want you to come to the moon this is a real time model of your moon but this is as close as we want you to get and I had a lot of questions for him there was recently I came across a friend who shared some of his experiences the Moon with me and he said Todd I’ve probably tried to go at least 20 times and so far every single time I asked take me to the moon during an out of body experience he’s taken to a room where there’s a photograph on the wall of the moon every single time and it made me wonder why is it that there seems to be some much of a force stopping us preventing us to actually experiencing the moon it’s something that I haven’t been able to quite put my finger on even the the data that I received on that particular occasion which I don’t have enough time to go through I literally have ten minutes in total okay I saw like one of my absolute favorite out of body experiences happened years and years ago and it was what really inspired me to take this journey to the depths that I’ve taken it to so far today it was through a series of reoccurring out of body experiences where I was back in the same environment four times the first time I arrived at this place I was with a guide who instructed me that this environment was what’s called a simulation environment it’s a simulation environment for those who are about to reincarnate back into a physical body on this level reality and that they go through a series of simulations which is a simulation of the lifetime that they’re about to incarnate into the place of their birth where they’ll grow up people they’ll meet and skills that they’ll want to practice skills that they’re choosing at that point to take with them into that level reality and on the first time I arrived at this place my guide introduced me to this woman her name is Deborah and she was just about to go out onto this rowboats out onto this lake which was was in this environment which is physically real desert and looked like a physical earth environment couldn’t tell the difference and as I was on this row in this boat with her I could feel this very strong connection and I remember Deborah describing you know her Remos recent life and the memory of it and how she’s very excited because she’s traveling back she’s reincarnating back into the earth plane on this adventure to team back up with her husband from that lifetime and she was explaining how they were both murdered in that lifetime and I I said to her I’m really sorry and when I say sorry she was quite happy and alive but it was just like a knee jerk reaction and then suddenly sure her appearance started to shift and my guide had already said to me that this is probably going to happen when you’re out on the boat with her because she’s going to regress in years and he said to me she’s already attached to a baby in the womb of her upcoming mother and she’s still able to come and go from the womb as this adult consciousness to train in this environment before she reaches physical earth she knows where she’s come from she knows where she’s going and so while as always on the boat with her show her age started to regress and she was like six years old beautiful sort of mousy brown hair crystal blue eyes and again I felt this really powerful connection with her and she was explaining to me that one of her practices was going to be the equivalent of what we call clairvoyance on this level reality and I can remember returning from that experience and writing everything down and I was really it was so powerful to realize I was communicating with a soul that was right now attached to a baby a body within a mother’s womb on this level reality within the period of months I was able to get back at her body and revisit that environment a few more times where I met up with Deborah again and it was learning about her new life and the life that she came from and on the fourth time going back she was gone and I called out for you know where’s Deborah and one of my helpers came and said Deborah is now reincarnated back into the physical she’s no longer here I was like oh that’s so fascinating but at the same time I felt this connection was so strong and I think my guide consensus says would you like to go and meet her in her physical body in her physical life and I was like yeah so literally we traveled back into the near earth plane from that environment and I was now in a room on physical earth so I was in the near times the real time zone in my energy body in my astral body overlooking physical earth if you like in this room in this bedroom and in this crib was this baby and I started to communicate with the higher consciousness of this baby and the higher consciousness were aspect which was Debbie recognizing is like it’s good to see you again Todd and of course the baby the consciousness of the baby was completely different but I was accessing another part and when we made that connection then this little boy walked into the room and he was my five year old son I looked at her I was like what the hell is worth doing here and then suddenly it dawned on me that the little girl in the crib was my daughter that was now you know actually was born on this level reality and I was able to come to meet her before she incarnated back into a physical form it was such it was one of my most profound experiences to realize that when I look at other people now even if it’s a non human entity when I’m out of body and I have initially might feel fear or I might feel some sort of superior Ness coming from me I look to this experience and I realized and I make that connection that I may not know who this person is from this level but I’m probably connected to them through one way or another whether it’s this lifetime a parallel version of this lifetime multi dimensional consciousness is extraordinary and it’s being repressed you are living a double life you’re having out of body experiences unconsciously every single night you’re just not remembering them you’re probably barely remembering your dreams there are different reasons for why we’re not remembering these experiences and why we’ve been lied to but ultimately this is for us to start taking this power back we’re either spiraling down in fear from what we’re focusing on or we’re spiraling upwards and love from what we’re focusing on in my heaviest conspiracy days I was deep into fear and I’ve learned that I can look at this stuff nowadays with love instead of looking at it just through fear and it makes a powerful difference it’s no longer controlling me I’m now in a position to where I can work with this energy work with what’s happening on this level reality in a way which is actually transforming consciousness and this is something we’re all here to do to be these agents of love and not just at the mercy of our fears to have any time left to result in ten minutes anybody have one question sorry shortest queue and I ever slept with somebody his photo anybody hands up yep hold oh thank you so much you make whatever you do can you make it a quest yeah okay okay these letters when you’ve been above earth when you’ve been in your astral body flying above have you witnessed Antarctica circulating the earth or down south good question in a lot of cases you’ll find that it really is dependent on the vibrational field you’re experiencing and this is what it confuses a lot of lucid dreamers a lot of out of body explorers when we move out of our bodies it really depends on the level of reality that we’re in at that time and what we’re going to experience the near earth frequency if you’re in the near earth frequency the closest frequency to the physical earth you will experience it as a duplicate and you will experience it in the RET and what I’m labeling the real time zone which is somebody else’s on terminology and therefore you can then experience it for what physical earth is so if I was above the planet I would experience it as the planet is but I can also project I can project unconsciously the idea my expectation over that environment and see something completely different from the reality that is actually there I’ve had experiences that show me one thing and then another experience shows me something else it’s learning that again reality is dynamic we can be experiencing a parallel version of Earth which might have a completely different makeup and completely different rules set to answer your question in a more and in a better way than that on occasion I have seen a globe on occasion I’ve seen a disc and again that’s based on my expectation I have to get to a point where I’m accessing the truth beyond my personal projection my preferences my expectations when we can start to get to that level that quality of experience we can start to experience the truth of what is there it’s no different from us being on this level reality and projecting our stuff onto other people our anger you know our our our sure our judgments our everything you know reality is there to be experienced beyond our projections you know we got this constant story going in our mind of what we think reality is what we think we are what we think other people are and it’s a matter of getting to a point where again we’re in that energy of love where it’s not that has to be this we don’t have to have an out of body experience to experience a parallel reality we have it going on right here on physical earth we have a parallel reality which is based in fear and we have a parallel reality based in love and it really is dependent on what were what were conscious of experiencing in that moment but it’s the best answer I can give you at the moment I’m hoping maybe within the time that my first book is released later this year that I’ll have some more definitive answers about this plane of reality take a card stay in touch ladies and gentlemen talk a camisas you..


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  • Interesting talk. It’s very refreshing to hear someone openly talk about our reality the way he does. Most of us have to hide (or symbolize) the “true” nature of reality, but luckily it seems like peope are becoming more open to these idea.

  • I actually had a dream one night about my friends parents and it had been about 6 months since I talked to them last. In the dream his mom told me it was her birthday and for some reason when I woke up I remembered her saying that very clearly so I texted my friend and told him I had a dream about his mom and it being her birthday and he said “dude, today is my moms birthday.” I wasn’t sure how I knew this in a dream and realized that I didn’t know it, she told me in my dream. I went to sleep with no knowledge of her birthday and woke up knowing it was her birthday. Wild.

  • I have been saying chemtrails with aluminum have 3 purposes, one of which is to prevent remote spying. Like Monroe in the Faraday cage. Kylie Jenner was proven right about chemtrails being for mind control. Look up DOD FunVax. It is a mind control program using a brain cell virus that keeps us from being religious. I’m a geneticist, and I am worried about what gene therapy like this will do to mankind globally. If I could finance it, I would make a vaccine. Genes and viruses mutate, cause unintended consequences, and are inher- ited. FunVax will cause mankind to be changed forever.

  • I don’t want to hear about the American government going into astral travel. I’m trying to get AWAY from this imperialist system!

  • Here’s an idea for all you flat head’s out there. Research other peoples OBE’s and note that when they go up and beyond our planet they say it’s spherical. Better yet have your OWN OBE and see for yourself.

  • Really wonderful stuff. I stopped consciously projecting around 16 years of age -no idea why. My whole life till that point was ‘interesting’ to say the least when it came to bedtime!

    Your talk has really inspired me to revisit this world and that connectedness that you speak so passionately about. Thanks!

    And the story about your daughter: wow.

  • I listened to this lecture in my astral body… half way through I feel asleep. And I listened whilst out of my physical body! Something odd…. did you use subtle triggers in the video?

  • Incredible information! I’ve had one OOBE that I can remember, but no longer can access that same state of mind for some reason. Ingo Swan wrote about other remote viewers on the Earth Plane that would block his connection so that he couldn’t access the information he was seeking. I can imagine the covert division has psychics or remote viewers that are able to block that sort of connection too. What a fascinating reality we live in. If only we were taught these things at a young age.

  • I cannot believe what he is experiencing is the exact same thing as I have been experiencing, my whole life. When I was a child, I had a recurring nightmare with the same children in it (we had IQ in common.) An upright, yellow, walking monster with a long tail would take me out of my room, even though I was scared. I called it the “corn on the cob monster.” Well, guess what. These modern descriptions of Reptilians are exactly what it looked like. He would take me out of my room, and to my school, and the other ones would “tell” us things, that I never could remember later. At the end my mother would come save me. I only started to connect the dots in the last few years, and it keeps getting stronger! All you have to do is trust and pay attention! I am so happy group consciousness is finally getting stronger in humans!

  • fear is man made it’s a construct we are not born the fear it is taught and it’s wrong danger should be taught not fear !

  • I used to do this astral travel quite a lot. Not once did i experience any kind of meetings with anything or any body. I found it a lonely scary place to be. Although I agree with you that you can choose where you want to go. I stop myself from doing it because like i said it was lonely, in a strange sort of way I felt like I was not completely alone as though something evil was lurking in the background.

  • He seems very sincere but I don’t see why he thinks the earth could be flat, especially since he’s done so much Astral projection. I suppose if one believes it with enough conviction it will become their reality.

  • last night i thought that i was awake but when i went back to my room i seen myself asleep . i thought that i could tell when im projecting or not . i thought that i had trouble sleeping but i was astral projecting . i floated up until i could see the earth and kept going up until i hit a force feild thing . i went through it and was in water like the bottom of a ocean i kept going up and ended up in a ocean . i seen weird city i cant explain it , that place was advanced , i seen people walking the streets , crazy vechicles . i found a group of people that knew me , it felt like i knew them but i didnt because i was the me that is right now typing this . they knew all about the earth and us but couldnt get through the force feild at he bottom of their ocean that is ober our sky . that place was so cool , we were riding in a crazy bus and i was looking out the window at stuff , it was amazing i cant explain it but there was a pure vibe to that place .

  • This gives me hope because my son past just about 3 years ago & would love to know were he went & be able to communicate with him now…

  • I like this young man alot. but.. Being A Women that Acually do understand what he is saying. If I was so much younger i would have been unlikely to not laugh as my energy was buried by my fear for many year”s.. today thoughts are so different. But its so so different. I was told i was nuts.. today i am spiritally tuned in with the universe. I understand my feelings today because of others.