Ah, yea black hole’s are still quit far away in the astral plane if you mean the one’s we in this world can find with modern apparatus. If you mean the one above the earth, yes frequently mostly to easily get into the quantum plane (5th). If you mean a black hole ahh it been quit a time since I did that, but one of those super-massive (center of a galaxy) I went trough the 5th>4th -black hole in a strange state/space let’s call the singularity fast travel in my case from one place to the other to then go from 4th>5th & then… I do not remember much I did back then.

So ‘seen’ may not be the right word, felt ahm how should I say ‘strange’ nog bad or good just strange. As far time wise perceptions, it felt like a waist of energy to go trough that rout, the 5th is the place to travel. Definitely for projection to higher or for the higher being to lower planes the 5th feels like super fast high way in contrast to all other planes.

[note the physicist, the questions focus on conscious out of body experiences, the ability to get part of your conscious matter and ‘spirit/soul’ out of in a form of something similar to energy to a different plane aka not A) parallel universe, B) dimensional plane or time, C) other universe, aka maybe other state of frequency the universe is in (this my best guise). From my perceptions ‘the laws of physics apply quite different in the 4th vs 3th (physical) then the <2 or 5<' there might even be laws that just do not exist in ours or not to that extent as in those planes (for the lake of better words), cheers]

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