Why Am I Having Trouble Astral Projecting? (Here’S 13 Reasons Why) – Part 1

After I tell you these 13 reasons which can cause people the most problems in developing this skill, but this is only 6? Stay tuned for part 2 to catch the last 7, peace.

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hi guys began ijt and today I’m going to be helping you guys hopefully with some issues that you could potentially be facing whilst practicing the art of astral projection okay I came up with 13 reasons these 13 reasons are the same issues that I used to have with in the past before I developed my own technique okay before I used to try other peoples techniques however they would never quite pan out because of specific reasons incorrect information that they were telling me which at the time made sense to the people who were listening it’s a part of making your communication skills pretty good that also pertains to and expanded awareness to be able to function in that way where you’re aware of a person’s struggles how they’re more likely to absorb your information if you speak a certain way but you already know that because I talked about it my video Kundalini awakening signs so after getting through these 13 issues I thought to myself you know what everybody is pretty much the same I keep getting the same messages on my social media where people are asking me hey right how do I stop this from happening or how do I get to the vibrational stage okay we’ve all come across these problems I myself had had the same problems most of you if not all of you are having again when it comes to agitation on being able to say still when it comes to not being able to get past the vibrational stage when it comes to just falling asleep when it comes to not being able to fall asleep now all of these little issues with astral projection I’ve gone through and I fix I’m going to be telling you guys how to do the same so to start thirteen reasons as to why you’re possibly not astral projecting today or yes a whenever you try it okay first off do you believe in could do this a lot of people doubt themselves because they’re constantly pulling from their past experiences sad thing is is they pull from their experiences where they’ve learned or tried other techniques which are completely different compared to the new ones that they are trying I’ve seen this so many times okay maybe somebody would try the rollout technique and then they would try another technique maybe my 4 step crash course which has nothing to do with the rollout technique it’s different it is still different even if there’s a little bit it’s different it’s still different you should be approaching one course with the same mentality as the other course if you do so then obviously you’re also going to be carrying the failure aspect of that other course to the new course or to the new technique so never carry mindsets from one technique to another you’re just sharing failure it could also be because they’re hardcore skeptics yeah they want to be able to prove to themselves that it’s real but unfortunately they disbelieve in the potential possibility of them having an out of body experience more than they believe in the ability to have an astral projection experience so the beginning they’re a very big disadvantage when it comes to them being able to achieve this skill what they would have to do is sit with themselves and really think okay why don’t I believe that this is possible is it because I’ve heard other people say then it’s not possible and if so why am i listening to them there is a point within everybody’s lives where they choose to believe somebody else over their own experience unfortunately it shouldn’t be done like that any information you’re hearing should be information for will wonderment I wonder if that’s possible I would like it to be possible maybe I should figure out how to do that release contact people who have done it before but within the society people hear of people doing things and they automatically discredit it because of their own limitations of what they believe they’re capable of doing so if they cannot believe in the possibility of them leaving their body and existing outside of the brain because they believe the brain is the central hub that without the brain you cannot exist then they cannot astral project okay so if you like that you’re gonna have to sit with yourself and go through all of the mental blockages all the belief systems that suggest otherwise and I have to go through all of them piece by piece and try to look at them in another way it’s pretty simple really if you find a belief that was taken from somebody else and that person’s never had that experience therefore they’re not a credible source of information then thing to your suffocate why am i believing somebody who’s never experienced something is that to you doesn’t make sense then start to look at other examples within your life where you’ve also taken information from other people who haven’t experienced certain things what will happen is your internal reality will shift the way you view situations will shift and that will carry on into your future and into your present so now every time you hear information from somebody you’re going to ask them did you experience it how did you experience it and again you’re not bashing them you’re not trying to disprove their information you’re asking them generally how did you get to that conclusion because I to myself want to get to that conclusion when you do that there’ll either supporting or they’ll tell you how they came to that conclusion maybe just six reasons will be enough for today in anbar to some other day number two impatience impatience is a killer of meditation it’s going to take you a while to shift your consciousness or to release figure out how to shift your consciousness from one state to another you cannot get to point B or to Z without also learning the other letters of the alphabet same with astral projection unfortunately people are so used to getting things on demand all the time when it comes to their music when it comes to the movies when it comes to their food that when they want to experience an out of body experience they expect to just experience it like that astral projection is like that I’m glad that it’s not like that because when you learn to be patient with yourself when you learn how to shift your consciousness into all these little tiny states of consciousness leading up to the end result then you actually learn how to do more than just astral projection you’ll learn how to get into such deep sets of meditations that you can utilize that within other areas of your life you could utilize that within other areas of your meditation practices when it comes to memory mastery but it comes to even remembering where you put the remote or your car keys you’ll know how to behave differently because you’ve also behaved differently within your practices leading up to astral projection therefore you can take little components and you can mix and match discovering new abilities outside of astral projection you can discover astral travel you can discover how to move things where you mind you can become more of an empath you know refine that ability completely to a tee you could even begin to access level telepathy so could you imagine going to do one thing but then you come out learning like five or six new things not only that but it helps in every area of your life so many people need to start focusing on the fact that they’re more abundant and they think they are and abundance comes in so many different shapes forms and sizes in ways that you couldn’t have possibly imagined you could even end up discovering an ability that nobody knows of yet which could be better than astral projection I kid you not I made a list of all the abilities I have and I stopped writing them down when I surpassed 22 okay so that’s saying something that was before I learnt how to fully astral project deliberately on demand so get excited about being patient get excited about learning new things about yourself get excited about learning how to play with this tool of the body of the breath to do some things with your mind and use that to increase the duration of time but you’re actually practicing number three is arrogance Wow pair against a lot of people think they know it already right we’ve tried a technique beforehand somebody else’s technique by the way a technique that’s performed in a completely different way and they’ll say I already know how to do it I’ve been doing it for the past week and it’s not working or I’ve been doing it for the past three days and it’s not working right honestly all techniques work all techniques work it’s entirely down to the individual who’s practicing the technique if you come in with the mindset that you already know how to do the technique especially if you’ve got a long huge full course like over my website that 10 step full course has ten steps spread out over an hour’s worth of content okay if you just skim through that and you expect of yourself to already know or have learnt all of that technique just like that after just watching the course once without taking notes no that’s that’s not how it works I’m more than sure that you’ve missed a lot of information there so if you’re doing the technique and you’re saying I’m doing it and it’s not working there’s probably because you’re pulling from older techniques that you’ve tried and that you’ve remembered therefore your subconscious mind is replacing that mindset of failure that’s rooted in failure because you’ve failed within the past and it’s using that with the new technique and because it’s using it with the new technique we’re now recreating your failures within this now moment and you’ll also do that with other techniques you’ll start to carry that with other people’s new versions of how to do something now again I’m not bashing you guys and I’m not saying not in our day you’re doing the wrong thing really this video is just me telling you how I screwed up and it’s through my awareness of how I screwed up that I’ve gotten to where I’m at today okay so take notes okay this is possibly where you could be going wrong if you can’t relate so far then congratulations you’re one step closer to achieving an out of body experience but let’s see if that’s still the case Austin is next one number four pit stopping I really don’t like this one and I’m pretty sure other people who have tried astral projection especially my friend Renoir he said the same thing on tape when you asked your project you cannot sit with one technique for thirty minutes think to yourself it’s not working and then move on to the next one for the same reason that I’ve previously stated ignorance thinking that you know how to do it already you cannot say okay I’ve tried it it’s not working now you’ve probably tried it failed at actually executing it because you hadn’t fully understood how to do it therefore it’s not working and then you go on to the next one the issue is is there are so many techniques out there available to everybody then it makes it too easy to jump to the next one without fully tearing apart the previous astral projection technique and again this goes into my last few examples again the ignorance thinking you know everything drop that inference learn something new develop patience and don’t pit stop not only that but people who have tried for long periods of time people like myself and friends of mine who have tried to abduct for years on end I tried for a couple of months before I actually nailed it by properly all the time like my hit rate was pretty high a couple of months okay there’s about four weeks within a month four weeks seven days in a week you’re averaging around about 30 days or 31 days within every month most people nowadays are contacting me saying how they’ve tried for three days and again no success I’m done three days you’ll understand something okay veterans that this skill have tried for years on end if you told them that they would get so frustrated with you because they realize that you’re not taking it seriously enough they’ll realize the gap when it comes to who you are and who they are and in realizing that gap they’ll realize that there is a very slim possibility of you astral projecting very slim is you’re just not built for it it’s the truth you can’t be the kind of person who tries for two days or even up to seven days a week has no success or hasn’t experienced astral projection experience and then thinks okay I’m done I’m not trying anymore I’ve tried for a week and nothing’s happening you don’t do that in school do you when it comes to learning a new skill in school you learn every day for years on end going past first second third grade up to 7th 10th grade also learning things PE I was learning PE ok physical education from like grade four all the way through my life even up into college pass great n into college and some people have even gone into university their entire life practicing a skill how many days are within their entire life so far project leading up to university quite a lot so you need to put in the time I’m not saying it’s going to take you years and years your entire life to experience natural projection what I am saying is if you start off with the knowingness that this could potentially take a while but I’m okay anyway trying it that actually yields more results then thinking okay I’m going to get this done in a day or two days or by the end of the week I’m leaving my body trust me okay I cannot stress enough if you approach astral projection with that mindset you could accidentally be out of your body in a couple of days it’s weird it’s like your subconscious mind frees up all this space to learn because it’s anticipating the time that’s needed in order to learn all of this information which actually causes you to learn faster because it leaves your mind open to more information number five you’re creating instead of receiving this is an issue a lot of techniques out there to tell you to create with your mind okay my technique on how to astral project the crash course mm hmm I say visualize but I do not say create sorry if you guys misinterpreted the information I probably should taught you guys in more depth but I made a crash course avoid it to be fast you know crash course the full course I do talk about this when it comes to receiving information the difference is so large that that in and of itself will allow you to open your third eye so if you’re creating stuff within your mind and try not to create at all matter of fact if you find yourself creating nip it in the butt just stop try to remember time is where you just automatically receive information within your brain faces voices maybe ideas intend to lean on that now let’s make more sense of leaning when you remember a memory it causes your mindset to shift into the same patterns of thinking that you used to think in within the past if you remember the Java moment you’ll be more privy to having another deja vu moment if you get really good you could then learn how to have constant day job views even reverse it so there doesn’t feel like you’ve done something before it feels like you’re going to do something in the future therefore you’ll turn it into the premonition ability it’s so by learning how to shift your awareness back into all states you’ll gain more abilities you can expand the more abilities and that will help in astral projection especially if you’ve done that before so when it comes to receiving information when have you received information within your past at those moments within the astral projection techniques that you’re learning no matter what to make it is learn how to develop that skill for receiving rather than creating and you’ll find yourself in other locations it’s very useful and it’s a big game changer when it comes to leaving the body number six then I’ll close down and probably make part two to finish the rest of this video number six you’re under the belief that you have to stay within a fixed position this isn’t four okay this isn’t true think about it when you go to bed when do you stop moving and why you keep moving to get comfortable right you stop once you’re comfortable then you fall asleep then you’re able to access different states of awareness you’re able to go into deep states of consciousness but first you move to get comfortable and then you stopped moving to allow yourself to enter these deep states of consciousness use that information that experience that you’ve probably just thought about while saying it with your astral projection techniques okay then you’ll know when to stop moving and when to move initially with any extra protection technique you should move to get comfortable first and then don’t move in order to do the technique and then again you move to get comfortable again after which leaving the body because you’ve entered a different state of consciousness because you’ve allowed yourself to get comfortable you got comfy you start moving now you’re out so that’s going to be about it for this video these have been six reasons as to why you’re possibly not astral projecting I will do a lot to to make up the rest of the thirteen i’m ryan JC ryan james cropper stay tuned subscribe to look out for parts we haven’t subscribed already let us know below if there’s something else that’s stopping you from astral projecting i’m ryan JC ryan james again and I’ll speak to you guys pretty soon peace..


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  • Great points Ryan. 🙂 Confidence is definitely key to getting out of body once you hit sleep paralysis. If you don’t have that, you’ll end up snapping yourself out of sleep paralysis. I’ve been astral projecting for 14 years and I’ve had many successes but also many failed attempts because I’ve gotten to hung up on whether or not it was going to happen. It’s important to tap into a feeling of ease and relaxation once sleep paralysis onsets. At that point, separation from the body happens a lot more easily. If anyone has any questions about how to get sleep paralysis or get out of body, feel free to ask.

  • I know I can do it, it’s just that I don’t feel motivated anymore, and thats probably because I sleep in the room with my loud brother lol makes it hard to concentrate.

  • Last night I got to the final stage before I attach from my body for the first time! It took me around an hour and half to get comfortable, I was so patient and then I felt such a familiar presence in me that it happened. I didn’t believe before I could actually do it and maybe this was all a myth but its NOT. After I heard the vibrations and let my “body” float I came back. I was in such shock and happiness that I couldnt sleep until it got very late but I felt like I couldve easily gone back and actually tried to get out of my body and go somewhere but just realizing its all real was just enough that I needed. Im still young and Ive been trying for over 2 years. Its really worth it to be patient. Im going to wait for another day and try and get out of my body. If I feel even more confident in the astral world hopefully i’ll get to go somewhere

  • My issue is fear!! I hate when I’m totally paralysed and vibrate like crazy, the fear of entities and dark visions make me fight to regain control. I can’t even go into astral projecting due to this.

  • The issue I’m having is that I feel like when I’m trying to astral project, I get a form of insomnia. No matter how comfortable I try to make myself I keep feeling like I need to roll over and so much so that it keeps me awake for hours. However when I’m not focusing on astral projecting and finally get comfortable I just fall asleep with no dreams/obe’s. Ive had an OBE experience as a child and know 100% that I’m capable but just cant seem to do it. Ive tried the morning method but for me in the mornings im less tired so I find it near impossible to fall asleep. Or if i try just get 4 hours of sleep to try intrude on a RIM cycle I just pass out from being overlly tired. Im going to keep trying because I want this experience, its just discouraging after weeks of trying with not much results. Lmk if you can help thanks

  • My main problem is that my eye lids have this strong temptation to open. I try to keep them down but I’m only utilizing my eye muscles and thus not relaxing…

  • So this might be weird, but I always feel like I have to swallow my saliva or clear my throat when I try, so it’s like my neck and head can’t fall asleep lol

  • I smoke weed and never dream because of it. I’m quitting in a week and going dry for 3 months. I’m hoping to gain lots of astral experience during these 3 months. Wish me luck. Namaste. Infinite love and peace.