For most projectors, projections are rare and short-lived. You might only manage a few minutes of flight time a month, or even a year, so you’re still a rookie even after your first hundred. Getting stuck in walls, getting sucked back to the body, getting distracted by all the novelty, trying out fun stuff, getting over-excited. In the heat of the moment, it’s a tiny minority that even get to “now to help humanity!” The average experience only lasts a couple of minutes.

And suppose someone does end up zooming somewhere unfamiliar. There’s a few non-descript buildings nearby. It’s night time, no-one’s around, there’s no signs on any doors saying “TERRORIST HIDEOUT”. What reason is there to urgently report this scene to the police? Where’s all the evidence enabling anything to be taken seriously? It needs searching for, and the clock is ticking. Assuming something incriminating is found before they snap back to body, there’s then the problem of finding out where they are – without these basic facts it’s a wasted trip. They have to go off exploring to work out which street they’re in, in which town… In the time available it’s just not feasible. Astral projection isn’t really the right tool for the job. It’s more a case for remote viewers and generic psychics.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Astral Projection.


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