You Must Do This Before Practicing Astral Projection

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there is one skill that you must absolutely learn before practicing astral projection so make sure that you watch this video to the end where I go over a step by step technique of how to do it welcome back my name is Forrest and I help people maintain their meditative mindset and so to begin this video let’s talk about what astral projection is astral projection is sort of like an out of body experience where you have left the perspective of being inside of your head and you are now viewing the world from sort of like a bird’s eye view you can travel in three dimensions meaning that you can essentially fly anywhere you can go forward backward up or down as you please and this is a visual experience that someone has while they’re in a deeply calm and relaxing state of mind some would say that they keep their body while they are traveling around and others would say that they leave their body and that they are essentially traveling around like a soul or a spirit and the problem that most people experience whenever they are having these astral projection experiences is that what they are experiencing only lasts a short period of time and the reason why that is is because they cannot maintain that calming and relaxed mind state that they are in while they are astral projecting and so the answer to this problem is to find a technique that will allow you to maintain that calm relaxing and meditative state of mind and in my opinion practicing meditation is the best exercise you could do before learning astral projection to actually have great experiences so I’m going to explain meditation to you and how to practice it in extremely simple terms it’s only going to be three steps step number one is to get comfortable wherever you will be seated you can sit on the couch or on the end of your bed or in a chair or you could be seated on a cushion on the floor the important thing is to make sure that you are comfortable because this experience that you are going to have could possibly last quite a long time and you would want to make sure that you can maintain your calming and relaxing mindset which means that you’ll have to be as comfortable as possible step number two is to focus on your breath so take a deep breaths in and out in through your nose and out through your mouth over and over and continue practicing this until you can feel your mind and body relaxed and what I like to say is that if you can inhale for five seconds and exhale for five seconds doing that repeatedly over and over you will eventually begin to notice that all of the thoughts that are distracting you from the astral projection experience begin to fall away and you become much more clear with what is actually happening while you are astral projecting step number three is to notice when you are no longer relaxing and to become aware of if you have become lost in thought or if you have fallen into the realms of feelings and emotions by simply noticing what is going on you can use that noticing that that moment of realization as a moment where a decision can be made to return back to your relaxing state of mind and in this case returning back to your meditation technique returning back to your breath focusing on your breath taking deep breaths in and out over and over you will return back to your relaxing state of mind and so this is how you sustain an astral projection experience you have to maintain a meditative mindset you have to be very calm and whenever things happen in the astral projection experience you have to be willing to allow whatever happens and let go moving on to the next experience you cannot get caught up in something that it’s happening or else you will find yourself becoming distracted and the astral projection experience will end much quicker than you would like it to and one experience that I had when I was in California was that I was meditating and while I was meditating I could see a bright light in front of my eyes and it appeared like the bright light was brightest in the center and as the light in the center was expanding it appeared as if on the outer edges of the light became partially dark and it sort of faded into darkness then I began to notice that the circle the the sphere of light was getting smaller and smaller and I was sort of zooming out away from it and then I noticed that there were other bright lights just poking around randomly sort of in a circular fashion around the bright light and essentially as I began to zoom out further and further I began to notice that I was zooming out away from the center of the Milky Way galaxy and I was essentially seeing all of the stars that were circling around the center of the galaxy and I was moving back further and further away to have an even greater perspective of this astral projection experience and another cool thing that happened was I was just so amazed of what was happening that I had opened my eyes and came back to the physical world and as I closed my eyes I was able to maintain my meditative mindset using a meditation technique and I went immediately back into the astral projection experience and so that was an absolutely amazing astral projection experience and it’s something that I know meditation has greatly benefited me in allowing to be able to do and have experiences like that so if you would like to see more videos like this one then subscribe to this channel and visit my website at 4 steel calm and don’t forget to like this video if you liked it and until the next video I love you all..

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